SONIC WAVES…Joe Perry Project/I’ve Got The Rock n Rolls Again

It’s around summer time 1981 and The Joe Perry Project Album I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again has hit the streets as I had seen an add in Creem Magazine. The only Aerosmith albums I had up to that point were Draw The Line and Live Bootleg. By the time I really got into Aerosmith,Perry had already bolted. I had no idea at the time that  I’ve Got The Rock n Roll Again  album was his second solo release as Let The Music Do The Talking was his debut. The first time I put this on Holy Shit  was I blown away I mean this album was recorded straight to tape.  Like Joe just plugged into his Marshall and just let it rip. I really don’t know how if any if there are overdubs on this release its that raw (check out the video). It’s like push record and let it rip! In other words if you’re looking for Love In A Elevator at The Perry Projects back In 81 you would have to take the stairwell as the elevator would have been  shut down…..the record company did not dump any cash into this masterpiece and I Thank them for that!

Let’s see what Joe has cooking In the Projects!

EAST COAST/WEST COAST-Starts off with a bang and it takes you the listener about 15 seconds to realize Joe and his project brothers David,Charlie and Ronnie are gonna kick the front door into your house and make themselves at home While helping themselves to the fridge as well. Great opener!

NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ARROGANCE- This  feel good sloppy rocker hits the ground running. Joe as he always does gets the song started, to me I think this one was recorded between 3 am -6 am with a little chemical partaking thrown in….

IVE  GOT THE ROCK N ROLLS AGAIN- Watch the vid …no explanation needed!

BUZZ BUZZ- I think Joe and the boys threw this one out lyrically in about 5 minutes…Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz off…but the damn verse is catchy…so In other words Buzz Off….

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE-Joe takes the lead vocal on this cranked up tune.Charlie Farren handles most of the lead vocals on other tracks but Joe just lets it go as always with a pretty cool solo…

TV POLICE-Cool Joe has cleaned out his talk box the one that he uses at the beginning of Sweet Emotion this is a cool song ..they must’ve been watching Hill Street Blues when they put this one together….

LISTEN TO THE ROCK-Yup, a neat little put together track when your 14 and some dude from the Perry Project tells you to listen to the Rock…..You do!

DIRTY LITTLE THINGS- I think they would have tried to make this one a single but I’m sure the record company was not interested ..who knows for sure but I’m glad Joe left the studio polish at the back door!

PLAY THE GAME- Not  a bad song but compared to others on this album it’s probably not the strongest …that’s ok Joe you can’t nail em all out of the park!

SOUTH STATION BLUES- Starts  off with Joe hammering around on his acoustic which he quickly trades in for his strat and he’s off to the races folks. This is Joes second lead vocal on the album. A solid ending…..

IN CONCLUSION – The Joe Perry Project with this fine release made me realize at the  time when so many bands I listened too had big studio budgets to work with,you could go the opposite way like Joe,show up, plug in, play live and ummmm party?? It’s too bad cause his followup to this Once A Rocker Always A Rocker was a polished turd (in my mind) or maybe it was the Black Velvet Pants vid that made me pass on it……




12 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…Joe Perry Project/I’ve Got The Rock n Rolls Again”

  1. Once A Rocker is the only one I own. Black Velvet Pants scared me off as a kid too. A pink saxophone?

    I’ve grown to like it now. Oh wait! I own one more, the self-titled JOE PERRY album.


    1. Let The Music Do The Talking was a good debut and of course the one I just reviewed. I don’t know I guess the record company did start hounding Perry by the third release and well we know how the story finishes…..


  2. I’ve only got Let the Music Do the Talking, that’s a brilliant album. I bought the S/T from a few years back too but I just couldn’t get into it so I sold it. I like hearing him do the occasional song but a whole album of him singing was just too much for me. I got the album after that as a freebie with Classic Rock mag but I’ve never even listened to it


    1. HMO, i got that copy as well when I subscribed to the print version of Classic Rock(now I get it digitally) but yeah I spun it a few times it’s ok(ripped to my iPod)nd than I passed it onto my good pal TBone……for me though it’s always been the I’ve Got R n R’s Again….


  3. Oh yeah Scott,I got Let The Music Do the Talking as well and I could do a review on that one also but I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls again I just love it. ..just simple straight ahead guitar rock…..I seen Aerosmith back in 2003 and they played Let The Music Do The Talking….I was happy bout that one……


      1. Yeah,not very good its been so long I heard it bought it for cheap on cd listened to it once and well I always go back to the first two solo albums….


  4. Totally agree! If you dig tight garage bands and old Aerosmith, this is a no-Brainer “must listen”. It’s Live Bootleg meets Current River!

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