3/4’s Filler….Aerosmith/Just Push Play

You know when Tbone suggested I do reviews on albums that I thought were misses well theres a pile of EM but I would have never thought about Aerosmith!  Well,  I mean for the majority of comments from my review earlier on with Smiths Done With Mirrors it was debatable where I loved that record but some of my fellow bloggers thought it was poop and fair enuff man we gotta debate once in a while and it’s good to not agree with everything that being said,ok I will stop yapping…..

So in 2001 after the hype of the Jaded single which I thought was good not great here comes Aerosmith with the tuity fruity album cover that so reminds me of another 3/4’s filler album that was firmly lodged in Tbones tape case( drum roll ) Autographs That’s The Stuff( Tbone should review Autograph) and man ugh! But you can’t judge a disc by its cover so let’s dig a little deep into this record and I will try and explain to you what I thought went wrong with Just Push Play!

Now Don’t get me wrong here there’s a few tracks here I like and well let’s see as I dig into Steve and Joe’s stash….

BEYOND BEAUTIFUL- this is into the early 2000’s a new sounding AeroForce 1 headed into unchartered air space and for a opening number it’s pretty good. The guitars are sounding good kinda Zeppish and Tyler of course sounds good and this song i really dig!

JUST PUSH PLAY- Fuckin A…..hahaha….actually Steve nails out a pretty cool loudspeaker vibe about SUMTHIN to do,with smoking all the Gangja! I guess old habits are hard to,let go eh Steve? Seriously this is like hippy hop pity Aerosmith and I’m good with it I mean Ya gotta change with the times right? So give the boys there due, they were trying and well that’s what I say so Just Push Play!( sorry that was pathetic)! Bottom line this is a cratchy post 2000 Aerotune!

SUNSHINE- now when me and Tbone caught the Just Push Play tour that year(review a comin tomorrow) Aero was plugging this song and they played it live. It’s ok but when I think of later day Aero singles there are way better songs as singles  out there! (Livin On The Edge,Love In A Elevator,Eat The Rich for instance) ummm ok Angel was sap,Sunshine is better than Angel but uggggh.

JADED- yeah this was ok..somewhat catchy chrous but it’s Radio Aero 98.5 on your dial! Naaa not really for me….

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS- played this live on tour that me and Tbone seen…can’t even recall how it goes…

LIGHT INSIDE-Tom Hamiltons bass grumbles along on this song and the verses are excellent as is the guitar solos but the chorus is weak just kinda goofy and isn’t it usually the chorus that has the hook? I dunno but close call but man geez….

Well this is gonna be short and sweet …that’s it folks I can’t even go there with the other tracks as I haven’t listened to them in years and nor do I really want to……

IN CONCLUSION-   you quickly realize that Aerosmith still has to play the game and I really think that  the  Aerosap Armaggeddon soundtrack song(I refuse to type it) messed with there psychey and they needed to chase after another one of these deals(hit) to stay current and it’s like Steve and Joe were doing drugs in the musical sense of outside influences were messing with there stash!(songwriting style) Say what Ya want about Nine Lives(fuckin love that record) but it was more true to there sound but man where into the early 2,000s and Aerosmith go all Disney on our asses with that Armageddon soundtrack tune ( yeah I’m ragging!)and leave us the true hard core fan base going……WTF!

20 thoughts on “3/4’s Filler….Aerosmith/Just Push Play”

  1. I’m totally with you on this one Deke although, to be honest, I never gave this the time of day. Jaded was catchy enough but not for me. I listened to the album exactly once in the shop I worked in and couldn’t be bothered with it at all. It was such a disappointment cause I thought Nine Lives was awesome. What did you make of their last one?

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    1. Music From Another Dimenson if you take away the ballads (why is a country singer on a Aero record?) is a good record better than Just Push Play…but when I listen to Aero it stops around Nine Lives(1997) …I mean I bought the hype thta Aero was selling for Music…I mean yeah we brought back Jack Douglas,were recording Ol school way of doing things..I dunno not bad not great but there are a couple of real good tracks!
      Can’t tell Ya cuz I have to review that one eventually!


      1. Yeah that’s what I thought it’d be like. I liked some of the songs I heard but just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I think I’ve just got beyond the point of caring enough about them now. Especially after all the “brand Tyler” chat as well!


      2. Oh yeah the Brand Tyler B.S…..Perry talks about that in his book,pulls no punches on anything and talks indepth pretty good about all there albums in which I really like!


  2. Ugh. I have this with bonus tracks. I only bought it because I found it affordable. It’s crap. 3/4 filler? More like 9/10 filler. Jaded is the only song here I still like. The “hip hoppity” Aerosmith can fuck off.


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