Intensity in Thunder Bay???!!!

JULY 27 1981…Ted Nugent /The Wilderness Tour……

Ted roared his way into Tbay promoting his Intensities In 10 Cities release an album that was recorded in 10 different cities with 10 new songs. By 1981 Kiss was spiralling down the drain and thinking of concept records. My 2nd fav band Cheap Trick was also starting the tailspin so when it was announced that Ted was playing here it was like Holy Crap the Nuge is playing Tbay!!!??  but in all honesty Ted was also in a tailspin career wise but hey the Nuge is playing Tbay, career can’t be too much in the shitter right ??! So off to purchase the Intensity record before the show which was my first Nuge album. Even all these yrs later I love this album I mean titles like Spontaneous Combustion,I Am A Predator,Jailbait,My Love Is Like A Tire Iron you can’t go wrong perhaps to other Nuge freaks out there this may be a weak album to me it resonates even after all this time passed.

So come show time the opening act was a band from Australia called Cold Chisel whose frontman was supposedly one of the dudes considered to replace Bon Scott in AC-DC. They were ok from what I remembered but hey where’s Ted?!!!

And than it’s Ted Time! Here he is decked out in army gear and woah check out the band that’s with him a backing band called the DC hawks from Washington( Ted canned the 3 dudes that played on his Intensity record) who were all decked out in army garb as well. The thing is this was a 5 piece unit 3 guitars/bass/drums…there’s Ted going for the 3 guitar attack ala Molly Hatchet and April Wine. I also remember at this show that Teds drummer was puking his brains out for half the show so for a bunch of 14-year-old boys we giggled endlessly…Ted  played and from all accounts I enjoyed this show the cost was $9.50 and there was about 3,000 or so in attendance…..

Hey Ted thanks for coming out!



10 thoughts on “Intensity in Thunder Bay???!!!”

    1. Cold Chisel featured on vocals Jimmy Barnes who once broke up Barnes got snapped up by Kalodner and Geffen records for the American push. It fizzled but I think he did the cover of Gonna Have A Good Time tonight with Inxs.


  1. Oh man, “My Love Is Like A Tire Iron,” that’s gotta be the ultimate pick-up line. Like, hey baby… hahaha

    This sounds like it was quite a show. Of course it was the drummer puking. At least he wasn’t Spontaneous Combust-ing (Spinal Tap, anyone?).

    Cool shot, Deke!


    1. No,Ted did all the lead vocals himself from what i remembered….just couldn’t believe as a 14 yr old I was looking up at a commando unit on stage!


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