Long Way To Heaven,Three Short Steps To Hell….

August 27 1985…..Helix/Honeymoon Suite

So the big Helix arena rock tour shows up to Tbay in the soon to be back to school season. What a better way for me, my best friend TBone and his two younger brothers Rugg and Darr to cap off the summer with some Rock! Honeymoon Suite opened the show  as there debut album was still selling like hot cakes on the back of the tracks New Girl Now and Wave Babies so off go the lights and there At the back of the arena floor is Derry Grehan (guitarist)and heads to the front of the stage playing the opening number Funny Business pretty impressive that I remember the manouver all these yrs later,more impressive was the fact that it was the opening band. Goes to show ya that Helix were chill with there support and were confident in there own abilities to not feel upstaged by the opener.

Helix comes out ripping into House On Fire and showing off there slick new arena rock stage ramps included and me and the brothers go bonkers! Here’s Helix punching out Ride The Rocket hahaha(gotta love the 80s),Young & Wreckless, and many more of Helix classics. Big time  rock show from Helix and how they stepped up from playing our University the year before into the big stage of arenas they looked like they have been playing arenas forever. Vollmer was on his game,the Doctor/Hackman/Gray/Fritz were all doing there synch rock moves and the playing was tight. I remember there lighting truss came down during Rock You and would spell ROCK. Great show when all was said and done.  Now Helix was promoting the current release Long Way To Heaven which to me was a smart marketing move with the cover. Here they are standing all decked out in black except Volmer who is in the middle wearing white with a blue backdrop. Considering bands of the time were all about black heavy album covers Helix goes the opposite way. Good job. The album itself was ok I liked the two previous studio outputs more  but hey who cares Helix in the year of 1985 is headlining arenas!!!

Of course the vid above is not from 1985 but the song is…it has 4/5 of original members (r.i.p P Hackman ) unfortunately I could not find any live footage from the Long Way Tour but this is a great version and as you can see Brian and the Boys still play like there lives depended on it. Vollmer deserves respect man and the band still take there craft seriously ….

Check out Mikeladano.com for a great review of the current Helix release Bastard of The Blues..






13 thoughts on “Long Way To Heaven,Three Short Steps To Hell….”

  1. AWW YEAH! Yeah man, I know what you mean by the “synch-rock” moves. That came from their manager Bill Seip — he was the guy that got them to start doing stage moves and stuff like that.

    Seen both these bands live…of the two Helix was the better, but Derry Grehan was and is awesome.


    1. Hey thanks Mikey..I hope they dig it! I’m trying to find and nail down the date of when they played Thunder Bay on the Walking The Razors Edge tour at the University…..that will be a great story……


  2. Now that’s a helluva show! I saw Honeymoon Suite years later, the heyday was gone. It was Paddyfest in Listowel, we were in high school by then. It was a decent show but the singer was hammered and NOT in a good mood. I think it was a going-through-the-motions and where-the-f-are-we situation, that night. Ah well.

    Another great memory, Deke. Man, already so early on in this blog and you’re sharing some great memories!


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