Nov 2 2002/Rush/Minneapolis

Basically by this time me and TBone had been listening to Rush since 1981. TBone was the first to have Moving Pictures and I believe it was on 8 track! We never had  the opportunity or for some reason we always missed Rush which was a crime but when Rush came off the hiatus and put out Vapor Trails and announced a tour to coincide with said release we had to go except well I had 3 daughters under the age of 5 so getting away was hard but Q (my wife) knew I was a Rush fan and knew I had never seen em so she said ‘ya better go’ what a great woman! So I told TBone he secured tix and we were off to the Target Center to see after many a year…RUSH!

Once inside it was almost surreal….crap we are about to see Rush. I mean me and TBone we have seen tons of shows as you know from reading my posts but  it’s Geddy/Alex/Neil for gods sake. Man the anticipation was huge for us,for everyone. The Target Center was pretty close to a sellout and cue lights out …’s the opening film and here’s Rush before us launching into Tom Sawyer…holy crap Geddys ripping bass,Alex is riffing and Neil’s being the professor on the drum kit! I have never seen so many air drummers gathered in one place ever. Cool stage set up Geddy had his dryers going and had a roadie every so offen dump,change into it the dryer while they were playing. Aaaaah good ol Canadian humour!

Basically Rush played two sets and as everyone knows Rush doesn’t ever cruise with a opening act anymore. Rush first set included Distant Early Warning,New World Man,Roll The Bones, Earthshine,Bravado,Big Money,Vital Signs,YYZ,Freewill and holy shit how about a prog rock wet dream with Natural Science! Man that one floored us!

After a short intermission and a short film here comes Neil slamming into One Little Victory,Driven,Ghost Rider,Secret Touch,Dreamline,Red Sector A,Leave That Thing Alone and into Pearts crazy ass drum solo! It must be noted that I have been to two concerts in my lifetime that you do not leave during the solo and that is Pearts and Eddie Van Halens at a VH concert ! Peart just slayed everyone it was sick man…never have seen a drum solo so good and may never again unless I make it back to another Rush show! Ok how about some Rush tunes after that 10 minute mash up on drums.Geddy and Alex played a acoustic version of Resist that went over real well! Next up was a snippet of 2112 and now Limelight,La Villia with a Lifeson rant about blues and what musical chops man! Spirit Of The Radio is the end of the line!

Holy Hanna we just got rocked big time by the masters!!! That was crazy good!

Wait Rush isn’t done…how about a blast from the past with BY-TOR??? You kidding me now into Cyngus and now to top,it all off Working Man!!

Rush pulled out the stops what a vast catalogue of material to,choose from! They just brought the house down! Me and TBone were speechless! We were schooled that night by the professor and his two sidekicks! I think I can speak for TBone and say that this was one of the best indoor arena shows we ever seen!

Cool thing when Geddy emptied his dryers he chucked a few T shirts into the crowd. When me and T were leaving we seen a guy in the arena lobby had one on and he was getting offers for it like crazy he turned em all down as far a I know. I don’t know what was on the front of the shirt but the back of the shirt said ” Geddy Lee Dryer 2″…… Like I said earlier a cool sense of humour from those fellow Canadians!

Also of note,we met a few dudes at the hotel bar . They were from Wisconsin and they giggled like bunch of school girls when they learned that a couple of Thunder Bayians  had to drive 6 hrs to go and see Canada’s Rush in the USA!???

15 thoughts on “RUSH VAPORIZES TBONE”

  1. Great post Deke. The way you’re enthusing about it, it’s like you were at the gig last night! I don’t think they made it to the UK on this tour. I saw them for the first time on the R30 tour (just after the Feedback EP came out) and then I saw them again on the Snakes and Arrows tour. Both excellent shows (I had shit seats for R30 which ruined it a bit though)

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      1. It was an experience. 2112 was one of my first Rush studio albums, it was a birthday gift ’95. I’m telling you man, summer of ’95 rocking to that album for the first time? Unforgettable. I kicking it in the back yard, and I had it on the ghetto blaster. I stepped in dog poo and got a sunburn.

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  2. LOL, alright! You were correct, Deke – loved this!! We were at the Rush show in Toronto when they filmed Bubbles’ scene for Trailer Park Boys at the Rush concert! We were all, “what is this?!”
    I’ve seen them a couple of times, and they always put on an excellent show. Great memories!!

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