Recycled In The Peg


Me and my best friend TBone were pumped about seeing the two Longbeards and stache guy from Texas. I mean rewind 7 yrs prior and Eliminator was all over print media the vids were all over tv and that continued right into 1985s Afterburner which too me was sides 3&4 to Eliminator! So after a few yrs away here comes 1990,here comes ZZ, here comes Deke And TBone to rock the show.

Now as which was the case with Gunners a little over 7 months later in 1991,ZZ Top was plugging their latest opus Recycler except it wasn’t gonna be released until  a few weeks later at the end of October so it was like well I guess were gonna be the first to hear these new tunes.

Come show time and Colin James is flying high on his Sudden Stop disc. He puts on a good show plays the hits including Tbones fav….the Voodoo thang !!  From there it’s the waiting game until ZZ hits the stage. I mean what kind of stage? Props? Recycled Legs?? Or just a amps,drums and a light show?….well as it turns out..

The lights went out,Winnipeg arena is pitch black (cue Rock move 101) and you see two headlights appear in front of the drums with the whole stage draped with a black curtain and then a chain link fence image appears on the curtain,the sound of a car revving and the revving gets louder and along with the motor getting louder you can hear the sounds of a woman Gettin louder(if u know what I mean) and then bam..curtain drops,there’s ZZ and they crank right into Planet Of Women .I tell ya man that  is one of the best intros I have seen any band take a stage ever! From there they went right into all the hits Legs,Sharp Dressed Man,Jesus Just Left Chicago,Rough Boy,La Grange,Tush,Sleeping Bag I mean you name it they played it pretty much the set list that was on there Greatest Hits release from 92. From the soon to be released Recycler album came Concrete and Steel, Give It Up,My Heads In Mississippi, Double Back, in all 24 songs. There stage set up was cool.

Beards drums were on the back off a flatbed and it was like there were playing In a recycled junkyard complete with tv screens flashing women. Such a cool setup especially not knowing beforehand what we were gonna see. Also seeing Billy Gibbons live with that guitar tone was awesome,there are certain guitar players like EVH,Lifeson,Slash,SRV,Perry,Richards,Gilmour,Clapton when you hear them on the radio,iPod whatever device you use to listen to your music you know right away like that’s so an so. That to me is the sign of a great guitar players style. Yeah one of the coolest,chilled out Texas style shows ever! Good on em and Good on me an TBone for going!

The first vid is not Driving Me Insane as the person posted it’s actually Planet Of Women from Halifax 1991. Check it out…

The second vid I posted is Tell it and I believe it’s from Toronto 1990 the next date they played after Winnipeg(check out the cool stage moves Dusty does towards the end of the song around the 3 minute mark)gotta love these guys man…….





5 thoughts on “Recycled In The Peg”

  1. Thanks Mikey….That is the only time I have seen ZZTop live. They actually came here to Tbay a few yrs ago but they were charging $225 per ticket or sumthin close to that. That was way out of my budget! The reason the price was so high was they were playing our auditorium which I think seats about 1500 or so. When the auditorium opened back in 1986 it was was like pretty impressive but in 2014 it’s totally looks well like its 1986!
    I’m glad me TBone seen em for $25 per ticket in 1990 ….


  2. I saw ZZ Top last November at Casino Rama in Orillia – one of the best venues to see a concert, BTW. $75 a ticket, and the show was FANTASTIC!! Funny thing, my hubs and I felt like we were at a Sons of Anarchy / Sopranos convention from looking at the audience around us – ha! What a great memory of a concert, Deke – keep it up!


  3. Oh man ZZ Elimantor was the first tape I ever bought with my own money. I woulda been all over this. COOL! Love the intro description – I saw David Copperfield (the magician) in Kitchener one time and he did the engine revving thing… but it was a real motorcycle he rode out on stage (PRIEST!). Then at the end of the show he rode straight at the audience, off the stage over everyone’s heads and POOF he was gone. F-ing cool.

    Anyway. You saw ZZ right at a time that was prime. All the good old stuff, the current hits that were huge. Perfection!


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