SONIC WAVES……Bryan Adams/Reckless

30 years ago huh?? Ok let’s see 1984 the top releases for me would have been of course Van Halens 1984(actually released on the last day of 1983 to fulfil record company contractual obligations for a new VH release in 1983!) Iron Maidens Poweslave,Sammy Hagars V.O.A,Ratts Out Of The Cellar,Judas Priests Defenders Of The Faith,Whitesnakes Slide It In,Rushs Grace Under Pressure and I’m sure there are others but let’s move on shall we?

So Bryan Adams I knew of course but did not own any of his material as the local radio played the shit out of Straight From The Heart to the point where the song was played to death and ugh! BUT I did cut him  some real cool rock slack as he and his co writer Jim Vallance did cowrite those two ass kickin Kiss tunes on there Creatures Of the Night release(War Machine and Rock N Roll Hell) so I had a little street cred for him but than he stepped up and came out with Reckless!

So Adams delivers the first single Run To You and basically all of us were running to the record store! Holy crap guitar rock with a slick commercial big time sounding record and viola! Me,Tbone and millions of others lapped up Reckless!

Ok,so here it goes …here’s what Bryan and Jimbo (Vallance) dropped on our laps!

ONE NIGHT LOVE AFFAIR- Adams comes rocking out with upon first listen a slick commercial sounding hard rock this piece of the Reckless pie is gonna be. Pretty damn good says I and its ok for young Deker to come out of his Iron Maiden bunker to listen to some good ol Canadiana Rock! What’s also apparent is the top notch band that Adams has with him especially Keith Scott to this day who  still slings the six string in his band!

SHES ONLY HAPPY WHEN SHES DANCING- you know my deal with album sleeper tracks. Songs that are just as good if not better than the hit singles that propelled albums to mass sales and this ladies and gents is one! I love the driving guitar on this track especially at the chorus where it sounds to me like Ronnie and Keef from the Stones man how can ya not go wrong?!  Also of note is Adams voice is tailor made for these kind of tunes unlike that Robin Hood soundtrack drivel that was to come!

RUN TO YOU- Ok kids here’s a little ol wee rock trivia for ya all! Run To You was originally submitted to Blue Oyster Cult and they turned it down!! So Adams cooked it up on his own and mega fame happened whereas BOC picked up the Reaper and went back to playing the bars! Bad career move and you know what at the beginning of Run To You I can hear Don’t Fear The Reaper in Scott’s guitar! So I guess Vallance/ Adams wrote it with that in mind. Big time catchy hook and man throw down some percussion and Adams raspy singing and that equals hits and there was more to come !

HEAVEN- I knew getting into this Reckless deal that yep we gonna be going down Adams Avenue and hang a left onto PowerBallad drive! Boom Heaven sold tons put Reckless over the top in sales and people well girls especially went ape shit for this song! Now these tunes were never really my deal but for some reason this one did and I think it was the eeerie creepy keyboard during the chorus which give it some street cred like Adams is saying hey honey were in heaven but were also three short steps to hell! Darr,Tbone and Rugg!  You knew I had to go there !

SOMEBODY-wow how many singles already? And here’s another one Adams just drives the bus on this one and we all hoped on board! Big backing vocals carry the tune with once again Scotts guitar and he lays down cool lick after cool lick. I love this guys playing as Keith knows what his deal is in the Adams band. Play cool riffs,keep it simple and make cash and to this day he still doing it! Atta boy Mr Scott!

SUMMER OF 69- do I really have to talk about this one? I will leave this one blank and you can all debate whether it’s actually about the summer of 69 or sumthin else???

KIDS WANNA ROCK- Scott and Adams lay down some mean riffing in the commercial rock spectrum  and it works. This is Adams driving his delivery truck down a one way street and telling everyone in sight that everywhere he goes the Kids Wanna Rock. It’s a cool song and it gets ya pumped in a pumpy kind of way! More like I said great guitar action!

