Man I love the Headstones! Ever since I seen em on Muchmusic being interviewed and plugging there debut album Picture Of Health(1993). Of course Hugh Dillion back than was the anti everything to Canadian Music at the time which was good cause he would tell it like it was.

Well come 1995 and  check out the new vid for Unsound off of Teeth And Tissue! I’m getting ahead here, but  the Headstones headed out on tour and I seen em here in Tbay in the summer of 95 with my wife and we have gone everytime since than to catch em live when they have rolled through  and on occasion TBone has joined us as well but let’s talk about one of my fave albums  from em!

Lets check on Hugh/Trent/Dale and Tim and see whose ass there kickin…….

HINDSIGHT-Trent starts the action with some cool riffing and the boys rock it out of the park. This song sets the tone for the record it’s like Hugh’s telling me ya better listen or Hugh will use my forehead as a ashtray!

UNSOUND- cool bass in this tune by Tim. Loved the video for this. Check it out….great rock song period!

MARIGOLD- Trent starts off with some acoustic and of course it goes Headstones Heavy just the way I like it and man it clocks in over at 5 minutes but man who cares like I said the Headstones never played by the rules and I thank em for that!

HEARTS LOVE AND HONOR- Hugh sounds like he’s possessed in this song! Man it’s like you wouldn’t want to meet him in the alley way back in 95 but in 2014 I think he would be cool! The rest of the band push along this mid tempo tune!

MILLION DAYS IN MAY- Hugh kinda sings,kinda talks, verses are chill and than the Chrous kicks in and some cool  Tempo changes and a good solo by Trent. Dude never gets the credit on guitar but he swings a mean axe!

DRIPPING DIME SIZE DROPS- coolest title and coolest song on the record I say !  You know the deal …cops are after Hugh and he’s Dripping Dime Size Drops! Cool interplay between vocals and guitar. This is Headstones at the there best just a all out Shit Kicker! Solo is wickedly good! Don’t believe me …buy the F*#kin thing will yah!?

SWINGING-Tim and Dale take a breather on this track and there’s nice little guitar strum and Hugh spewing forth knowledge you know like…..pick yourself up and grab a addiction, alcohol is a good one along with sports,hunting and fishing..haha…love Hugh’s lyrics. Like I said he tells it like it is!

LET IT GO- heavy bassy Tune….Hugh and the boys deliver on this tune. Kinda like them showing up to your wedding reception and kicking all the grooms asses and leaving with the bridesmaids!

SAY GOODBYE- Hugh’s destroying your town and splitting, this song rocks…fast guitars ,faster drums ….man these guys don’t let up !

BURNING- another single and just a cool little strumming tune about lost love man Hugh’s got a heart but it’s black! And hey …everyone burns or so Hugh says! When Hugh speaks ..ummmm I listen!

LOOK AWAY- is another all out rocker just Headstones kicking ass and leaving us in the wreckage! Geezus these guys are a gang not a band!….this album is just a little simmering masterpiece !

TEETH AND TISSUE- cool bluesy tune and the title track. Just the title is cool. Cool that they can shift gears in musical midstream. But than again they don’t give a *#%^!

ONE MORE MOVE- Hugh goes off and  on about the radio and radio saves and the radio plays! Wonder what he thinks of Sirius radio? Hugh you reading this??? The music is kinda demonic on this track…kinda like Headstone/DC ish !!!

IN CONCLUSION- Headstones filled a void for me back in the 90s when I wasn’t getting into too much new music but here they came with there own unique spin on things and there own style. We all know they went away for a few years but they put out a killer album last year Love + Fury (which I will review)  and it’s a very good album as well.  It’s just good to know that there’s some no  ass kissing  Canadian bands out there who like I said don’t answer to anyone. Headstones are one of em!


7 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….HEADSTONES/Teeth And Tissue”

  1. Headstones would tour London, ON all the time while I went to uni. My friend Jenn and I would go whenever they played. It was quite a different crowd! Almost fell on Hugh on a few occasions (mosh pits, pffftt…).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No,I always stayed away from the spit action. Hahaha frig nowadays I would wear a protective face shield to prevent flying gobs of Hugh! Times have changed. …
      Great band though….


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