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Andy Curran to me was the  tough rock guy in Coney Hatch whereas Carl Dixon sang rock stuff as well but he was the sensitive guy also. When Coney Hatch self destructed in 1986 I was bummed out. Here was a band that never found the pot of gold that so many others did that shouldn’t have and I have never had the chance to see Coney Live which also sucks..but hey enough whining! So Andy picked up the pieces dusted off his Bass and stuck out the solo Andy Curran release In 1990 which I believe won him a Juno! and of course I remember at the time that cool interview he did with Dan Gallagher(RIP) from Much Music( see vid above) and than I dunno the dude went M.I.A or something?! But lo  and behold in 1993 I read that Curran has put together a new band Soho 69…..well alright than I’m aboard the Curran Xpress…and let me tell ya this album should have sold more…so hey check it out and enjoy the read….

SCATTERBRAIN- leads off with a count in and here comes the drums and Andy’s fuzzy Geezer Butler like bass tone to boot ya and this song just rocks for 5 minutes.Soho69 is here ladies and gents..and oh yeah don’t forget to pass the Cheerios!

NO MORE PROMISES- just kicks and grooves along nicely with a pretty snappy chorus, this could have been a single…..

BURN THE HOUSE DOWN-starts with some ho down low down Louisiana style swampy geetar action and just kicks into another level love the duel guitar solos in this. Soho69 is just god I love this disc!

KISS MY BOOTS- was the first single off of this and there is a vid for it but I only seen it a few times on Much….it’s a good song but man there are better golden nuggets to be found here like…

VOODOO SERPENTINE- this song has one cool intro! Plus the verse is catchy/chorus/guitar solo is just plain sick! Crank the song above that is posted from youtube ! C’mon I dare ya!!!


STONE KEEPS ON ROLLING-this is like Andy and the boys getting pretty heavy  as in a slow moody piece here almost to epic proportions…….

GOODBYE,SO LONG- is one of my favs from  this album basically Soho is saying ‘get a life get a grip” to me they were saying ‘grab your shit and don’t let the door slap ya on the ass on the way out”

KING OF COOL-ok I may have lied this may be my favourite song. The King of Cool was written in 93 and it’s all about some dude who’s not from Seattle but he’s big in Japan…this should have been another single, some cool piano is cranked in the Chrous and f#^k I just love simple catchy rock ditties,this my friends is one of them…..

HIPPIE HOMICIDE- just kicks from the get go. Andy and his sidekicks on this record are telling us the listener”Hey,just cause this is track 9 were not letting the foot of the gas,if u can’t handle it there’s the door’ this song clicks in at 120 mph!

BABY JANE- could have a third single man Soho could write good mid tempo tunes and not sell out….

IN LOVE WE TRUST- whoa, I said Andy was the street rock guy he cranks his bass amp down to about 8.5 and ends it out a little slower of a song but folks this isn’t mush…..

IN CONCLUSION- this album should have sold like I stated earlier. The sonics on this album have aged very well it’s like when I hear it today it does not sound dated it still has a current vibe to it! The players on this album,Simon Brierley,Michael Borokosky,and Eddie Zeeman with Andy should be credited with there playing abilities as well….it was good to have this back in 93 and here we are in 2014 and SCATTERBRAIN is still a staple on my iPod! That’s the true test of a great rock record!

It’s still Andy Curran…he’s just hanging off a different set of Monkey Bars!

10 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Soho69/Scatterbrain”

      1. Shhhh I keep telling myself I’m still 25!

        Honestly as soon as I saw the album cover I said, “Andy is fucked. This album will not sell. You can’t tell who it is at all by the cover, and it’s a generic 90’s cover.” It could have been anybody. Hell half the time I mistook it for a new album by the band Scatterbrain.

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      2. I never really thought about the cover as that though. I was just glad Curran was slapping da bass! Especially in a music climate that want really compatabile at the time! He stuck to his guns man….Respect!


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