ITunes has been streaming the new AC/DC for a week now.(yes I preordered it) So I thought I would listen to it a few times and jot down some notes on Rock Or Bust! Official Street date/Dec 2 2104


Whoa! 11 songs/35 minutes! AC/DC is writing short length albums for people with short attention spans(moi!) and man it pays off in spades! Of course when we all heard about Malcolm Youngs dementia it was a shock I mean when I think of Malcolm and the guitar Rythms he has put down in years past just go and listen to Powerage front to back! (Listen to Down Payment Blues)That to me is rhythm guitar supremo playing at its best! The dude is simply the best ever at that spot!

So I guess Angus/Cliff/Brian/ Phil and the nephew of Angus/ Malcolm, Stevie Young layed down some law of new rock and well friends this is a must have for the year of 2014! Crazy it’s still same old AC/DC. Over the years and whenever I heard that there be new product from these guys it would be like ‘Fuckin A’ you always knew what your getting I guess the best analogy would be spinning new AC/DC is like going to McDonald’s. There’s something on the menu for everyone and Rock Or Bust it’s no different ! I think after hearing this a few times already, ok, more than a few times this is a must have! Give the boys there due man….


ROCK OR BUST-2014 and AC /DC are dropping down almost like short spurts of Zep riffs in the opening track and what is real apparent is that Johnson’s voice is sounding real good and this is typical ACDC just pounding the sidewalk with there riff n roll no frills rock n roll! Love the sound already of this. It’s just good to hear some straight ahead rock! Welcome back!

PLAY BALL- has been kicking around for a bit since the middle of October when Major League Baseball was plugging Play Ball during the World Series. I thought the song was ok I mean it’s coming thru my tv for God sakes so I can’t really judge it that good but now after hearing it on the headphones man this is a good song so Angus nails down his solo verbatim and were good and Cliff and The Jailbreak drummer keep the engine room running….

ROCK THE BLUES AWAY- is the boys just riffing straight away and washing the blues away and Yep three songs in and I can hear all these songs so far on classic rock radio and  just before the solo man are my ears deceiving me or do I hear Angus play a little Riff of Sink The Pink? Hahaha…thats the great thing about music I may hear it one way, someone else will say ‘What?’ Hey let’s all just Rock The Blues Away and Drink The Night Away! The lyrics are typical ACDC…pool halls,smoke,booze and women!

MISS ADVENTURE- Rudd starts off this tune and Angus and Stevie give us the hard core AC/DC the evil riff right at the start. Just like when I heard for the first time Razors Edge(the song) that riff is the ultimate (in my mind) evilest riff of all time! Miss Adventure has those patent backing vocals and Johnson takes over and the drums push the song with Angus and Stevie just riff and riff. This is just awesome! Love how Cliff drives the bass on this tune as well. Frigg these dudes are pushing 60 and man it’s like there 25 again! Angus riffs and riffs at the end of the tune and this song just chugs down the tracks and Bam it’s done! That’s also the great thing about these songs is that they end. Boom,Done! No fade outs! Just love the live feel.

DOGS OF WAR- kind of has that Danger feel from Fly On The Wall until Johnson kicks in and the boys just let it go! Dogs Of War and Soldier Of Fortune go hand in hand on this tune and the boys are riffing all over and Phil just steady’s the ship straight ahead! Angus peels off one wickedly great solo and the backing vocals and Johnson just keep going on and going on and Angus says with his guitar the demise of my band is greatly exaggerated ! Love the fade out of this tune and Yep I stand corrected about fade outs! When you wrap your ears around it,you will know what I’m talking about !

GOT SOME ROCK N ROLL THUNDER-Rudd drives the song at the beginning again and we got some handclaps to drive the train and Jonno just gives it big time and Cliff has some little snappy bass action going on! It’s the AC/DC tune you know that working 9-5 rut so pass the Rock N Roll Thunder around would Ya! Hey,Hey Hey! (Hand Claps Included) and if your keeping score this is the second song in row where there’s a fade out! AC/DC is psyching me out…..!

HARD TIMES-hi hat and Guitars and Johnson that’s the mix in this tune! That’s the thing I love about this sound of there’s is the quick riff changes and boom were keeping the songs short here folks! Solo is Angus and more Angus and man this is like a studio album played live ! Great end of song soloing !

