Enter Sandman Hi-Jacks The Night Train


Guns N Roses/Metallica/ Faith No More/Minneapolis/Sept 15 1992

So the two biggest selling bands of the early 90s touched down in Minneapolis on a co-headline jaunt with tension amongst the ranks in the bands, in other words, Axl VS everybody and Metallica cruising with a 5th member (John Marshall) filling in for James’s guitaring as he was almost cooked by pyro in Montreal. So there we are that day headed towards the Metrodome in Minneapolis and it’s basically a big cement pit with a white roof on top that can hold 50,000 people and man it was humid outside that day so to get into an air-conditioned cement pit was welcome to me and my buddy Al who made the trip down with me on a party bus! Once in we got into the building which was around 6 30 pm and took our seats that were lower level at center field, Faith No More was already into there set. Once I sat down and adjusted my eyes towards the stage which was a ways away I could see the band. I could hear Mike Patton but could not see him. It wasn’t till I started watching the screens that Patton was laying down on the ground on his back singing ….uh ok, pal and this continued basically until they ended with there hit song Epic! Thanks for coming out Mike Patton.

Now after a quick changeover it was Metallica’s turn….boom were into Creeping Death, Harvester Of Sorrow, Welcome Home (Sanitarium ), Sad But True, Wherever I May Roam, Of Wolf And Man and For Whom The Bell Tolls, holy shit these Tallica dudes are relentless in driving your head into the cement foundations of the Metrodome,50,000 people chanting Die,Die, Die,Pyro(watch out James)  going off left right Center. Pass me the Ibuprofen, please.

Thank God they’re taking a breather by playing The Unforgiven, and now it’s back to metal with Shortest Straw, Fade To Black(awesome), Master Of Puppets, Seek And Destroy and Whiplash, man that was a ton of metal and wait for it ….here comes the encore…..

Nothing Else Matters, Am I Evil?, Last Caress and the best pyro display I ever saw One…..crap I’m exhausted…..oh wait ..Metallica splits off stage and comes out and rips out Enter Sandman and then says adios and splits for good!

Metallica played almost a good two and a half hours…..

Geez, I wonder how much time it will take for Axl to stroll up to the stage? After a not too long of a wait(hard to believe) Out of the gate comes Gunners with new recruit Gilby Clarke, and the Guns hit the ground running with Outta Get Me(great opener of a song) followed by Welcome To The Jungle, Mr Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Attitude, Bad Obsession (complete with 3  female horn players), shall we notch it up with Double Talkin Jive, Civil War, by this point I’m like holy crap Gunners are matching the intensity set by Metallica now that is impressive, no sooner so I think that than a loud poof is released. That poof is the energy of the building being let out by a 10-minute version of Wild Horses(great song but 10-minute jam ?? After Metallica?) well maybe Axl will ramp it up? Nope how about Patience! Holy crap the oxygen is being sucked outta me. Geez, guys crank it up will ya please your losing all 50,000 Do you think Gunners heard me ?? Cue November Rain ?? Shit, Axl put the baby grand piano away and here comes another 10 minutes of well Axl blowing his testosterone all over the Metrodome. Whew, can’t believe it ok, now what’s on tap? How about a Matt Sorum drum solo? Good drummer but we have lost a good 40 minutes of momentum here folks……

But wait here comes some energy from the stage yep cue Sorum segueing into You Could Be Mine. Yeah, I think this is one of Gunners coolest tracks. The crowd comes to life were back. Sweet Child O Mine follows and everyone is rocking out and to close it out, Axl tosses his Mic in the crowd waves and splits!! Now that’s better buddy, that’s what I do expect, a quick Axl escape.

Gunners do return with a little too long sing along with Knockin On Heavens Door and to cap it off Paradise City ends with a flurry of fireworks! The show is officially over! Axl stayed sane!

