SONIC WAVES…John Mellencamp /Whenever We Wanted


For me during the 80s Mellencamp was hit or miss with the material and records. Basically I can take the guys stuff from  his albums and make one good long Greatest Hits set catered to me! Now if you love Johnny that’s cool too I’m not knocking him it’s just some stuff I just wasn’t into that was until he unleashed the Get A Leg Up single a little ways before the release of the album. The first time I heard Get A Leg Up I was like whoah Johnny has tripped over a Marshall amp and decided to rock it up in 1991. From that day on (release date was Oct/8/1991…haha my birthday) to now this is the one album of his I can listen to front to back. Whenever We  Wanted is a fantastic rock album…..

Let’s check on LiL Bastard shall we,

LOVE AND HAPPINESS-holy crap drums and some heavy fuzzy guitar joined by bass kick off the party! John kicks in with his singing and I’m like ok he’s still tormented in his songs about relationships but shit he’s got his model super wife on the cover of Whenever We Wanted. How tormented are ya John?

NOW,MORE THAN EVER- man the two guitarists collide at the beginning of this song this is ridiculous,John has said F#*k it I’m making a rock record!  Deke says holy shit!  Basically Mellencamp has kicked the Scarecrow and the fiddle to the curb….good riddance sez I…

GET A LEG UP-the leadoff single that got me hooked, lined and sinkered! What a cool track..Mellencamp just takes what seems like his take on sumthin the Stones would write  and rocks it….

LAST CHANCE-It’s a song that still kicks along and does fit on this album…kinda reminds me of a cranked up Chris Issak tune(remember him?) kinda like if Johnny was cruising down some street and seen Chris Issak standing at a street corner strumming an acoustic , Mellencamp would butt out his smoke grab Issaks acoustic smash the shit out of it and hand him an electric guitar with a Marshall….yeah too make a long story short…

CRAZY ONES-John musta been listening to the Stones as this is another track that reeks Mick an Keef.

THEY’RE SO TOUGH- some cool cowbell on this guitar driven track,actually there’s a lot of cowbell on this album! John is just telling us that life doesn’t have to be this way, I think it’s a song about the record company as they begged for this album….

MELTING POT- the riff sounds like sumthin from the Tragically Hip, a latter-day Hip record! Cool riff and drums along with a cool Chrous…

WHENEVER WE WANTED- the title track,a slow burner that builds, the bass stands out on this track and real horns! ….just an awesome song….Mr Mellencamp I will refer to you from now on….

AGAIN TONIGHT- more cowbell and this was a single as well..pretty damn catchy song. Man this album clocks in at under 40 minutes…John don’t let this album end..ahhh god damn it ….

IN CONCLUSION- this album is a little ass kicker! It’s Johnny kicking out the jams! I still love this album ….just straight ahead rock album. Some may say it was the climate change that Mellencamp conceded too I say who gives a shit!  A great rock n roll record bottom line! Like i stated earlier John beat up the Scarecrow and smashed the fiddle for this record!

10 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…John Mellencamp /Whenever We Wanted”

  1. Haha, “the Scarecrow and the fiddle”…I actually didn’t mind that era of his (ducks and covers head). But, yeah, Mellencamp has some great chops. Hmm, time to get some Johnny on the iPod…

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    1. For sure,I mean I know people that love everything he’s done and that’s cool but for some reason Whenever…..just sticks to me for some reason ……


  2. Thanks Mike,I noticed that here in Tbay when I would go in the used stores as well. I never understood it but than I thought well the people that perfer the Scarecrow and the Fiddle were probably appalled by this record!
    Haha…..hence the dump to the bins…..


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