What Comes Around Goes Around…



imageimageimageimageApril 2003 /Stephen Pearcy And The Rat Bastards/Thunder Bay

So it’s announced Steve-o and his band of jolly men would be playing 4 shows in Canada(April 2003) and Thunder Bay is one of em??!

Say what??!. So Pearcy shows up to play a packed out bar on a Tuesday night which is no mean feat but here is the man who sleaze balled Ratt on a little tidy run in the 80s so Me and TBone were off to the show. The last time we had a chance to see Ratt live was on there Reach For The Sky tour 1989 in Duluth with them, Great White and Kix. Me and TBone had our tickets but not too many others as the show was scrapped due to lack of tickets being sold. So it was good when Pearcy showed up to the bar which I think was called Coyotes at the time and it was like said earlier packed. Ol Steve took the stage to a new solo track called You Talkin To Me good but umm  now it’s into In My Direction,Body Talk,Wanted Man,Lack Of Communication, Pearcy knew what we wanted and he delivered ya his voice sounds nasally  blown out  but who cares man it’s the dude who sold platinum and he’s here in front of us. The Rat Bastards his backing band was solid,but he could have used Juan Croucier (on backing vocals)! Great show.

So the show ends and I did bring my vinyl and cd just in case but I didn’t want to lug it around (I left it in Tbones truck)the bar so the bar dj says after Pearcys set that Steve will meet ya ( for free) and sign whatever.

I told TBone ahh man lets just split he said hang on gotta go to the bathroom,a few minutes later he shows up, the slider went outside to his truck and grabbed the Ratt Ep and Arcade disc and told me quote u quote ” you will regret not getting this stuff signed now get over their cuz I really have to go for a piss!” off TBone went  and I was taken downstairs and there was Steve and Frankie from Arcade. First thing I said to Steve was hey could you sign my vinyl? He said yeah man and thru out a” Holy Shit and said where did u get this Ep”? I told I got it about around 1984 when I went down to Duluth to see Sammy Hagar and we went to  record shop called Last Place On Earth. He laughed and said cool..and signed it. He was really a chill down to earth guy,no attitude whatsoever. I also told him that the two Arcades were excellent as well he said thanks and then I met Frankie and said can you sign my disc (Frankie plays on both Arcade releases)he said for sure and then asked me how long the drive was from Tbay to their next show in Brandon Manitoba I told him I dunno around 9 hrs..he laughed ,he said the drive from Toronto to Thunder Bay just about killed them…..

Thanks TBone …..



5 thoughts on “What Comes Around Goes Around…”

    1. I believe mine is the original. At the time of purchase(33 years ago…Yike’s ) I had no idea..I just bought it as it Ratt and Invasion was still a year away from release….

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