Sonic Waves….Deluxe Editions!


You know artists nowadays are reliving those (ahem) Glory Days by releasing previous works from say 20 – 30 years ago and well some saturate the market with compilations (take a bow KISS,Aerosmith and The Who!) whereas some come out of left field and surprise me the listener like holy shit these guys were sitting on this material for all these years.

Case in Point are two recent releases that I purchased via ITunes and those two would be The Tragically Hips Fully Completely and Bryan Adams Reckless both deluxe editions and both done how deluxe editions should be done!

High Tide And Green Grass….here’s the Hip!

Tragically Hip/Fully Completely-so when this release came out in 1992 over 1 million Canadians bought this disc and man that’s impressive in Canada and there was the Hip 3 years earlier playing Crocks N Rolls ( bar) in Tbay (1989)and than 3 years later moving a million copies! (1992)WTF comes to mind!

So once I seen on iTunes preorders back in early October of this year about a Fully Completely deluxe edition I thought yeah,yeah another studio remaster or so they say of the studio album but when I clicked open the Album on iTunes to see it was like 28 songs including 2 songs never released (An early version of So Hard Done By & Radio Show) and a full show from the Horsehoe Tavern in Toronto the day that Fully Completely was released back in 1992! I can’t believe the Hip held onto this show for so long and I tell Ya man I think it’s there best ever live show I have heard! Gordie Downie is off his rocker but he pulls off the songs perfectly vocally. And of course Gordie is Gordie like at the beginning of 50 Mission Cap he’s hollering HMV,HMV,HMV and at the end of 50 Mission Cap he tells the crowd he has his new cross trainers on! Plus a few of his stories to intro the songs I can’t even repeat  here because I’m sure WordPress would punt me off the blog! Bobby Baker and Paul Langlois guitars have never sounded better man this band is on fire! All of Fully Completely is played live and two of my favs being Looking For A Place To Happen and The Wherewithal are exceptional along with Twist Your Arm thrown in for good measure from Road Apples!

This my friends is how a deluxe edition should be! Some unreleased studio tracks and a super duper live unedited show and Bingo we got ourselves a deal here folks!Who was ever in charge at Hip Central for this should be totally commended for a job well done!

Also of note this just cost $9.99 as well! Another smart selling point but for this kind of edition I would have payed double for it. It’s that good! Plus it’s good to see the Hip aren’t gouging the fans at the til on this one!(take note $immon$ & $tanley)

Next here comes the milk and cookies guy  but man Adams knows how to write a snappy hook….

Bryan Adams/Reckless- wowzers 30 years since Reckless?? Shit Tbone your old! Ha seriously this is another well thought out release. So what Ya get is the full Reckless release with 7 unreleased tunes from the Reckless sessions including the title track of the album that was never used! The other tracks are Let Me Down Easy,Draw The Line,Play To Win,Too Hot To Handle and two of real interest to me and they would be Teacher Teacher the song that Adams/Vallance handed over to 38 Special and Boys Nite Out a song that they also handed over to KROKUS for there Blitz album! As a added bonus a 15 song show from Londons Hammersmith Odeon from 1985 is added as well and no Adams does not say “Scream For Me Hammersmith’! Hahaha….
Well done and played show from  the height of his career and man I never heard any of this before so to me it’s Gold! As per protocol Adams band including the great Keith Scott lay it down perfect as usual!

Basically the Adams Reckless set is 32 songs and goes for $15.99 on iTunes as well. A great deal.

IN CONCLUSION- these Deluxe editions stand out for me as great additions to anyone’s music library. The Hip and BAdams know how to do it properly and man they came thru in spades! With Xmas fast approaching throw em down on your wish list! Trust me you will be glad you did!

The vids are pretty neat as well. The Adams clip is the title track from Reckless that was unreleased til 2014! Pretty cool,Adams releases the Reckless album in 1984 and leaves the title track off! That’s when you know you have a solid album full of tunes!

The Hip track speaks for itself…..Crank em!


27 thoughts on “Sonic Waves….Deluxe Editions!”

  1. Don’t tell Mrs. LeBrain but I think she might be getting the Hip deluxe for Christmas this year! Sounds great and I LOVE when Gord goes on his rants. The other thing she wants is that song “Come With Me Now” by Kongos so I have to see if it’s on a soundtrack or compilation.

    Mitch Lafon has been RAVING about that Adams set. Price wise too.

    Me I’m focusing on getting those Zeps. And I STILL don’t have the Bon Jovi one.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No,I did not get the JOVI deluxe….he kinda makes me puke now….
        But your right there are tons out there it’s just ones like the hip and adams that leap out as there done in my mind how they should be done….


      2. Yep I agree with Ya Mikey….but than after I read when they said it was about money and Phil X of all guys said he wouldn’t leave his front porch for $10,000 a month I thought that was a fuckin shitty thing to say in regards to,people struggling etc…..
        So,I’m done with EM both….
        X though did play some good guitar on Edge Of Excess(Triumph)

        Liked by 1 person

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