IN CONCLUSION – now I don’t do these for concert reviews but I have too for this concert! Axl should have put his ego aside and let Metallica close the show as there was no way you could keep the energy up after Metallica drove the Metal bus off of the cliff.  Gunners hung in there though but that over a  half-hour where they chilled out in the show they just had a hard time sustaining any crowd energy after that (in my eyes anyway).  Compared to when I have seen Gunners in May of 91, this version with the horns, backing singers was just too much. I preferred the Alpine show much better(6 piece band)it was cool catching this tour because this was the end of an era so to speak, not that anyone knew. Two of the biggest hard rock bands at the time playing stadiums and playing full sets!

The crinkled ticket was due to a flash food that happened outside the dome while we were inside rocking (remember the humidity I talked about earlier?!) Our bus was stranded so we had to foot it back to our hotel(a story for another time!) so needless to say I was drenched! It was worth it though…

15 thoughts on “Enter Sandman Hi-Jacks The Night Train”

    1. I guess looking back,I coulda split but this show was a few weeks after Axl destroyed Montreal. Also I was a Guns fan as well as when I had seen em at the start of the tour it was a great show! But a year and a Half later I think it was time too get off the road. Plus your playing after Hetfield and company and going into that show I was a bigger Guns fan but they got smoked by Tallica that night.


    1. Yo HMO, I searched youtube for the pyro display from 1992 but I couldn’t find anything it was crazy like just straight flashpots and explosions with sounds of gunfire going off straight for two minutes! All these years later I’m still affected by it….hahaha….or I still hear it inside my noggin!


  1. Legendary period when Hetfield couldn’t play guitar and John Marshall had to fill in. Lucky you, again, to see an oddball lineup!

    I think I have one live track from this lineup on a CD single, but I would have to check.


      1. Yeah I remember reading that in Metallion Magazine(remember that one?) that they considered asking John Bush or they did and he turned em down.


  2. That’s always a strange concert experience when the headliner is outplayed by the group before them (hard to call Metallica an ‘opener’ here!) – that happened for me at a Toronto show in 2003 where ACDC was off the charts. The Stones followed, and were probably fine, but after the huge ACDC energy, it sounds like the ‘Tallica/GNR dilemma you had here.

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  3. Hey Stephen, I know a few people from here that went down for that show and said the same thing about ACDC being a hard act to follow! Even Rush who were the hometown boys played before ACDC. Must have been a great show!


  4. Man, what a cool show and write-up! Now I’m really jealous – I was supposed to have seen that show in Hamilton and opted not to go for some dumbass reason (surely). I wonder what was wrong with Patton – was he being artistic, making some sort of statement, or just outta his mind on something and lying down just felt better? I’m not surprised by the Metallica energy – even though I have never seen them live myself, every single report I’ve read says the same thing you do, that they kill it every time. As for the Gunners, at least Axl showed up! And finished the show! Such a mercurial guy, it was equally possible something would have ticked him off and they just blow off the show. The stories are legion. BUt even if he hadn’t managed it, youd have had Metallica destroying the place, so it’d have been all ok! I’d consider seeing a full Guns set, despite the energy let-down, as all bonus!

    Great one Deke. That’s one for the ages.

    PS Another distance question: How long to drive TBay to Minneapolis?

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    1. About 6 hrs to Minneapolis by car from Tbay (roughly). The thing with the Minneapolis date that I forgot to mention was that it was on/off about 3 times as Gunners was gonna not show, Gonna show ,not show ….and finally Metallica said look! ….if u don’t show were still gonna play Minneapolis regardless. Than Of course Gunners showed up! Ha took a boot up,the ass from Metallica!
      Who knows what Pattons deal was …totally lost respect for that band after that…..


      1. 6 hours. Roughly the same as from here to Ottawa (if you have a lead foot). Cool!

        Good on Metallica. I don’t know how it’s even a consideration, to not show up. It’s your frickin’ job. People have paid money, the venue’s set, suck it up buttercup and get on that freaking stage!


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