Crack My Spine Listening To The Hip….

Tragically Hip/Lakehead University /Feb 1990

So the Hip makes a gas stop in Tbay at our University and man the place was packed. Of course, a zillion copies of Up To Here were moving out of record shops (remember those?) at that time as well so me and TBone scooped a couple of tickets and here we are and Hey look there’s Gordie Downie with his full  I haven’t shaved in weeks Canadian beard….and the rest of the guys muster up on stage and open with one of the best Hip songs I have ever heard except they never released it ..the song is titled  Crack My Spine Like A Whip(see vid posted above) man this track just steamrolls  I still love it! C’mon guys 24 yrs later record the friggin thing will ya?

There’s Gordie working the mic stand or is it a crutch to hold him up? The rest of the guys Bobby, Gord, Johnny, and Paul are tight musically I mean they paid their dues playing the bars and man for me personally I love the first four Hip records especially the first two. But we’re getting ahead here so yep the band plows thru Highway Girl and a few others from their  Ep and of course, they played pretty much all of Up To Here. They were also road-testing Three Pistols and Fight which ended up on Road Apples the followup to Up To Here.

The great thing about Gordie back than was when he sang the line “She Didn’t Know The Barrel Was Loaded” you believed him man, or in Every time You Go when he says “Like everyone I Once New A Dave” yeah Gordie your right we knew a few Dave’s it was like reading the newspaper like Gordie is just spitting out everyday living at you! Man, I miss that kinda stuff nowadays.

I have another review for another time when I and TBone caught the Hip back In February of 1988 in Tbay …..stay tuned folks!

10 thoughts on “Crack My Spine Listening To The Hip….”

  1. Man you caught the Hip fairly early. I have grown to really respect and like this band. The Mrs. has seen ’em live but I haven’t. Thanks for another great story Deke, I don’t know how you’re keeping up the pace frankly.

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    1. Mikey,coming from you that’s a compliment! And I totally appreciate it!….crazy thing is I already have 5 more shows ready to be released and about 4 sonic waves ready to go…just adding and tweaking and stuff as I go along…..this has been a ton o fun already……
      I think I may have lost my mind!


  2. I’ve been a fan of the Hip for YEARS, and have seen them live (but saving that for a blog post of my own! ;))
    This is a great track! Three Pistols is great – all of Road Apples is, quite frankly.
    Great review. I love your stream of consciousness writing. Keep at ‘er! 🙂

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  3. Love hearing tunes before they surface on an album!
    I remember hearing a few bootleg cassettes from the ’95 tour – really neat hearing early drafts of Springtime in Vienna and Don’t Wake Daddy before they ended up on Trouble at the Henhouse.
    Now was it the Highway Girl (double suicide) is the question? 😉

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    1. Hey Stephen thanks for dropping in, I can’t remember that night if it was the double suicide chatter during Highway Girl,I’m sure he went on about sumthin…..but that version of Highway Girl is a great track,love that song….


  4. Deke! This is awesome, youre so lucky to have seen them so early. My first time was… 1996… which woulda been… Henhouse. Still! They are such a great band, I’ve been a fan since forever. Up To Here was the first I bought, methinks.

    Do you consider the EP as their first album, or do you start counting at UTH?


  5. “Crack My Spine Like A Whip” man what a damn line! The song is as good as the line…and that is saying something. I wonder if they recorded it and just didn’t release it? Great song man…thanks for turning me on to it.

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    1. I still remember buying Road Apples which was the followup to Up To Here in early 91 and flipping the cover over and going “Where is Crack My Spine Like A Whip?”
      I couldn’t believe it didn’t make the cut.

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