SONIC WAVES…..Triumph/Allied Forces

DATELINE-1981,what a fantastic year of new releases for me…let’s see Van Halen with Fair Warning,AC-DC with For Those About To Rock, Judas Priest With Point Of Entry,Rush/Moving Pictures.1981 was the year also I got Def Leppard High N Dry and also the year I became a big fan boy of Iron Maiden(even to this day,minus the Bayley years) with Killers…sure I’m missing some albums but man I could go on and on. One album that came out when I was entering grade nine( yikes)was Triumphs Allied Forces. I mean great marketing move geared to us young rockers. Think about it! Black album cover with a blue and gold Flying V on the cover. Let’s see that means one thing to me ….lots of guitar! I knew of Triumph as they played here in 1980 which was the last time they were in Thunder Bay but now it’s 1981 and there’s a ton of great music out.

I remember seeing this at the record shop once I flipped it over and seen the song titles I had to get it and all these years later I still say it’s there best work,front to back no filler…..

Let’s see what Gil/Rik/Mike have spinning in the Rock N Roll Washing Machine….

FOOL FOR YOUR LOVE- kicks off the album and after the first Chorus I’m hooked. Wow can this band play and Rik lays down some solid riffs,Gil sings lead and pounds the drums and Mike Lays down some straight ahead bottom end. I think it’s there best tune to ever lead off any Triumph album….

MAGIC POWER- ahhh some nice little keyboard action and HEY they got a second singer in Rik also doing double duty as guitar hero,as well. This was a single for them and did quite well for them. A nice little rocker especially when the solo kicks in ….

AIR RAID- oh I’m feeling sumthin brewing at Triumphs war base. Sounds like an Air Raid Siren. Hey man,Triumph was not fooling around with that title….the bomb drops, strikes and we head for cover until the (see below)

ALLIED FORCES- rock troops are on the move …..Gil and the boys are gonna save our asses! This is a tour de force and check out Rik taking his guitar playing into the next stratosphere. This song just smokes, sure the lyrics might be a little fruit loopish in 2014 but hey get behind the Triumph Tank they will blast their way out of danger!

HOT TIME(IN THIS CITY TONIGHT)is a Rik n Roll rocker basically it’s Triumph saying were showing up to your city you better lock your doors cause Mike Levine is on the loose!

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT-Rik starts  off side two with a pretty cool track and for all of you that follow Triumph if you had to throw down a top 10 Triumph list I betcha 98% of you’s would have this track on it. Once again the song builds up and Rik just takes it over in the guitar hero department.

ORDINARY MAN-is Rush hanging out with Triumph. This is concept Triumph well to my ears anyways …it’s Rik singing and telling us just cause Triumph and the rock troops destroyed your village! We are still Ordinary Men.

PETITE ÉTUDE- Rik shows us his diversity as a guitar hero..holy crap the dude can play all styles.

SAY GOODBYE- yep adios everyone Some pretty cool Hammond organ during the Chorus and Rik/Gil/Mike  finishes off the album in style…Say Goodbye…..take a bow Triumph…you earned it!

IN CONCLUSION-I bought all Triumph studio releases after ALLIED FORCES except for NEVER SURRENDER. That purchase went to TBone and as he lived behind me growing up whenever I wanted to hear Never Surrender I knew where to go so I never bothered. Allied Forces for me is classic Triumph as it just flat-out rocks. Songs/ production / vocals/musical chops….

The video is from the US Festival back 83. VH,PRIEST,SCORPIONS and others were on the bill and as you can see Rik Emmett brought his A game to hang with the big boys! Check out the crowd shots……mass people….


13 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…..Triumph/Allied Forces”

  1. I don’t have this CD. Truthfully I think I have enough Triumph, with the studio albums I have and a double greatest hits (and two single greatest hits!) Although I’m intrigued by a few songs you describe here such as Ordinary Man.


  2. Killer album and a great write-up. I got into Triumph with “Progressions Of Power” so “Allied Forces” was the first new Triumph album released after I became a fan. That was great timing. I still think this is the album that a Triumph newbie should check out first (I was surprised to see that Mike doesn’t own this one).

    Deke, do you not own any of the albums prior to this one? If so, I strongly recommend you travel back in time, with “Just A Game” being the one I would suggest you check out next.

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    1. Oh yeah Rich,I had Just A Game on vinyl that was a good one with American Girls,Lay It On The Line and Hold On. Good album as well but for me it’s Allied Forces…’s just so good and it’s funny cause each release after they seemed to run out of gas creatively each time and by Sport Of Kings they were cooked!
      Thanks for dropping by!


  3. from a personal note , I never though that triumph , for me anyways, was a rock band that resounded on my level with an appropriate level of inherent wild spontaneity mixed with a equal share of level headed well timed riff and rhythm and beat. You see the Coffee of Rock, is a brew obviously served extra mouth searingly hot and heart fibrillating strong , and with a requisite bag of sugar. But it needs a ground or two in the bottom of the cup to make you spit when you tilt that muthah to get the last sweet drop . YEAH YUH!!….., Once in awhile a guy needs a yell “YEAH-YUH ” …or a out of the blue mind rendingly loud SHRIEK ! totally out of time with the music…to wake the listener up and say…. WTF was that?? THIS. IS. ROCK ..of course IMHO. Without a some level of the wolf hatted Wildchild a certain level of “the WILDMAN” the primitive …its only a very polished studio product without a sweet patina. For a foodee I would say a too balanced rock band , smooth as silk 24-7, is creme broulet without the torched sugar on top….HEY dont get me wrong I am not going to throw my much hugged all night Truimph vinyl to the neighbors pit-bull….but i may pass it up for some Cult electric or sonic temple……some AC- DC once in awhile , if the caveman in me needs some raw meat…. but folks each to their own, rock on no matter what and as the more refined ( God not me) say viva la difference!

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