DAN BAIRD/Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired(1992)

Dan Baird, I tell you this guy is one fantastic songwriter and not just the Keep Your Hands To Yourself guy from his previous band Georgia Satellites. This dude knows how to put words to music and man if you don’t believe me check out songs like Dan Takes Five, I Dunno,Sheila,Red Light, Railroad Steel,I could keep going on an on. Baird split from the Satellites in the early 90s but he bounced back with a classic Southern Cooked solo album called Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired.1992

Let’s examine some action from Baird county….

THE ONE I AM- That’s what I am sez Dan and he’s up to no good with some pick action on the guitar sounds like the Satellites of course it is,the dude did it all in that band.

JULIE AND LUCKY- From waste your time Kentucky….I love that line this one sounds like if you were to drive your car straight into a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Canada to get a bit of a southern feel(I wouldn’t recommend it though)

I LOVE YOU PERIOD- Was the first and only single from this album. Ol Danno is pretty clever with them lyrics. Cool slide guitar and like I said sly lyrics.

LOOK AT WHAT YOU STARTED-Has a kickin honkey took piano with some big backing vocals/slide guitar man it’s just a happy good ol tune!

SERIOUSLY GONE-This nails out of the starters gate like a jack rabbit getting into some good Southern Comfort! Cool all out rocker…..

PICK UP THE KNIFE- Hey if you’re gonna pull a fast one on Dan and The boys you better go the distance once again some cool guitar and neat simple,production …keep it simple silly!

KNOCKED UP – Is a corker of a tune with some of the best Baird lyrics ever..case in point..”you got knocked up,I got locked up I guess you could say we both got screwed!” Man you cannot make up stuff this good I tell ya….

BABY TALK- Is the swampy sounding song on this album,like right out of the Louisiana backwoods…..cool effects on the guitar and vocal…

LOST HIGHWAY- Starts off with just the guitar and it kicks kinda like a slow grooving AC-DC kinda feel in the rhythm of the song. Lost Highway man,Were heading down it. May be only one way in and not a way out..my personal fav from this album!

DIXIE BEAUXDERAUNT- Ha,this is another fav of mine on this album and it’s Dan at some of his best story telling. A story in which he talks about a girl named DIXIE BEAUXDERAUNT  who works as a dancer, dancing to Twisted Sister(not lying)….great tune just drives the record to a finish.

IN CONCLUSION-this is one stellar solo album, considering the musical climate it came out in(1992) Baird just stuck to  what he does best and that’s take you on a lyrical and musical journey tour de force as if you the listener were living next door to him in the Deep South!


14 thoughts on “DAN BAIRD/Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired(1992)”

    1. Your buddy Tom got some good ol southern musical taste! I actually have some more Baird material coming down the pike! The guys very underrated in my book!


  1. Hey Deke, ya got me checking out some of the other songs from this show/tour and I gotta ask, is that the Quireboys singer jamming with Dan on Battle Ship Chains?

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  2. Yeppers I think they co headlined across the pond (I think)and just you wait man there’s the Satallites review a comin from the Shitty ol Community Auditorium Dec of 89!


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