ITS ONLY LOVE- cue guitar riff to start off this tune and the  ol cougar Tina Turner is on the prowl for young Bryan and it’s all good from where i stand as well Keith Scott just nails down another memorable solo I mean how many times have you mummed this riff? Fuck man this guy is underrated on guitar!  Solo gem after solo gem!

LONG GONE-is a cool rocker a different kinda pace and tune and it’s good to see that Adams is ok with not writing every song to get on the radio I mean he relased 6 singles off of Reckless like Holy shit that’s crazy nowadays your lucky to crack 3 singles. If your lucky as no one buys records after the second week of release as all the diehards  snap it all up on week 1!

AINT GONNA CRY OVER YOU- Keith Scott says Allrighty lets rip this one out of the gate and kick it into next week and this is another one of my faves and it’s good to see Adams ending Reckless on a hard rocking note! Bryan Ain’t Gonna Cry Over You?! Why would he! Reckless  sold millions and shot him to the top! Cool use of the keys in this tune! Thanks to everyone who made this album for not sapping out the sound and burying the guitars under the keys!

IN CONCLUSION- Reckless was and is a great rock record! Straight ahead. No frills and just a  super cool well structured little pop ditties that still hold and sound great today! Adams is releasing a 30 year deluxe package this month (November) and sometimes when bands do this they drop the ball but Adams has stepped up! His version includes of course all of Reckless plus about 6 or 7 studio tracks and some  like Teacher Teacher who he wrote for 38 Special and Boys Nite Out which Krokus covered so ya can hear his originals of those songs and man that’s cool plus throw down a 15 track live show from the Reckless tour and guess what ?? 30 years later I’m rebuying this due to the fact that’s how you do a deluxe edition and plus it’s a good frigging record!

14 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES……Bryan Adams/Reckless”

  1. LMAO “BOC picked up the Reaper and went back to playing the bars!”

    Bryan has admitted that many of his songs are hugely about what you think – yep, put your minds in the gutter! Heaven, Summer of 69, Run to You…Kids wanna rock…(actually, not sure about that last one lol). Reckless was a great album! Great review Deke, as always!

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  2. Speaking of 3 shorts steps, I’d like to read that review. Great job on this one though. I’m glad you reviewed it,as I would have thought maybe it was too commercial to make the cut. But you’re right, it is a great ROCK record plain and simple and great rock records are allowed to have 6 big hit singles when they’re this good.

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    1. Hahaha…guess since I did the tour for Long Way I guess I should do the sonics on it as well!
      Too commercial love it but nope wait til next week there’s a review a comin ( can’t remember which day I have it posted,Hahahaha) that’s really left field but with some bad ass thrown in!
      Glad your reading my rock stuff before reality at work sets in!


  3. 30 years? Dammit man, we’re getting old. Well, not much to add. This record was everywhere and deservedly so. It’s huge. A monster. So much a part of our landscape, inescapable. Blah blah blah. But you’re right, it’s also just a great rock record. Put it in, turn it up and let it rip. Adams and crew never crafted better.

    Kids Wanna Rock was a theme song for me for a long time – “this computerized crap ain’t getting me off!” Still could be, for that matter.

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  4. Sounds like this deluxe is going to be quite the package! Loads of unreleased goodies of Bryan at his prime.

    Deke this is another great review. I had kind of forgotten about Bryan Adams. But then when you see the track list there…it’s solid. Even though I too don’t really like hanging a left onto PowerBallad drive, Heaven is exceptional.

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    1. Hahaha Mikey thanks for picking up on the line PowerBallad Drive..I laughed when I wrote that shit man I’m laughing at my own stuff now! Hahaha…..
      Yeah I’m kinda pumped to hear this deluxe esp the Krokus and 38 Special songs that he wrote!
      Somebody(no pun) was thinking in putting this together….

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  5. Yup, spot on. This is a fine record.

    Was actually listening to it a few weeks ago for the first time in a very long time. Enjoyed it immensely.


      1. I didn’t even know that myself until a week ago when I was reading a Adams story in Classic Rock Magazine in regards to the Reckless deluxe and Adams said that he submitted Run To You to them and BOC rejected it….worked out pretty good for Adams didn’t it!?


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