SONIC WAVES…..Rolling Stones/Still Life

This review is for Aaron at Keeps Me Alive ….and also after I wrote this I pushed the Publish key instead of the edit key..hahahaha(Rookie)….so enjoy the bonus review friends!

Still Life came out in 1982( a year  after the Tattoo You tour of which this was recorded) but I did not hear it until at least  spring of 1983 due to who knows why? I had bought Tattoo You  but that was it. Now you may be asking yourself how the hell would Deke nail down a time of year let alone a time of year 31 years ago,well it’s simple Sherlock, I was playing outdoor soccer for my high school at the time (Lakeview) and I used to get a ride to the games from a friend. His older brother had a cassette copy of Still Life in his car. Buddy played it and I wàs hooked ….holy crap the Stones put out a bootleg..hahaha..probably not but it sure sounded live and raw! Even all these years late I still love this album of the Stones. For further listening check out the Live Hampton 1981 show for a full version of the concert.This is the Stones for Gods sake, live and more live. Sure now they put a live album like every year with all the bells and whistles. Still Life is a stripped down Stones just them and Stu(rip) and a couple of horns. The way I like em!

Lets see what Mick an Keef were rolling back in 1981

UNDER MY THUMB-Ladies and Gentlemen( says the announcer) The Rolling Stones!!!!! and were off Mick working the crowd,Keith & Ronnie laying down the guitars while Charlie & Bill hold down the fort. This is the Stones off to a rocking good time.

LETS SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER-Mick the ringleader welcomes everyone to the show and too everyone at home watching on tv, drinking a few beers and smoking a few joints! Mick you are a bad ass brother.

SHATTERED -is a great Stones track,kinda like Mick telling us about American life, the dream so to,speak and you could end up Shattered and splattered in the streets of NYC!

TWENTY FLIGHT ROCK- this is one minute 30 seconds of boogie woogie Stones at there best..included is one of the sleaziest, sloppiest solos of all time that only Ronnie and Keef could pull off and sound cool…..What!!! the songs done???

GOING TO A GO-GO- was the single/video from this. It’s Mick creeping around the bars. I was always surprised that they went with this one,than again it’s the Stones…they do what they want!

LET ME GO-is from the album Emotional Rescue. Cool that there putting songs on this live release that you normally wouldn’t think of. Gotta respect it. It’s a typical little firecracker of a song.

TIME IS ON MY SIDE- so the Stones are gonna slow it down well they gotta you know,dig back in the vaults to keep the die hards happy at the concert in other words it’s like going to see Aerosmith nowadays and if your a lifelong fan you wanna hear Rats In The Cellar,not that Armageddon drivel ! Here’s to you……

JUST MY IMAGINATION- cool song, just let your imagination run away ,run away…..neat use of the sax in this and good ol Charlie plows it along on the drums……

START ME UP- Keef kicks it off with a riff that everyone has heard a million times but it’s still cool  even 33 yrs later. And when I think of of the Tatoo You release I think of this track and Little T&A…my two faves and oh yeah toss in Black Limousine as well……

STAR SPANGLED BANNER- and the band exits the show,counts there cash while Hendrixs version of the Star Spangled plays out….

IN CONCLUSION- back in 83 my Stones collection consisted of Tattoo You and a 45 of a Emotional Rescue(save me Mick!) but once I heard this …I had to get it especially at a time when lots of bands in the early 80s weren’t putting out live product for domestic release. Smart business man those ol Geezers were……

The video is Little T&A from the Tattoo You tour….now it’s not on Still Life(shoulda been) but it’s Keith singing hahahaha… it! For further listening check out the live Hampton 81 show…’s the full meal deal ..great live album……


12 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…..Rolling Stones/Still Life”

    1. Thanks a million Sarca,that’s how I have to do my reviews. It basically stems when me and my good friend TBone go out for well Beer and Wings still nowadays ( when our schedules collide) and it becomes one big music bullshit session. Guys/gals like,Mike,Jon,Yourself,Rich,Scott,Aaron really have a good proper way of phrasing things and getting into details. With me it’s basically I just let it rip from the gut and hopefully people will dig it and understand it!

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      1. Well, I dig it. I work in higher education with students with disabilities, so phrasing for comprehension is paramount in my daily work. But, there is nothing like “givin’ ‘er” (as Aaron says) from the gut! lol

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  1. Aaron was really one of the first (and Rich) who said i should blog. At first I laughed like why ? Those guys are covering all the bases what would I have to add than i started thinking about a Thunder Bay angle as Mike loves Thunder Bay hahahaha…and all the shows I seen in the yrs past….plus trying to dig back and review albums that i love and still love nowadays (which are on my iPod now) ….it’s been fun …when stuff comes to me I have to have my ipad on high alert…hahaha


    1. Rich and I will (surely) share the blame equally. 😉 Man, you’re killing it here. All of this content, you’re making us all look bad! But this is what blogging is all about. Tell your story. Get it out there. Those who wanna know will find it. And, as you’ve discovered, it’s fairly addicitive. Fun!


  2. D’awwww a tribute post to my love of the Stones! Thanks, Deke! Yessir, this is a stellar live record. Pure gold. You nailed it all on the tracks, except you missed mentioning the 0:27 of Take The ‘A’ Train (as played by Duke Ellington and his orchestra) to start the record! 😉

    Interesting trivia: I got this album in a boxed set my Mom gave me that covered 1971-1989. Yep, Sticky Fingers to Steel Wheels, with a collectors disc in it too. It’s pink, and the flap to open the box is the big tongue haha… anyway, I listened to that box from 1971 straight on and when i got to this live album I knew it was a keeper. What a set!

    And yes. I promise! I WILL REVIEW THE HAMPTON SHOW!! I have it here!

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  3. I remember when I bought this LP when it came out. Man, I must have listened to this album a million times. Always thought that Under My Thumb was a strange opener, but it’s a great album. So cool to include an obscure track like Let Me Go. I haven’t listened to this album in ages, I usually go for Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out when I want to listen to a live Stones album. I need to pick this one up again now.
    Great review, man and a cool site.

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  4. Hey Jon,thanks for checking in! Totally appreciate your support as well! Still Life is a must for sure. I think from the Stones site you can order there full show from Hampton Virginia which includes the full Tatoo show! That one is a must!


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