SONIC WAVES …..Coney Hatch/Coney Hatch

Now I’m not no big reviewer kind of guy but there are still albums that still resonate with me all these years later… of them is ……


It was the fall of 1982 and I was headed into grade 10 and there was a ton of Maiden,Priest,AC/DC and others being spun on in rotation  in my house. Every so often I would tune into our radio station at the time 580 CKPR as every weekday night they would have a rotating top 9 you guessed it at 9pm. This program was the first time I heard Love It Loud by KISS. I mean lets not kid ourselves here they played a lot of sap but sometimes a little good. So it was one night they played a track by this new band from Toronto called Coney Hatch with there single Hey Operator. As soon as I heard it I was hooked,it was raw sounding,not polished just a good straight ahead rock number and Carl Dixons voice reminded me of a cranked up Lou Gramm.

I had to get this and I did and man from the opening song Devils Deck to the end with Monkey Bars this slab of  vinyl rocked. Coney was smart man, for me being perhaps there target audience they didn’t punch out one ballad on this album it was just straight ahead rock produced nicely by Kim Mitchell. These guys were young(so was I) they were cool looking(umm I was not) they had two guys who sang lead (Curran&Dixon) solid drums(Ketchum) bass(Curran)and guitar work(Shelski&Dixon)all in all a finely tight concealed debut that still I spin today…..

Let’s dive a little into the tracks shall we,

DEVILS DECK the opener kicks off the party,the party in which watch out don’t fall for her trap cuz she’s the Devil..hahaha….great solo in this song….

YOU AINT GOT ME- a snappy little intro and were on our way cool vocal by Dixon and once again another good solo!

STAND UP- Andy Currans first vocal,he’s telling me to Stand up!! Yes sir Mr Curran I will stand at attention. The middle of this song kinda jazzes out heavy rock style with some funky drumming.Take a bow Mr Ketchum!

NO SLEEP TONIGHT- AC/DC to me is all over this track especially the rhythm guitars and than it ramps up in the Chrous. Woo it’s gonna be a long night with the Coney Fellas! Wonder if I can keep up??!

LOVE POISON- The second lead vocal from Andy this one has a little bit of a slower pace but it still rocks kinda in a different way and oh yeah thanks to this song I avoided Love Poison for a while!

WE GOT THE NIGHT-Side 2 begins with a bang. The drums get this rocker out of the gates quick(this must have been there opener) Dixon and the boys plow throw this at least 100 mph. I love it!

HEY OPERATOR- My discovery of Coney,dig the kickin bass line and little bit of piano thrown in a bit not overbearing the cool drums/guitars/vocals.. A well written little ditty..kinda like if Foreigner grew some rock balls(they would have killed for this tune)

I’ll Do The Talkin-I really dig Currans vocals he almost sounds sinister here like he says I’ll do the Talkin,,You do the Walkin In other words the boss has showed up with bass…Now shut the hell up!

VICTIM OF ROCK- ahh yes Carl and the boys are not letting up they’re still punching the gas pedal at full volume In other words there telling me”deke, if your looking for a ballad here,go find some Loverboy!…..ok I’m a Victim Of Rock!

MONKEY BARS- man what a way to end this album, love the bass/drums/ vocals on this and the solo is just well …..absolutely Dope! The Chrous is so damn catchy,it’s awesome and just left me wanting more rock from these guys…

IN CONCLUSION – I guess you figured by now I love this album(thanks Carl,Andy,Dave and Steve)and  so did many others. If you missed the boat on this Coney release shame on you,but you still got time! Also of note I think on the tour for the debut they opened for Judas Priest…….also last year they put out the Four album which was in my top 5 for the year as I posted over at!






8 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES …..Coney Hatch/Coney Hatch”

  1. Let me be the first to say you may not think you’re a reviewing kind of guy, but you so totally are. You just give ‘er from the gut (that’s all you gotta do) and you do it well, because you do it instinctively. Can’t get better than that.

    As for Coney Hatch, honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it. Blasphemy? Maybe, but I was a jazz kid, mostly, growing up so a lot of this stuff would’ve passed me by. So, you’ve now also joined the ranks with Lebrain, writing up records I now gotta hear even though ten minutes ago I hadn’t ever thought about it (or knew it existed, in some cases). Dammit, Superdekes!

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    1. Thanks Aaron I actually got on a bit of a roll with it and few others,thanks for the props. I’m really gonna be digging deep into my archive pool which is what albums I dug back than and still do now…..


  2. Haha! I know Coney Hatch! In my past life, I worked in the dietary department of a hospital. Part of that role was washing patient food trays. The dishroom was the one place you could crank the tunes without any problem because the machiney was so goddamn loud. Anyway, someone brought a Coney Hatch album (a greatest hits? It did have Monkey Bars on it.), and left it there. I’d hear it from time to time. Monkey Bars would also play on the local radio station in Barrie.


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