Real Loud Guitars/No Earplugs’/JackLoaf and Ted!

July 20th 1986/Ted Nugent/Fort William Gardens/Tbay

Once again Ted was returning to Tbay in the summer of 1986 and this time it’s safe to say his career was in the downward spiral( 82s Self titled Nugent and 84s Penetrator I passed) hey me and my buddy TBone did not care, we bought tickets to this show and we had a special guest with us in tow! The one and only fellow high school pal JackLoaf(openers White Wolf cancelled) and we headed into the gardens at show time and got basically within 20 ft or so of the stage. Ted came out and stood above the drums and started off with a 5 minute guitar solo which resulted in us already being already deaf before he opened with Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. The sound was aweful that night oh yeah it was cuz my ears were blown out!(thanks Nuge) Special mention must be given to JackLoaf when the Nuge came out JackLoaf pulled out some huge bright yellow earplugs! Once I seen em in his hands I slapped the plugs out of Jackloafs hand ! Talk about a horrified look,hahaha….I told him or actually I was yelling over top Teds guitar that ‘ if we’re going deaf,we’re all going Deaf pal!” (Needless To say JackLoaf never went to another concert with us again!) Ted was plugging his Little Miss Dangerous release (read yesterday’s review) The show was loud man..real loud. Vocals? What Vocals? Sure there was singing but man the guitars ,I mean Ted just drowned out everything. Songs played from Little Miss Dangerous we’re Take Me Away,the tiltle track of course,Crazy Ladies and Painkiller!And also in true Nugent fashion he had a whole new band with him. Gone was the commando unit from the 81 show he had a couple of original 70s guys with him being Cliff Davies(RIP)on the drums and Dave Kisiwiney on bass. Teds rhythm guitarist was Dave Amato whose now like I said yesterday is in REO Speedwagon. Attendance was less than half of what he pulled in 5 yrs earlier,perhaps 1500 or so for his show in 86….

But hey Ted thanks for coming out…..again



14 thoughts on “Real Loud Guitars/No Earplugs’/JackLoaf and Ted!”

  1. White Wolf cancelled. Wow, that had to sting. They would have been the better band!

    Nuge really was a joke at this period. Seemed like nobody liked him, at all. You deserve a lot of credit for slogging through this junk!


    1. Yeah I even bought the WW Album a week before on cassette! Hahaha….well like I told Aaron I may have skipped buying LMD if it wasn’t for the fact that Nuge was comin to town!
      A buddy at work today who follows my blog said he was at this show and that i bang on with the review. He told me he couldn’t hear for a week after
      Friday’s review is a good one as well!

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  2. Good on ya for going! Always good to go out to the show. Too bad the guitars drowned out everything else. Maybe he was hoping for the sonic equivalent of that mysterious and unexplained landslide of sand that buried that car in that terrible Miami Vice clip. Either that or the extra volume was to cover the fact that it just wasn’t that good.

    Was a time, Deke, I’d have been with you on the earplugs thing. But for a long time now I have taken earplugs to shows. You tell Jackloaf there’s no shame in wanting to be able to hear when you’re 40.

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      1. Fair enough! Man, you oughta make a Legend, a Rogue’s Gallery on a sticky post that gives the nicknames and their origins! It’s hard to keep up with you nicknamin’ fiends!


      2. Man, I’m full of ideas. Over the years, I’ve learned to recognize the really STANK ones and not share those. But I’m glad when I cough up a good one every now and then!

        Yup, a Cast O’ Characters (COC hahaha) would be cool. And yer buddies would have fun seeing their pseudonyms in lights, too!


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