Rockin Is Ma Business,Business Is Good……


imageimageThe funny thing about bar reviews is remembering when the hell was it ?? as in  I have seen some good bar shows here in Tbay . One of the best was when The Four Horsemen crashed Thunder Bay and played the local sleaze joint The Inntowner in April of 1996. Fortunately The Horsemen showed up with some swag for sale which I quickly snatched up! ( that list of dates above is from the back of the Tshirt I still wear today ) I wonder how many of these joints that are listed on the tee are still open? I know here in Tbay the Inntowner was levelled and is a parking lot now.

Anyways The Horsemen were plugging their current release Gettin Pretty Good….At Barely Gettin By and well unfortunately Frank Starr was laid up in a coma in Los Angeles  in which he would unfortunately pass away from due to a motorcycle accident. Replacing him for the tour was Ron Young from Little Caesar who had a couple of albums out in the early 90s….. So here they are all tatted up( and if they were a street gang ummm they would kick the shit out of you!) and blasting out their songs from there two gem of albums( debut was called Nobody Said It Was Easy) that they had out! Man heavy straight ahead guitar street rock! They opened with Still Alive And Well, and played the title track and many off the Gettin Pretty Good album the two that stuck out to me from the current album was Song For Absent Friends ( dedicated to Frank) and What The Hell Went Wrong those songs were awesome live. Of course they ended it all with Rockin Is My Business and basically there set kicked me,my wife Sue and my buddy TBone in the ass! Too bad it ended for them they were so good. I’m really glad I caught em when I did! Also of note what a great guitar player Dave Lizmi is.

Opening for The Horsemen were the Buffalo Brothers who were pretty good I remember they had a dude who played a big assed Hammond organ and if memory serves me correct did not Archie Gamble play drums with em before he joined Helix!?

Bottom Line……Great Show…..

Check out the vid for Rockin Is Ma will kick your head in!




7 thoughts on “Rockin Is Ma Business,Business Is Good……”

  1. The Buffalo Brothers essentially BECAME Helix. They were all in Helix.

    Poor Frankie. Nobody knew at the time that Frankie was never going to come out of that coma. Good on Ron Young for doing the tour. I have a total of 4 Horsemen albums: The debut, the second album, an album that was recorded BETWEEN those two with a different singer, and a live album (with Frankie). I also have the EP and all their bonus tracks. I have it all. I think Aaron has their EP too.


  2. Dude, remembering when you saw this or that show is easy – so long as you kept yer ticket stub!

    This is a fun review. Seeing bands in bars is just great. If you like it, the music can be the focus. If not, you can head to the bar and drown them out with liquid gold. But as far as the Horsemen, there would certainly be no drowning. Great stuff!

    And yep, Mike, I do have some Four Horsemen here – you gave it to me! I recall 21st Anniversary something or other. need to dig into the archives. Did I review it for KMA? Maybe? To the ‘F’ section of the Table Of Contents!


  3. Such an underrated band. Got both their albums, but unfortunatley, i discovered them way too late, when they had already disbanded. Too bad about Frank Starr. I knew he died, but I didn’t know how. So tragic. But they left behind some really great music.

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    1. Yes I still have it! The shirt is from the 1996 Canadian Tour! All dates are on the back. Shirt has been worn but is in excellent shape. I will sell it perhaps for the right price as its indeed rare….


      1. Awesome — I live in Winnipeg, and would offer $100 canadian for the shirt, and cover shipping, if you are interested? As well, Do you have any other 4 Horsemen shirts or clothes?


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