SONIC WAVES….Current River/Masonry Man


As 1992 rolled into 1993 January to be precise. From Tbay a part of town that housed no Rock N Roll came Rock N Roll in the form of Current River named after the part of the city that TBone and myself grew up in! Current River was formed by myself and TBone  and we played to a few hundred people over a few years and we rocked em all!  Were getting ahead here….

Due to TBone digging thru the vaults in Graceland North In early 2014 came the discovery of the tracks from Current Rivers 1993 cassette only release Hodder To Hell! ( for all you out of town friends Hodder  is the street that young Deke grew up on in Current River) . This song posted here is a true story of a friend of ours that well has a hard head hence his nickname was Cementhead!( you will read about him on certain concert road trips thru the pages of this blog) TBone found inspiration and well he had a four track fostex recording deck that we jammed up with a ton of Maxwells and pushed record!


Now TBone and especially myself  had no real live jamming experience well TBone did as he was always f*%kin around with the fostex, recording stuff solo kinda like if  Aldo Nova   was on a year long bender! But give the guy credit he was honing his chops and figuring shit out while I was figuring out a four letter word called Bass!  So one night in Jan of 93 TBone called me and I sauntered up to his place in the cold dead of the night kicked the snow off of my boots said hello to Mrs E and went into Tbones recording studio..well basically a store room in his basement which housed his amps/drums and the furnance!

He played me  a ruff copy of Masonry Man and I laughed my ass off this is what’s missing  from rock. We gotta go live I bellowed at him he laughed I said we need to do a full album about Current River,growing up ,high school,goofing off…..I said we need about only 8 more songs and we got a record! Ha! This is a concept record about growing up in Tbay! Rush has there concept record with  2112. Current River has well ,Hodder To Hell as there  record! Never had been done before and even Neil Young who lived in Tbay never thought of it!!

So Masonry Man is the first song on the Hodder To Hell cassette! (I will review and post more Sonic Waves as I receive them from Bob Rock errrrr I mean TBone). But here’s like I said the first track as Current River! I just want to share this with all my friends and basically tell ya you can have zilch experience (like me) and bang out some noise and have a laugh about it!

Sit back and crank the video! Give TBone full props he did it all the video editing himself! Just remember this is the original recording from Jan 1993, just two guys back than being a couple of Knucklehaeds!

Current River Hodder To Hell (1993)credits

Tbone-lead and backing vocals/guitars


Paul Mitchell-drums*

* Paul Mitchell was the drummer on the studio tracks of Current River. He was never seen or heard again after the recordings.

20 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Current River/Masonry Man”

    1. Hahaha..thanks buddy! Me and T were having beers last Friday night at Boston Pizza and I told him that we gotta get these songs out cuz my blogger pals will love it ! It just takes time as TBone is transferring everything mixed down from cassette tape. I couldn’t believe yesterday I had Masonry Man in my inbox yesterday! Considering TBone runs his own company is married with 2 kids and bam this afternoon there’s another tune in my inbox!
      That one I will post a little later as I’m gonna milk the Masonry Man for all,it’s worth as the lead single!
      Glad you didn’t choke on your yogurt though !


    1. Thanks man considering no one has heard these tunes in 20 plus years plus I knew you guys and gals would get a kick out of it! When I do my next Current River post I will get into more specifics about the recording and the laughs we had doin it….
      Kinda like our version of Behind The Music without entering rehab!!


      1. Yeah well when I first played the track to our buddy Cementhead he was pissed!
        Hahaha….he got over it after he realized that not too many people,get songs written about em! Plus his real name is never disclosed!


      2. Very true. Although I’m told that my buddy T-Rev’s mom has a song written about her.

        You may have heard it before.

        He grew up hanging out with the Max Webster guys, he has a picture of himself sitting on Gary McCracken’s knees. So this song could indeed be about his mom.

        Liked by 1 person

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