Black Crowes/Live In Thunder Bay (April 19/1993)

April 19/1993 Black Crowes/Izzy Stradlin (MIA) &The Ju Ju Hounds

So it’s April of 93, and well whoever the promoter was here in Tbay scored when they brought the Crowes into the old Gardens on their Southern Harmony And Musical Companion tour! The Crowes must have been out on the road forever by the time they reached Tbay. Myself, TBone and my younger Brother Todd were actually surprised that these guys were playing here when they were still current. Usually Thunder Bay gets acts once there past there primes, in other words, the Nostalgia acts. But here they are with a number 1 album in North America and umm they’re playing here?? Chalk one up for Tbay Mr. Ladano!

So the day of the show we only found out that it was Izzy Stradlin and his Hounds that were gonna be opening we were pumped  I mean we all had his first solo album that had Shuffle It All, Pressure Drop, and we all the dug the Stonesy feel to it. Well, come show time outcomes the Ju Ju Hounds with Rick Richards(Georgia Satellites) on guitar, Doni Gray on drums and Jimmy Ashurst on bass. (Ashurst looked like he was gonna toss his cookies the whole set, but he kept his shit together ) So the Ju Ju’s launch into an opening jam number, cool their gonna do a few minutes jam, and Izzy will stroll out. Ok now minutes into the show Richards begins the second song with some cool slide and vocal and now he’s singing! Shit man where’s Izzy….well there was no Izzy he was totally MIA ..that’s missing in action in Tbay no less! Total bummer as The Ju Ju’s kept rolling out what I think were cover tunes and Richards kept looking at his watch to see how much time they had left to play! (Classic, they must have thrown together a setlist at the last-minute)They were tight musically some good guitar chops but man oh man…..ah well what can ya do?

Now the Crowes come with a pretty funky cool looking stage complete with a huge net that holds most of their lights a real cool original idea(see the vid above) and there storming right into No Speak No Slave…holy crap the first thing I realize other than Chris Robinson bouncing around is actually how skinny he is! Toothpick fella But he gives her man, just jamming out and hey were into Thick N Thin. They play the staples Sting Me, Jealous Again, She Talks To Angels, Black Moon Creeping, Sister Luck, Stare It Cold, Three Little Birds, Hard To Handle, My Morning Song. They came back out for an encore which consisted of Sometimes Salvation and lemme tell ya that solo that Marc Ford peels off in that song just rips off my head off every time I hear it. Then it’s into Remedy. I think the two songs that they played in the encore lasted about half an hour!  Hey! What’s the hurry, folks.I thought that’s what I heard Chris say to the crowd…

Now the band was rock solid, but man were they gone…I just remember Rich Robinson staring straight ahead into a white spotlight in the back of the Gardens. He just stared and strummed for about 10 minutes.. hahaha.I kept looking behind me to see what he was seeing, but Ummm I just saw a white spotlight..hahaha..dudes rhythm guitar work was flawless though. Steve Gorman looked like he could be a high school teacher but shit man he pounded those skins!

Great, great show……not too many shows I have seen in Tbay with a current number one selling rock album…thanks Crowes for showing up! Izzy, were you even here??





17 thoughts on “Black Crowes/Live In Thunder Bay (April 19/1993)”

    1. It just came to me ..that Izzy sign was in the Gunners Don’t Cry video….. Should did one at the Gardens all those yrs ago ..that woulda been funny as hell….


    1. Hey 1537,yeah I’m sure with all that success they hit the party treats hard… you caught this tour early on as I caught it like a year later…..long tour…


      1. Party treats? like sausage rolls and potato chips? cool – I agree you couldn’t spot that from CR’s physique.

        I saw Marc Ford play in Burning Tree a year, or so before and he was ‘king ace then too. A seriously talented guitarist.

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  1. Thanks Mikey, I can’t believe how quick you read it,I just posted it and boom you read it!
    Hahaha…any way u could send this story to Every Record Tells A Story? As I know he’s a Crowes fan as well!


    1. Well Deke I subscribe via email, so as soon as it hit my email, I read and commented!

      1537 may have a point about them being unfocused, but I’m sure that was chemical related.

      I will be happy to send this to EVTAS.

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  2. I would have loved to have seen the Crowes back then. By the time I got into those early albums they had started going downhill for me. They played a year or so ago and I couldn’t be bothered with them. I totally agree with you on that Sometimes Salvation solo – it’s a scorcher.

    I’d really like to know if Izzy even made it to T’Bay! I hope he’s reading this. Wherever he is.


  3. Hahahaha ..who knows where Izzy is? I’m like you to a certain extent ….they lost me after Amorica. I bought Three Snakes but man quiz me on it I would fail ……By Your Side I thought was a good bounce back album than Lions for me was a step back…


  4. Lost Crowes that was the different version of Amorica correct? For some reason I dug By Your Side as it was close to there first album…but I think the Crowes dug it too much…


    1. I’m sure I read that Chris wasn’t happy with By Your Side. Like they bowed to record company pressure by going back to that style.

      Lost Crowes had the early version of Amorica (some tracks ended up on Three Snakes too) and a second disc which was the scrapped album made before By Your Side (much better than By Your Side)


  5. I was way into the Crowes long before i ever saw them live (woulda been Three Snakes… 96?). To see them in the earlier days AH HELLS YES! But don’t worry, the show I saw for Three Snakes Chris could barely stand he was so out of it. It was actually pathetic. I’d love to interview him and ask him if he even remembers being in Massey Hall on that tour (my guess is NO). Music was still good though.

    As for Izzy, I assume he was out looking for the Thunder part of Thunder Bay.


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