Dr Feelgood Kick Starts The Heart!

June15 1990/Motley Crue/Tesla/ Winnipeg Arena

So one of the biggest arena tours of 1990 was Motley Crue. Tons and tons of copies of there latest works Dr. Feelgood were moving out of the stores quicker than you could say Cheese! So when the Crue announced the Feelgood show in Winnipeg I and TBone pounced on tickets and got some good seats and an added bonus was the inclusion of Tesla who was a very good band with two very solid albums in the racks with Mechanical Resonance and The Great Radio Controversy. So we were pumped what a double bill.

So come June were ready and we are sitting in the Winnipeg Arena out go the lights and outcomes Tesla and they open with Cover Queen off of the Resonance album. Cool never would have guessed that one as an opener! They played tracks of course like Hang Tough, Love Song, Modern Day Cowboy, Little Suzi, Heavens Trail, The Way It Is, and closed it out with Cumin Atcha Live! Holy crap what a great opening band! Hey, Nikki Sixx you better bring your A-game tonight!

After a quick set change…the lighting rig lowers down and on it you can see a laser print of Allister Fiend and he introduces the Crue and up from below the stage comes the 4 LA Tattooed dudes tackling Kick Start My Heart with there two backing singers on prerecorded backing vocals(I think) and were off. You want pyro, check. You want Flames, check, check. You want to cuss, three checks. This show was over the top. Man the Crue blasted out hit after hit, Red Hot, Looks That Kill, Shout At The Devil, Live Wire, Same Ol Situation, Wild Side, complimentary Mick Mars guitar solo, Girls, Girls, Girls, and of course an over the top Tommy Lee drum solo where he rode along a rail and played a second drum set and drummed along to samples of his favorite songs ie.Houses Of The Holy. I still remember him telling us that this was no Bon Jerk-Off (Bon Jovi)show! Slick looking stage. Man, this is the 90s….and I and TBone are lapping it up and so is the sellout crowd of 12,000.

Dr. Feelgood the song ended the Crues regular set and TBone made the comment that the Crue in the first 90 minutes of there show did not play one ballad! Holy crap TBone your right it’s just one rocker after another. I think the Crue was smart with that move. They just rammed pyro, fire, smoke, and lasers into our senses!  Tbone and I were declared legally brain dead.

The Crue came out and for the encore played Home Sweet Home(had too) and Don’t Go Away Mad with the house lights on! Cool effect. The Crue were on top of there game back in 1990 more importantly Vince Neil actually showed up and performed before he morphed into well…you be the judge!

Why the Crue never documented this tour via video/cd/cassette back then who the hell knows! The Crue was never or better than they were at that point. Especially when the following year when they put out Primal Scream(song) which was a lot of people’s favs and then Vince quit/booted and that was that! All upward momentum was lost…

Me and TBone had heard at the show before Winnipeg which was in Calgary that the Crue ended there show after 55 minutes due to what they called ‘not feeling comfortable” whatever the hell that means! Fortunately, I and T got our money’s worth in the Peg!

12 thoughts on “Dr Feelgood Kick Starts The Heart!”

  1. And here I express further admiration of your concert-going choices: Tesla and the Crüe? Hot DAMN! And it sounds like it wa sa hot night, too, for both bands. This was one for the ages. Super-cool you guys could go!

    Quick question: Having never made the trip myself, how long is the drive from TBay to the Peg?

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  2. Roughly 9 hours by vehicle. Having said that back in 94 we went to see Pink Floyd in the Peg, TBone got us there in just over 6 hours which I think is a record!! Ha
    In his defence though there were two vehicles in front of us that set the pace. When they would stop for gas so would we..when they would go through a Diary Queen drive thru in Dryden so did we…how there was no police that day….crazy…..


  3. Interesting point about the lack of ballads. If you remember from interviews at the time, Nikki said he did not want Dr. Feelgood to have any ballads on it. They had written ballads, but they wanted to release a second album in 1990 called Motley Crue: The Ballads. This would have had songs like “Without You”, “Time For Change”, and “Rodeo” on it. Bob Rock and others talked Nikki out of the concept since ballads were huge and they were banking on Dr. Feelgood in a big way

    So I think it’s interesting that even though Nikki didn’t get his way on the album, that he went the “no ballads” route for the main set.

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    1. That’s interesting. Well it just was a pure sonic assault for the first 90 minutes of the Crues show and as a 22 yr old at the time …..I was ok with it!!..haha…


  4. So Deke I just want to say congratulations on building up some great content here in a short time. I know what a commitment it is to post every day! Good on you buddy!


  5. Thanks Mikey,I got some other shows and reviews stockpiled ready to go….so I think starting on Monday I will post stuff three times a week (M-W-F). I just wanted to build up base of my Ramblings so I think I can ease off the gas a bit and just post on those days. Thanks to everyone with the positive vibes ….it’s appreciated!


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