When Love & Train Wrecks Collide!

TeeBone Jovi/Rugg Sambuca/Nov 7 2014/Fancy Snazzy Hotel/Tbay

So as all you followers to my little musical bullshittin blog know by now Tbone has been not only my best pal of just over 40yrs(HOLY SHIT!!!!)but also my fellow hard rock n roll guru! We have seen many a shows and have talked for endless hours about everything musically hard rock ! Some people may think we’re nuts but why not man,there’s way too much seriousness in real everyday life so why not go down other roads and forget about the trials of real everyday livin..even if it’s  temporary !

Tbone has always had a talent for writting a tune(Current River) or takin a tune that is popular and fuckin around with the words and making it real funny and kinda cool!

Now back in 2003 I will take full responsibility here I set Tbone up with his now wife Christine who I met at work and well next thing you know they get married and I’m playing harmonica at his wedding reception!

Fast forward to 2014 and now Troy and Christine(with two great kids) are celebrating Christine’s  40th. So in typical Tbone fashion he rents a fancy snazzy room at one of the fancy snazzy hotels here in Tbay (not saying the place,they ain’t getting no advertising here at Arena Rock) and Tbone had told me a month before that he was gonna parody a three pack of Jovi tunes(Christine’s fav band) acoustically with his brother Rugg and change up the lyrics!

So come show time and Tbone and Rugg walk out to the shock crowd of friends and old people and here’s these two dudes that look like they just rummaged thru Valu Village and than entered a time machine! Hahaha…they looked friggin hilarious ! Tbone looked like as he called himself a grizzled Ol Robert Plant! Whereas Rugg said he looked like Rick Richards from the Georgia Satallites!….hahaha..they looked awesome man….people were shocked like I said earlier! Young people were like huh? Old peoples dentures were hitting the tables myself? I was laughing my ass off……fuckin Tbone!

The title of this blog came to me that night as Tbone had told me it could be the biggest train wreck ever and of course I tagged it off that sappy Def Leppard ballad(When Love And Hate Collide) or whatever the hell it’s called…..

So they sit down with there acoustic guitars and well just check out the vid  and you can figure out what tunes they did…..

It was a fun night but Christine I think held a gun to the DJs head as a ton of Jovi and Pink was played and thanks I have had my fill of that to last me a lifetime! (By the way Tbone has never told me he went to see Pink live! Ha hahahaha ….) it’s ok Christine when it’s my 50th??? A ton of Iron Maiden will be played! Bring yer earplugs!

Great Job Tbone and Rugg….and hey Christine your one of the best!


8 thoughts on “When Love & Train Wrecks Collide!”

  1. I though for sure this was gonna make your 3/4s Filler section…. lol… And yes, I’ll confess, I did go see P!NK live. She actually put on a pretty good show. We caught her in Montreal last year. I got my hockey game and Chrissie got her Pink concert. So there were no losers for that trip.


    1. No way that would never go in the 3/4s Filler section…..the other thing I forgot to mention was u managed to keep the language clean in front of a Mic!


  2. I just realized, I need to dig up our wedding video with you playing harmonica so you can do a review…. what do ya think?


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