SONIC WAVES…..Whitesnake /1987

So back in April of 1987 I tuned into that radio online show Rockline that was on 94 Fm here in Tbay on Monday nights at 1130pm – 1 am and well David  Coverdale was gonna be on plugging the soon to be released 1987 album and new single Still Of The Night! So Bob Coburn intros Coverdale and they play Still Of The Night and I’m blown away. Holy shit David  and John Sykes (guitar and co writer) have blasted off a bunch of Heavied up Zep riffs complete with complimentary violin bow! And man,mine and Tbones socks were blown off!

But here comes the shocker. Ol Cov tells me the listener that there is a new Whitesnake in play! I already knew Cozy Powell had left 2 years earlier due to $$$$ but now Anysley Dunbar(drummer on the 1987 album) gone,Neil Murray on bass,gone. And the biggest shocker of all John Sykes who cowrote 7 of the 9 tracks on 1987,gone! David canned the whole band after he recorded the album( this explains no pics of the band on the album,they were all fired!) Filling the disposed members spots were Rudy Sarzo(x-Quiet Riot) Vivian Campbell (x-Dio) Tommy Aldridge(x-Ozzy ) and Adrian Vandenberg(x- of his own band Vandenberg) all good players but for fucks sake man! Whitesnake or more importantly ol Cov was turning over musicians like he was running a McDonalds!

So if you read the previous two Whitesnake blogs, Dave rolls different lineups on pretty much every Snake studio album. 1987 is no different than any others. Check out destroyerofharmony   a wordpress blog where he describes in great detail what went down with Sykes And Coverdale.

Having said all this …. Whitesnake is like a soap opera man…..

Let’s check out how Sykes took Coverdale into new territories and the thanks Sykes  got was the BOOT!

CRYING IN THE RAIN-this is Covs tune from years earlier but Sykes,Murray and Dunbar tighten it up into a big rock sound and they push the sonics and it’s pretty clear early on that this is gonna be a big sounding rock album and  it was sounding huge on my Walkman! Sykes sets himself up a guitar hero here and it’s huge riffs after riffs! No fooling around with Snake 87!

BAD BOYS- Sykes continues his dominance with super uber riffs and he rips right out of the opening gate with Bad Boys! Dunbar lays down some super crazy double bass and Whitesnake is shifting gears and going into parts unknown! Coverdale lays down some serious singing on this tune and well it’s great! Also of note me and Tbone went almost deaf blasting this song all summer long in his car! We were cool back than!

STILL OF THE NIGHT-ah here it is. The song that Robert Plant hates! But that many loved and still do as its played on rock radio all the time! This is epic Snake…when Cov launches into his vocal delivery with ‘In The Still Of The Night….” Bammo Sykes kicks Jimmy Page in the nuts and steals the riff and Psyches(Sykes) us all out! Man this song is crazy good! 7 minutes of big riffs,big drums,Cov yelping ‘get over here’ and the middle section of the song that probably irked Plant the part  where it sounds like the violin bow which I think they used in the video for Still Of The Night! Hahaha…let it go Bobby Plant ,where all  trying to make a livin here! Now speaking of the video the hired guns are in this live video that I posted and not the real dudes that recorded the studio track! So let’s do the math here, I betcha at this show back in 87 about 98% of the people would not know the difference that these weren’t the studio guys on the record with the other 2% hollering ‘Scabs!’

HERE I GO AGAIN-aaaah yeah the video of that crazy Ol Cougar and Cov getting it on like a bang a gong and shit people fell for it. Whitesnake became a household name in North America cuz of this track which is another remake from a earlier Snake album that no one in North America heard! If anything Bernie Marsden who had long been booted from Whitesnake must have enjoyed the payday as he’s the co writer on here with Cov. I remember and I’m being honest here about liking this track and man when I heard it on the radio they jacked up the keys on it and it sounded like crap! Leave it the fuck alone will ya’s! But I know why Cov and Kalodner ( guy who signed  Whitesnake to Geffen in the US) did it. They wanted radio play and well it worked but I’m sure I’m not the only diehard  alienated by this move! Must mention that it was Adrian Vandenberg that played down the solo on this song and who knows why? Perhaps Sykes already had gotten the boot!

GIMMIE ALL YOUR LOVE-Sykes /Dunbar/Murray kick off side 2 with a flurry and man this song rocks and Sykes once again peels off a monster solo! You know by the 5th song here it’s like Sykes must have had to contain himself from overplaying on the Slide It In album. This album so far is full of bombastic riffs that just soar!

IS THIS LOVE?- Cov and the boys slam on the breaks and ask the lady’s Is This Love? Umm ok,this tune is really not my kind of deal but it’s ok and I know the game that is being played here. Cov and Sykes want to impress the soccer moms out there. Actually were there even soccer moms back in 87? Sykes as well must have smoked a couple of huge fattys before he did the solo as the guy slams on the breaks with his power riffing and shows us all he can chillax at times! Take a bow dude!

CHILDERN OF THE NIGHT-boom where back to mega riff central and the Snakes just riff and roll thru this blazing track! Cov sounds good on this record and man I couldn’t believe it that he had a ton of vocal troubles for a few years previous too 1987 being released!

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART- how could this not be a single? This is a great song and Sykes gets a real cool tone out of his guitar on this right of the gate! Man it’s 80s Rock guitar once again but you know what? This is one of those sleeper songs!  No  surprise huh? No surprise !

DON’T WALK AWAY- Cov bids adieu to 1987 Snake with this slow closer but I like it! It’s good and probably why I like it was for the fact that it wasn’t a single and overplayed to friggin death! Thanks for not getting greedy Mr Coverdale!

IN CONCLUSION- DC and Sykes created a masterpiece and people bought this thing like hotcakes and it sold millions and of course the videos further propelled the album sales but man 27 years later I can’t fathom watching that crazy chick do her thing with ol Cov. I’m sure John Sykes must have laughed somewhat watching those vids and I’m sure the payday he received somewhat compensated from him getting turfed!  As far as studio slabs go, I prefer Slide It In over 1987 but man the guitar playing is just plain sick on this! Kudos to John Sykes….



26 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…..Whitesnake /1987”

  1. Haha great stuff Deke. You can’t fathom why they put the chick in the videos? Reeealllyyy? I bet Coverdale’s bank manager knows why!

    I love everything about this album. It’s awesome. Everything about it is awesome. Case closed. Actually, I think Sykes did play on Here I Go Again. Vandenberg did the solo on the “US Remix” which was on some versions. So it would depend what version of the album you have I suppose.

    And the tracklisting in the UK version was totally different from this too!

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  2. “Crazy old cougar”! LOL! I liked this review too. I feel the same about Is This Love too.

    Well done on your ‘Snake series dude. This was a fun idea. Hope you do Slip, and whatever else you own.


  3. Bwaahahaha! I remember that vid with Tawney flipping around on the car, and thinking, “You’re doing THAT, for HIM?? –>(Coverdale). Ewww! Coverdale never did it for me…Too greasy.
    Then again, I was 12/13 (depending on what time of year) and in lust with Simon LeBon and Michael Hutchence, so there.
    BTW, you see that Is This Love video lately? The cougar reprises her role and there is a heck of a lot o’ smoke machines in that one…

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      1. Oh man I’m like Austin Powers in that scene where all the women chase him up the street. It’s embarassing (and also pretty hot).

        My lovely wife has learned to live with it.


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