You Can’t Be King Of The World If You’re SLAVE TO THE GRIND….

June 22 1992/Skid Row/Killer Dwarfs

Wowzers,Skid Row just a year earlier score a 1 album in the US of A and there playing Tbay as part of there Canadian Tour? I think this may have something to do with Sebastian Bach as I recall reading in a old music magazine from TO called M.E.A.T Magazine that Bach said he’s played all over the world and he’s not going home til he plays Thunder Bay!…hahahaha…

So the show was originally scheduled on June 15th but I guess Bach was sick so they pushed the show a week later. Give em credit they could have blown us off big time and just trucked through. Me and my brother Todd zipped to the Gardens and we went down to the floor and for a pretty good view of the stage . Up first was TO’s own Killer Dwarfs plugging there Method To Madness release. These guys were pretty cool with Russ the lead singer doing handstands,summersaults while not missing a beat. Some of the tracks like Hard Luck Town,Dirty Weapons,Stand Tall,Keep The Spirit Alive and others were played good band. Kept me and my brother amused to say the least!

Well now Skid Row is coming on and there intro music is the Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right To Party and you could here Sebastion chirping to the crowd over the song. You could hear him not see him(he was still backstage). One of his best comments was along the lines of ” c’mon you lazy ass motherf#%kers from ¬†Thunder Bay wake up” hey Baz you know Tbay crowds all to well!

And kaboom,well no kaboom word on the street was there was no pyro allowed(local Fire Marshall ) but man they came out in hyper drive with Slave To The Grind complete with a pretty big stage set and lighting rig and these Skid Row guys were wired up to say the least. From there onto Big Guns,Here I Am,Makin A Mess,18&Life,Piece Of Me these guys weren’t letting up hey how about Psycho Therapy,Psycho Love, Mudkicker,Monkey Business( with Sebastian being bad assed and lighting a little Mary Jane in front of the crowd do that nowadays in front of a crowd,people would be like MEH!),party favourite Get The Fuck Out…and they improvised a bit when they looked at each other as too what to to play now which ended being a bit of God Of Thunder by KISS and Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult….they ended the show with I Remember You followed by of course Youth Gone Wild!

Too bad this band went into the tank in all aspects,of course they put out Subhuman Race 3 yrs later not to many cared, than Baz was booted or quit so another lead singer gone and Skid Row got some other guy and now they play clubs!? Hey man good on em for continuing on,I have absolutely zero interest in Skid Row nowadays whatever but I tell ya I give em respect for showing up to Tbay back when they could have easily like I said earlier just cruised by…..

Check out the two vids above….Slave To The Grind this live version is how I remember them here in Tbay(minus the pyro) ..umm these dudes are like I said earlIer WIRED!

Mudkicker the next vid is just a plain out awesome song as a matter of fact I still can listen to it today as it’s not a cheeseball kinda tune..listen to the lyrics man….in other words don’t take and eat crap from anyone in society especially the suits….



22 thoughts on “You Can’t Be King Of The World If You’re SLAVE TO THE GRIND….”

    1. That’s the unfortunate thing that era will never be repeated again..Skid Row snagging a 1 album with a heavy album to boot(love the mix of the bass on it) was more impressive now when I think about than back in 91 when it actually happened! But a lot of rock stuff was selling back than…


      1. Yeah I was the same, I don’t remember it being that big a deal at the time. But then I never paid much attention to the US charts, I didn’t realise how unusual it was. It’s definitely more impressive now. And then Pantera getting to the top spot with Far Beyond Driven was pretty crazy too!


    1. I just clicked your link and read it. Some cool entries for sure there. Pride&Glory was a real good album and I think it was Wyldes best. I have never gotten into BLS but that Pride&Glory debut was off the charts. Same with Ozzy that was another fine record as well. Cool piece that you wrote HMO.


      1. I think Pride & Glory was his best too, closely followed with Book of Shadows. I always quite liked some BLS but they never were as good as the stuff he was doing then. He’s another guy I’d love to have seen back then. I saw him live with BLS and it was pretty bad.


      1. Still cool you caught em esp with Holmes! I always thought Ozzmosis was a good album that got better over time. It was difficult to top No More Tears still hasn’t if you ask me…


      2. I’ve not heard his last one but I’d be extremely surprised if it topped No More Tears! I thought Ozzmosis had some good tracks but on the whole… I don’t even own it anymore. The Holmes lineup was good live and Geezer was back playing bass so that was fun to see him for the first time too.


    1. Well I seen em 5 times from Aug 89 to this headline show in Tbay June of 92. The previous 4 times I seen em as a opening act. Once with Jovi,Once with Gunners and twice with Aerosmith….right place at the right time!


  1.! Man, you really got a great show, that night. I am a late Skid Row fan, I didn’t get to it at all when they were actually happening, but I do love those early records now that I have them. And to see it live! Yes! Well done, sir, and a great post.


  2. Haha I was just watching the videos you posted and my 5-year-old son said “Wow, Dad, they really are a rock and roll band!” And I said “Yes, son. Yes they were.” My boy highly approved of STTG.

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  3. Thanks man…..yeah sometimes Tbay would get sumthin current and back than within a year it was the Crowes and Skid Row….since than basically Nostaglia playing our shitty outdated circa 1986 auditorium. Slash has been here twice in the the last 3 yrs and I love his records but I will not go see him there ….I do have some reviews of shows there but the last time I see anything there was about 5 yrs ago when I got a free ticket to go and see Stained!


  4. Awesome. They were on such a high at the time. Riding the crest of a massive wave — GN’R, heavy rock, quality, showmanship. And then it all crashed down and none of that stuff mattered when grunge hit. Too bad.

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  5. not being much of a “heavy metaler” while I had heard the name ” skid row” most of my friends were mostly preppies so I wasn’t inclined to even have anyone play this genre at all…..and i was away at school listening to a Walkman and radio in Winterpeg..
    years later..I am watching trailer park boys and there this long hair freak on it acting all rock and roll…I was like, who’s this actor pretty good character well it was BAS and they guy does’nt need to act, just be himself, and he fits right into that show! brains half fried but still got the pipes LOL…


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