Aeroforce 1 Ready For Takeoff!

What a great shot of Steve-o!

This is by request from Rugg and Darr…..

Aerosmith/Skid Row/March 24 1990/Winnipeg Arena

I was fortunate enough to catch Aero at the Skydome in Toronto three months earlier so when me and Tbone went to check out the Tragically Hip at our local University in early Feb 1990 there was add posted to the wall announcing a party bus tour to the Peg for the Aerosmith Pump tour!  After babbling like a idiot to TBone over the last couple of months in regards to the T.O show, once we seen the add it was a no brainer. So myself,TBone and T’s younger brothers Darr & Rugg were also on board the AeroExpress to the Peg!

So come show time and well here’s Skid Row again! This is my third time Seeing Skid Row in the span of under two years all on there debut album. They definitely had a good booking agent back than! Basically the crowd of 14,000 lapped em up! I mean they came out jacked and didn’t ease off the gas for there 40 minute set! They played basically the debut and from what  I remember basically stuck to it.

Now for the headliners…..

Aerosmith came out on there stage which for the Pump tour was them playing on a rooftop with each city there playing marked with the letters at the back of the stage. So at the back Winnipeg was spelt.

The boys came out to jacked up audio of a helicopter landing and before you know it Aero launches into Hearts Done Time and I still remember on top of the stage they had this little clubhouse right above Joey Kramers drums and boom the door kicks open and here comes Steve Tyler and the place went crazy.  1990 And Aero is on fire! From there it was into Same Old Song And Dance (already dipping into the back catalogue ) and a triple punch of Pump tracks F.I.N.E,Don’t Get Mad,Get Even and What it Takes.

Aerosmith in the early part of the show is playing for the late kids who come to the party in other words the ones who got on board during the MTV years. You know what I don’t mind cause Pump is a solid rock record one of there best so who am I to argue.

Brad Whitford plays a little blues and Permanent Vacation is played.( great song should be played more) and now the current single Janie’s Got A Gun is knocked out with some cool guitaring courtesy of Joe Perry during the solo as he rocks the acoustic!

Mama Kin is rocked and Tyler even sings it like I how I heard it on the Debut from 1973. The dude can sing man..still can…but back to the show and here comes Angel the big ballad from Permanent Vacation. Never really dug it for a Aero ballad as there are better Aero ballads out there. But like I said Aero is playing for the MTV generation.

So after Angel,Steve and Joe are out siting In front of the stage and they begin which I think is one very underrated Aero tracks Hangman Jury. This song reeks delta blues and man it goes over well so cool. Love the beginning of Voodoo Medicine Man and man Tyler is laying down some kinda Voodoo in the Peg!

So the spotlight turns to Joe Perry as the demon of screamin(Tyler) takes a breather  and Joe plays Hendrix’s Red House and man what a great version. Perry is cool…I’m not and well I’m ok with that!

Before you take a breath here comes Rag Doll and the place goes bonkers and man here it is one of my all time favs Draw The Line with a wee bit of jam with Jailhouse Rock in the middle before Tyler goes off the rails vocally.

Now a Aeroballad is played  which is a golden gem and that’s Dream On! What a great track! Love In A Elevator is rocked and the place is rocked by all the Aero guys! It’s evident that Aero knows what the crowd wants and that’s Aero MTV style. Dude Looks Like A Lady keeps the Aerohits going and the crowd just loves it and so do me and the brothers Erickson!

Sweet Emotion is cranked especially with the Perry feedback and Aero splits. What a band man. What a show. What a production! But wait here comes the one two punch of..

Train Kept A Rollin and Walk This Way….and Aero ends the night and our night is ended by  one of the biggest bands that had a second crack at success and made the most of it.


14 thoughts on “Aeroforce 1 Ready For Takeoff!”

  1. Nice one Deke! Loved that show! Loved that trip! Everything about that party bus, that show and the parties at the hotel were amazing!… not only were Aero on top of their game but so were we. We didn’t know it at the time, but the decline of TBone was on the horizon … lol…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep I realized that when I made u that super duper Bday card last year which by the way was the greatest rock bday card ever made ummm that just how cheap those shows were that we seen!
      Man….wish we had a time machine!


    2. Yeah,me,u Darr and Rugg saw Aero all together for just over $100. 2 years ago the four of us the Halen tix ran about $700 for all four of us! That’s fuckin goofy!


    1. Hahahaha…that’s what Tbone and his bros said at the time that Sebastian would look out in the crowd and say ‘ hey it’s that motherfucker Deke at our show again!!” Naaa that never happened but would have been cool if it had !


      1. Haha not quite, I twisted your words a bit because it was funny.

        You said “our night is ended by one of the biggest bands that had a second crack at success and made the most of it.”


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