SONIC WAVES….Aerosmith/Draw The Line

I think it was early 1981 when my dad handed me a copy of Aerosmiths Draw The Line album. Now as it turns out my dad’s friend Ken(rip) gave it to my dad to pass onto me as Ken did not dig Aerosmith maybe it was too heavy or not what he expected but he knew me being 13 I would dig it……Ken you were right and thanks for the Aero introduction!

I was used to cover drawn albums I mean Kiss were the leaders in that and here comes Aerosmith with a cool band drawing on the cover and they call it Draw The Line cool play on words fellas! a 13-year-old I thought Aero was into art class but a little later on realized Aero was into the seedier side of art class.

Let’s check on Joe,Steve,Joey,Tom and Brad and see how they shaped some musical landscapes for a one young Deker!

DRAW THE LINE- what an intro to Aerosmith with this tune. Holy Crap here comes Joe navigating some serious slide guitar and his side kick Steve belting out the cowboy song! Heads I win Tails You lose sez Tyler! Yep you win Steve man he basically throws up a tonsil in that crazy part of the song you all know it,the part that goes sumthin like Checkmate don’t be late,take another pull,that’s right impossible ….hahaha what a rip of an opening song!

I WANNA KNOW WHY- man this is a great song, some cool keyboards rock this song along just fine. Thank you very much. Man this is my first Aero album and so far so good! If the stories are true that they were totally blasted thru this well keep blasting or as the kids say nowadays ….Blazing!

CRITICAL MASS-the whole band shifts a tempo down from the first two numbers and they still rock it with Tyler telling his story about the seedier side of living kinda like spaced out actually yeah man Tyler’s trippin into who knows where but he makes tripping seem real cool….tell me how ya recover from the time in space as it takes you away. That’s what Stevey sez….honestly….

GET IT UP-Tyler/Perry kick it out with some cool slide guitar once again. Like Steve shoots into town in a police car and your daddy said he took it a little too far! Cool tune. Off the walls Aero….

BRIGHT LIGHT FRIGHT- Joe takes the lead vocal on this one and it’s a steamer of a track. Throw in some cool sax and some cool leads and yeah man this is Joe doin solo time so Steve can ramp it up into the next track!

KINGS AND QUEENS- wow this is epic Aerosmith. Steve talks about the Kings And Queens and guillotine taking lives denied! Basically Steve is singing about greed in 1877 or perhaps 1977 with all there handlers around. That’s my spin on it and for a band as they say being outta of it. They pull one out of the fire here that’s for sure.

THE HAND THAT FEEDS-Doctor,Doctor,Doctor Steve shouts someone calling a code on Aeros behalf? I have to say though I think by this point they were starting to lose a bit of creative gas but then the endless lifestyle of craziness may be catching up. Still they some what pull this one out. Tom and Joey set the rhythm pace.

SIGHT FOR SORE EYES- I prefer the live version on Live Bootleg. This version is kinda a  slow tempo compared to the very amped up live deal. Still it’s neat to hear it In It’s original state.

MILK COW BLUES- this is a cover tune jammer that ends the album and I really think Aero ran out of steam by this point so a cover tune was needed to push the album to the 35 minute mark. I’m sure the record company was freaking on them for lack of material but I really don’t think the Smith boys cared too much by this point!

IN CONCLUSION- Draw The Line is a good not great Aero album. I would say out of the 9 songs I would say 6 would stand up to any of their previous material to 1977. But hey for me this was a good starting point into my internship at Aeroforce 1!



10 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Aerosmith/Draw The Line”

    1. Hey Scott thanks! Yep PV is one of those sleeper records take away Angel sap and all that but man Hangman Jury,St John and the titl track all awesome!
      Gotta review that bad boy someday!


  1. Holy fuck I love this album. Yet I still have to agree with you, good not great. It’s that some of these songs you mentioned…title track…Kings and Queens…kick so much ass. That’s why I love it so much. So agreed with Mr. HMO above me.

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    1. That’s awesome Mikey! Ha real cool that I hit the nail on the head with this one! It’s amazing how slashed out they were and they could still pull one out of the fire pretty much!


      1. In the Pandora’s Box set…there is something about a song for which Joe Perry needed to switch guitars live, in the studio, for the solo. They were out of tracks or something and they had to do it live…anyway long story short, even though Joe Perry was wasted on the white lightning and whatever else, he nailed it in a take or two.


      2. Well Mikey u want Joe Perry White Lightning solos check out I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again.( Reviewd it back in Aug or Sept) I think those solos were punched out live so much to the fact that I was wondering why it was snowing in my room when I listened to that record!


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