SONIC WAVES….Ted Nugent/Intensities In 10 Cities

Welcome to Gonzo Week here at Arena Rock Folks! Allrighty, so how this is gonna play out is like this. Just like the Whitesnake Week I did  earlier(I kinda did a blooper  by dumping a Judas Priest review in the middle of WS Week!) I’m gonna review a few Nuge albums and well enjoy the read or what I really mean is I hope you all dig it!

So this was released a week ago to everyone (SUMTHIN funky went down with WordPress)so you’re not tripping, this was the date (Dec15) it was supposed to be released! Hahaha….so just like Whitesnake week when Judas Priest Point Of Entry’s dropped (my bad) we’ll see what happens here at Arena Rock this week! So enjoy the Nuge for this week!( I think)

1981 and for you fellow readers Ted Nugent brought his 6 man commando band to the Fort William Gardens here  that year and so since I was going to see him I picked up his current album which was indeed Intensities In 10 Cities a live album of 10 new songs recorded in 10 different cities ( Montreal and Toronto are included) which I thought was genius!

So here’s Ted with a different band on the album than the bunch of camoflouged Rambos he had on stage with him here in Tbay!

Ted kicks some ass ….and takes no names whatsoever ….

PUT UP OR SHUT UP- Ted intros the song and we all blast off. Nuge and his band rip right out of the gates with this song. Solo,solo and solo that’s basically Put Up….and well this is my first ever owned Nuge album and the first ever Nuge song outside of hearing Cat Scratch Fever that I heard…..great stuff…..and I guess I’m now  a card-carrying Nuge club member.

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION- Ted Kicks off track 2 with his guitar and then everyone else joins in and it’s a tour de force! Full guitar on the sonic senses and Yep I’m getting schooled at Nuge High! Tons of guitar riffing and as a 14-year-old whose fav guitarists at the time are Eddie Van Halen/Tipton and Downing/Smith and Murray/Alex Lifeson/Rik Emmett get the picture put the Nuge stat in my list!

MY LOVE IS LIKE A TIRE IRON- So Ya think this is a love ballad! Hahaha..nope not close! Thank God ! This is my favourite track off of this release.Ted starts off chill and than once again he puts the pedal to the metal and slams off riff after riff of over the top soloing and man does it get any better with lyrics than ‘My Love Is A Tire Iron,Stiff As Steel”…hahaha…..silly Nuge!

JAILBREAK-Wowzers Nuge pulls off another tune where he’s singing about an underage girl and well….you listen to it! The song though is damn catchy and don’t give me shit about it,this is 1981 I’m talking about ! Take it up with Ted !

PREDATOR-So Nuge breaks out of Jail after his arrest in Jailbait and now he’s a Predator! Ted slams the door shut on side 1 with another firecracker of a track which in this day and age would get him arrested but like I said earlier this is 1981 folks. Ted was only 30 back than! Hahahaha ……

HEAD WILL ROLL -No surprise Ted opens Side  2 how he opened Side 1 ..Guitar,guitar and guitar and if Ya forgot..more guitar! This is a great Nuge song catchy bass line punches along with Nuge.

FLYING LIP LOCK-This is Ted doing boogie woogie Rock and its a real catchy tune. Great tune and great lead and backing vocals!

LAND OF A 1000 DANCES- I said a na,na,na,na,….you all heard it and Ted does the cover version and I think it’s the only single that was released off of this record.

TNT OVERTURE- 5 minutes of Nuge and the boys riff in and Rollin and more riffin…no vocals just Guitar rock ! The way Nugie likes it!

TAKE NO PRISONERS- Ted kicks ass on the way out of the door and tells me to go through life and don’t let anyone stand in your way! Ahhh yeah right if I did that I would be in jail by now by hey Ted thanks for trying! And thanks for the solid send off ….great song and well good way to end an album!

IN CONCLUSION- For all of Teds works, I know a lot of people have a huge bone for Teds 70s output! I like it as well especially State Of Shock. Fair enough for me though it starts here and maybe it’s because I caught the tour of this and this was my first Nuge purchase! 1981 Ted was getting left behind as his popularity was starting to wane but for me It was only beginning…..

Check this one out!


7 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Ted Nugent/Intensities In 10 Cities”

  1. I only own two from Terrible Ted: Double Live Gonzo which I got for free by somebody forgetting their copy in my store, and best of.

    I’m not sure I need more Ted. I’ll keep reading along! I only know one song here.


  2. Well here I am, a Nugent Noob… a Nuge Noob… Nugenoob… Anyway, I only know Cat Scratch Fever and rumours the man’s a little… odd. But hey I like ’em odd, and this write up makes me happy indeed. Sounds like a great record. And you know, I can identify with this… my love, too, is like a tire iron. Stiff as steel indeed! Hahahaaaaa

    Liked by 1 person

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