SONIC WAVES……Van Halen/OU812


1988 a ton of releases made there way to my house via my wallet. One of em was OU812 by the mighty Halen. We all know the deal with Dave leaving and Sammy joining at the time I was a little perplexed by this Halen album but over time I have come to appreciate its different style of Rocka Rolla compared to Halens early offerings and the fact that with Hagar in tow this was gonna be a different band from album to album like 5150 was different (to my ears) than OU812.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…..

MINE ALL MINE- wow some synthey keys and Eddie and the band joins in and were off to the races 1988 style! This is Halen headed into new frontiers and I’m willing to join em hell yeah change is good but there are naysayers out there. But nope, Ed and Alex are forging ahead with there new sound and well hey I’m ok with everything. Being it’s 1988 and earlier in the year we got Dave’s Skyscraper and now a few months later were getting ou812!  More music,more bang for the buck and the bucks I did contribute !

WHEN ITS LOVE- wow second song in and were headed into to the I don’t wanna say it but how about slower paced tempo tune! Ha. This is a good song and the vid got a ton of spins on Muchmusic. Once again like any Halen album there’s  Anthony and his backing voice and man the dude can belt it out.( Remember Get Up from 5150? )Good song and better solo but it’s EVH were talking about.

A.F.U(all fired up)-Alex torpedo’s the song out of the gate and were off  and man were on tour with Halen 90 days on the road and my axe is cutting me deep….alright Sammy is a little aloof with the lyrics here but but hey he’s trying to keep the party raging on the road so I salute him for that! Once again Super Duper EVH solo…as with any Halen you  know that’s the theme  right if you already hadn’t noticed!

CABO WABO- Sammy’s watering hole and hey he wrote a song about it so to make a long story short go to CABO,drink and than fall face down into the sand and kiss the ground! This is 7 minutes of  a slow Halen mover and you know what? It’s ok to chill after being AFU for  90 days so….go to CABO!

SOURCE OF INFECTION- ok,so music is good, lyrics not so much I mean Sammy was kinda I think not to inspired maybe he thought hey I  will write goofy Poison like lyrics! But Sam your in The Band! C’mon man..but than again I would never have the balls to say that to Sammys face Mano to Mano circa 1988 that the lyrics to Source Of Infection were goofy. I would tell Sammy that TBone said it!!! Ha!

FEELS SO GOOD- ok so we go from a previous goofy party tune to a great song from the guys so Eddie starts it with some wavy like keyboards action and boom comes Alex and Mike and Sam this is a fantastic written piece of work! Well done! Man still one of my faves!

FINISH WHAT  YOU STARTED- cool acoustic and cool video and man Halen does not sell out and Sammy sings pretty chill in this tune like he had a big spliff and a shot of sumthin and here comes Ed with some real nasty cool  picking! All these years later this one of there well known Sam tracks!

BLACK AND BLUE-so the story goes on this one as I remember from when Sam/Ed were on Rockline. Warner Brothers was bugging the guys for a single and Halen gave em Black N Blue. This is a sleaze ball grinder of a tune. Catchy tune but the lyrics now are like….Hahahaha……..

SUCKER IN A 3 PIECE-man this song is one of my faves. Ed peels a little bunch of wang dang guitar at the beginning and than to my ears it sounds like a little ACDCish in the music and of course Sam does his super chill cool voice halfway thru…u want a Sucker..look at all that money gooooo! Ed rips into the heavens on a crazy assed solo Wowzers, For Those About To Be A Sucker..VH Salutes u!

A APOLITICAL BLUES-hiccup…these fellas dipped into the sauce and punched this out as a bonus track for the cd and cassette only I think but hey it goes to show that Halen can get still get sauced and punch out sumthin goofy which we can all lap up and think it’s the coolest thing ever!Just don’t tell Chairman Mao!

IN CONCLUSION-OU812 is I think over all this time my fav Hagar era album. The songs are good and it’s a good continuation of 5150 and why not keep the party going will ya?! You think I gonna tell Sam/Mike/Ed and Alex to leave? Nope just turn off the lights when u split! This one took many a year but it was a real slow grower on me and well it’s a classic. The only fault I can find with it is the production. Some of the sonics on some songs sound better than others. But when it comes to the playing and singing,no complaints man,no complaints!

16 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES……Van Halen/OU812”

  1. The only VH studio album I have yet to review. Beat me to it Deke!

    After finishing all the other reviews, I pretty much agree with you that this is the best Van Hagar. I like it quite a lot, and sure there are a few duds. I think a track like Mine All Mine shows where Van Hagar could have gone, melding the keyboards to the rock, had they not decided to F.U.C.K. off with keyboards on the next CD.

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    1. Actually Mikey I was tweaking this review after midnight last night and instead of update I pushed publish(that’s what happens when u do things half a sleep) I intended to sit on this review for a bit..hahaha….had to juggle the schedule!..


      1. Dude you’re sounding like me now!

        Well it’s a nice surprise to wake up to. You would have beat me to OU812 anyway; I don’t have any more Van Halen in the writing stages currently. I did a Styx review last night that I hope is pretty funny 🙂

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      2. Oh yeah look forward to the Styx review! I currently have two Halen related reviews in the pipeline so to speak.
        1 live concert review and 1 studio review …currently working on a Pink Floyd review which is gonna take some time as I’m no where near a huge fan but I did see em live…..


    2. Yeah the Mine All Mine vibe was a change and I guess when they worked with Andy Johns on the next album they wanted a heavier sound. So I guess other than Right Now I guess the keys got kicked out of the door!

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      1. Yeah pretty much, but it didn’t have to be that way. There were keyboards on Women & Children First. I think For Unlawful suffers from lack of diversity (but we’ve discussed that already this week!)


  2. Also agree that it’s a bit of a slow grower, and I’m glad you liked Feels So Good too. I thought it was a real standout for the album, and it’s too bad it wasn’t a bigger hit. Maybe the video was too weird.

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      1. Craig’s comment:

        “This was the album that caused me to question my allegiance. 5150 was tolerable, this was complete shite. Sammy’s lame-as-fuck lyrics turned what could’ve been a great record into boring Dad/Minivan rock. Even though it was released while I was in high school, it instantly made me feel middle aged.”


  3. I do not own either of these number/acronym albums from them. I liked your enthusiastic review of this one.

    And may I commend you one some great one-liners in here:

    “but than again I would never have the balls to say that to Sammys face Mano to Mano circa 1988 that the lyrics to Source Of Infection were goofy. I would tell Sammy that TBone said it!!! Ha!”


    “Wowzers, For Those About To Be A Sucker..VH Salutes u!”


    ” it goes to show that Halen can get still get sauced and punch out sumthin goofy which we can all lap up and think it’s the coolest thing ever!Just don’t tell Chairman Mao!”

    Yer making my morning reading, Deke!

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