3/4’s Filler….Ted Nugent/Little Miss Dangerous

So it’s  1986 and I think Ted and Crew rummaged around at a garage sale and came across the drum machines and electronic gadgets that Billy Gibbons and the ZZ Fella’s had used a year earlier on ZZ Tops  Afterburner album.

Considering how much I dug Teds 1981 release Intensities In 10 Cities( you already know that) it would be a full 5 years later when in 1986 I would purchase another Nuge release. A buddy had purchased Nugents 1982 release simply titled Nugent and the single Bound And Gagged was meh! Actually the whole record just passed me by as Iron Maiden and Eddie had taken over by that point! 1984 Ted released the Penetrator album and the reviews also weren’t good so I skipped it especially after it imploded on the charts and Ted even threw  the other vocalist under the bus on that record(Brian Howe) so I decided once again to……pass!

Miami Vice was the big TV show in 1986 and Lo and behold on one episode The Nuge is going to be playing  wait for it……drug dealer (watch the clip below)and of course me and Tbone gathered around the TV set and watched the  Nuge ahhh …act?! And we also heard his new single Little Miss Dangerous as well it sounded good actually thru Tbones tv so what the hell plus few months later the Nuge was returning back to Tbay (more on that tomorrow)and we had our tickets so let’s goooooooo…..

Watch Ted act below…..this is good shit!..hahaha…..


Too be honest with Ya ….this album fell short way short and here it ends up in 3/4’s Filler turf and I will tell Ya why the wheels came off this release!

HIGH HEELS IN MOTION- well here’s the drum machine and man the guitars sound umm sterile but the vocals and the solo are good. For this release everything was done by the Nuge and Dave Amato(co singer and Rhythm guitarist) actually Amato gets a few tracks here at lead singing and he reminds me of Derek St Holmes but a 80s version! Amato has now been with REO Speedwagon for like 25 years now but in 86 he was literally riding shotgun with Nugent!

STRANGERS- pretty good as well but man the Ratta ratta tat…ratta ratta dat of that fuckin drum machine is seriously getting to me and were only on track 2!

LITTLE MISS DANGEROUS – is sleaze ball Nuge…..and of course the title track of said current release. While we’re at it what a dumb cover! Yeah Ted we know you could land the ladies back in 86. Like your a rock guy for gods sake! The song itself is not bad it’s a slower built tune around once again the loosey goosey sterile production. Also of mention on this album is tons of guitar synth! Ted musta grabbed those also at a discount price at a yard sale after Judas Priest dumped em after there own  Turbo album.

LITTLE RED BOOK – is a Burt Bacharach tune and man  its just so out of place on this record….NEXT…….

TAKE ME AWAY- now we’re talking,even though the drum machine is pissing me totally off by this point late in the record(track 8) this is one of the best two songs on here! Amato sings lead and Ted slams the door shut with his guitar playing! Great song and it perked me up out of that drum machine haze …well kinda. But seriously this is the one cowrite with Amato on LMD . Ted should have tapped the boys creativity a little more!

ANGRY YOUNG MAN- if you watched that Miami Vice clip here’s the audio of it! Teds angry dammit! Teds young dammit(Nope ) Teds a man dammit! Not bad either there was potential with this album but..I ain’t saying it!

PAINKILLER- whoa…now we are talking hombre! This song slams some nasty 6 string bass at the beginning and this is the other real good song on here! Painkiller is the heaviest track on here and well,Ted and Dave along  with there trusty sidekick drum machine deliver the goods on the way out! This song just slays…..check out my concert report tomorrow from the LMD tour when Me and Tbone expierenced deafness together for the first time!

IN CONCLUISON- so yeah I left some songs out like Crazy Ladies,Savage Dancer and When Your Body Talks…there nothin to really say about those ones so why bother right! When I cued up my iPod for this one it was a tuff slog listening to this one and it’s basically one for the collection right?! But I tell Ya there was some potential here if Nuge would have followed Painkiller and Take Me Away in that style and tossed out that fuckin drum machine and bit the bullet and hired a real dude to play the beats !

Like I said in my review of Van Halens OU812 review where  I had written about Source Of Infection being a goofy lyrical tune and if Sammy ever called me out on it I would tell him Tbone said it! Well I would have to throw Tbone under the bus again here cuz I’m sure I would be looking at the end of the barrel of a Smith And Wesson explaining myself to Ted….sorry T!


12 thoughts on “3/4’s Filler….Ted Nugent/Little Miss Dangerous”

  1. Poor T-Bone. If he ever meets the Nuge he’s a dead man now!

    Good on you for reviewing this, errrr, masterpiece. That Miama Vice clip was worth it. Yeah sure sounds like Ted took an 80’s slump! Good thing he hooked up with Damn Yankees, or Ted might be a pop singer today lol.


    1. Yeah u know at the time of its release I was 19 working so I was buying everything in site but If it wasn’t for the Nuge coming to Tbay that summer(86) I may have skipped this since I already had skipped the previous 2


  2. Als: I have issue with that Miami Vice clip. Does Ted have some sort of mental power where he can move mounds of dirt with his mind? Seriously, we see little drops of dirt hitting the dead guy and then BAM hes buried and then Nuge is driving away but there’s no sign of equipment or anything else to have caused the car to be buried. Did I miss something? HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?


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