28 thoughts on “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE……”

      1. Haha oh I figured as much hence the winky face 🙂 Any teen, given opportunity to dump ice water on their old man would fairly jump at the chance, for sure!


    1. And what album was that from Deke?

      A Lil’ Ain’t Enough.

      And who played on that album?

      Jason Becker.

      And what debilitating does Jason Becker live with?


      Deke scores a major reference with the DLR song!

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      1. That’s Right Mike …thanks for reminding me! Now Becker is one big fighter that’s for sure! His documentary was awesome!


    1. I contemplated having my lovely wife do the dumping on me, but there would’ve been no one over 4′ tall to hold the cameraphone – and I can guarantee if my son got hold of the phone, just about the last thing that would get recorded was me getting a bucket dumped on my head… we’d have seen the sky, his sister, the fence, his shoes, but no ice bucket.

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      1. It’s just like Geoff’s and his friend Scott’s little girls in his video…engaged at the beginning, they start to sing…then they are picking their bums, looking under their feet…looking around….oh, kids…

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      2. Kids as AWESOME. I love the little people! It’s probably because I think like them. But hooboy am I in trouble when they get to be teenagers. They’ll be like aliens to me. 5-year-old fart jokes and toddler babble I can do. Teen angst? I’m gonna have to defer to the professionals.

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