BAPTISM BY FIRE- Guitars and bass kick off the Baptism at the temple of AC/DC and Johnson is on fire vocally and its amazing he’s still got a voice as I remember everyone in the 80s was saying his voice was shot! Hahaha…I’m sure he read his own press back than and now he can look back and tell everyone politely …..(use your own profanity here) Super catchy chorus. Love it when these guys drive the drums/ bass and Johnson carries the tune with the guitars kicking in short spurts of action! Man it gets no better than this! Angus keeps the solos short and why can’t he? He has nothin to prove to me or you anymore! Just riff and dig it!

ROCK THE HOUSE- Brian Johnson leads the charge with Mistress Mistress…and of course everyone joins him and back to just Johnson and he’s proving to me and Father Time that when you rock this house you let it roll! His vocals are superb here! No shit you say! Yep give this one a spin it’s Brian on top of the heap looking down ! Cool groove this tune …..more guitar and more guitar! Malcolm would be proud with this recording!

SWEET CANDY- Angus leads the charge and Johnson is doing some cool creeping out with his voice and asking us if we like Sweet Candy!! Sure man if Johnson and the boys are telling me to like Sweet Sweet Candy. Love the vocals man it’s evil AC/DC time again. Go ahead try the Sweet Candy ….love how the guitars are just in total synch right before the solo…holy hell it’s that good!

EMISSION CONTROL- ha,love the title. Johnson/Young/Young/Williams/Rudd end the album with just a simple Jam. This song is not about rocket science folks! Turn on the emission and the engine comes alive! This is slow groove AC/DC no fooling around just don’t bore us just get to the chorus sez the fellas and by God they do…thanks guy and what??!! Another fade out!

IN CONCLUSION- If you are looking for Back In Black/ Powerage/Let There Be Rock/Highway To Hell/ For Those About To Rock…it’s not here! This album reminds me of say Stiff Upper Lip AC/DC with the tempo and pace with a little wee dose of Fly On The Wall( just little musical snippets). Like I said Brian Johnson has totally stepped up and of course so have the other fellas and thank god for AC/DC! Give Em total credit for putting out a short 35 minute 11 song Gem(Black Ice the last studio record was good but way to many songs). Smart move in  this day and age of ITune users who just buy single tracks (NOT ME) and not full albums(I BUY FULL ALBUMS) to hear certain songs. AC/ DC say ‘ hey it’s only a half a hour ‘ just buy the whole damn thing!

Welcome back…..

28 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….AC/DC/Rock Or Bust”

      1. Well dude, I haven’t heard it yet. You know I will. Burning out on reviews lately, I’ve been writing every day and I think I’ll take a break for a few days. I have about 2 weeks worth of content ready to rock.


      2. Yeah I here Ya man…..but u been in this game a lot longer than me!
        But I know back in August I couldn’t stop I was like a crack addict!
        Hahaha….now sometimes I start SUMTHIN and than start another sumthin and than go back to the original sumthin….


      3. Sumthin’ for nothin’, well in and out it’s never free!

        Yeah man I’ve been hoarding reviews for a looong time now. I wish I still had the ones I wrote as a kid but I don’t think they survived…I cannot find them at all.


      4. Hey man that wasn’t meant to be pointed in that way, I just meant if a break’s being taken there’s lotsa crap to read over on the KMA if you’re bored!


      5. Never bored man…when I’m up,at 530am every morning it’s good reading man…I hit your site before I hit Blabbermouth!!! Hahaha


      6. 05:30 that’s lovely. Probably earlier if you gotta shovel snow.

        Blabbermouth. I’ll never forgive those guys for taking that name before I could. Be perfect for what I do!


      7. Yeah that would be a cool blog name….hahaha…na I don’t get any earlier to shovel,snow… just cuts into my iPad and coffee time.530am is M-F…weekends I sleep in til….8 am!


  1. Good on ya for getting this out before the street date, Deke! You’re a man on the cutting edge!

    I liked that song in the video (title track). At this point, is anyone surprised that this is hard rock blues and sounds like lots they’ve already done? Hell no! And who cares? Like Mike said, BRING IT ON!


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