11 thoughts on “Get Lucky,Boys And Girls”

    1. No that move was called Diver Down Mikey……that’s all I remember when they opened for Mitchell was there goofy clothes and the song Bad Boys……I wrote this Mitchell blog on Monday and was gonna hold out on it for a few more days as I have a real scorcher lined up next…….but when u dropped the Max Webster bookie thingy plans changed!
      Hahaha…well played fella!


  1. Aw man, I loved Haywire! I still have two of their records on LP, and Don’t Just Stand There and the Hits set on CD. Total nostalgia for childhood for me. Haha man if they just got off the Wham! tour bus they were lucky to still HAVE their pants…

    That sounds like a great Kim show, you’re fortunate to have seen it. I came to that party late. I know he came through our area but I wasn’t wise enough to go.

    Also, question: Do you keep your ticket stubs? You could post pics of your stubs with your reviews, if you do! That would be a cool way to add to the memories.


      1. And nobody ever took George up on his offer to accompany them to the loo…

        Glad you like the ticket stub idea. Don’t mind me, just making more work for you! haha

        You can easily add pics for the existing posts too. Just hit enter to make a line where you want it, click Add Media, drag and drop the photo file from wherever you store them, let it load and then click Add To Post. Then Update. Voila.


    1. That reminds me of all the ticket stubs I have lying around. I’ll definitely make use of them in the Post-Record Store Tales.

      I see you don’t have any problems embedding videos!

      Try messing around with multiple pictures in a photo gallery, I enjoy that. Just be careful you don’t use photos that somebody has the rights to. I prefer to make all my own images.


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