SONIC WAVES …RIOT live 6 song Ep


Let’s don’t get confused here kids..This is Riot the New York version not the LA version of Quiet Riot. Two different beasts here NYC RIOT if they got in a street fight with LA  Quiet Riot the only way Dubrow and the boys woulda won would be by spraying Hairspray in the eyes of Rhett Forrestor and his NYC Riot cronies…..

Riot was one of those high school  bands that you pick up on and my intro to them was there Fire Down Under release . That is a great rock album,all solid and I could go on about it but hey I’m here to talk about there 1982 little release that is so hard to find you can thank youtube for having it. 1982 was a year of change for Riot gone was original throat Guy Spearanza and enter in Rhett Forrestor the new throat! They put out a new album entitled Restless Breed,pretty good but not as good as Fire Down Under. Anyways I guess from that tour they released a 6 song Ep recorded who knows where ( sounds like a club) and man check it out…….these guys are like taking no hostages!

HARD LOVIN MAN- after the intro the boys kick into over drive Hard Lovin Man..tales of the road  for a band playing the bars night after night,me my tales of the road involved taking the transit bus to school everyday

LOVED BY YOU-boom were up and running Some pretty cool guitaring by Marc Reale(rip) actually not only him but also Guy(rip) and Rhett(rip) are both gone also,holy shit that’s crazy…..

LOANSHARK- Starts off with some cool bass/drums and Rhett just kicks into overdrive with his LOANSHARK collecting payments overdue ..I’m a LOANSHARK does your mama know what I’m gonna do.?

RESTLESS BREED- was the title track to there current release at the time. Slow build this one but a great song never less….

SWORDS AND TEQUILA – is I think the best Riot song ever. It just wallops you outside the head and hey you feel like your in some Mexican tavern drinking with the locals and out comes the tequila, worm anyone? Oh yeah I forgot TBones here!!

IN CONCLUSION- this was a no frills release the cover is how you see it on the vid posted for Hard Lovin Man,but man the groves inside just rocked. Too bad this band never got there due,sure they reformed in the late 80s but they went too metal for my liking with a whole different lineup.

Hope you all dig it….







5 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES …RIOT live 6 song Ep”

  1. For me the three best studio albums of there’s are Fire Down Under,Restless Breed and Born In America….all there late 80s stuff when they somewhat reformed I was not into….
    Glad u dug Swords And Tequila !


  2. Haha hairspray! Shame this one’s so hard to find, I’m digging it (listening as I jibber away here). Although I do have to say that swords and tequila together… well, that’s a bad idea all around, for everyone involved. Tequila… hooboy. I have my reasons for swearing off it.

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