SONIC WAVES….Rolling Stones/Voodoo Lounge

Hubba Bubba and the Stones release the Voodoo Lounge( great title) album and yep if your gonna compare this to Exile On Main Street,Tattoo You,Some Girls don’t bother man it ain’t close in my books as those three are classics but I tell ya what! Give Keef,Mick,Woody,Charlie and Daryl( new bass guy at the time) there due they put out a real cool rock record right in the smack dab of Grunge Mania(kinda of)…

Pour yourself a Tall Cool One and kick back in the Voodoo Lounge….

LOVE IS STRONG-Ol Charlie Watts snaps this song into,action and before long here’s Mick kicking it Ol school on the harmonica! Back in 94 and even now in 2015(21 friggin years) this is a great Stones song! Cool pace driven by the drums and new bass boy with Keef and Ron lay it down with the guitars! Great tune!

YOU GOT ME ROCKING- ha the Stones may be saying we’re almost all 100 yrs old but we can still kick it into overdrive boy do they ever as the song plows  forward and man it’s one of my fav tunes by these guys! Listen to Mick tell us about being the butcher cutting the meat or being a pitcher down in a slump! Pitcher and a Butcher name dropped in the same song. Tell me another song out there that you can say you heard that about. Ha…

SPARKS WILL FLY-yep song 3 and the Stones are getting our attention with this cool little rocker along with some real fast paced snappy acoustic along with the electric guitars! You like the Stones serving up little hot corkers of tunes! This is one …..

THE WORST-Keef staggers up to the mic and tells us he’s the worst well kinda,moody kind of tune all 2.5 minutes of it. Keef’s singing is a acquired taste but man he just cracks me up with his attitude its so rock n roll so I’m sure he would tell me to fuck off If I ever asked him about his vocals…..or he would gut me like a fish with his knife collection!

NEW FACES-Mick tells us that he’s the new kid In town and this is old school Stones well to me anyways like early 70s or something to effect! It works and yeah is that a harpsichord ? Different sound but Mick delivers it vocally!

MOON IS UP-different kind of Stones with a cool neat rhythm and Ronnie and Keef strumming along and considering this the Stones still pull off a great track! It’s different but a cool different! Also of note is some neat use of a steel guitar in it as well!

OUT OF TEARS-this I guess was the big single from Voodoo Lounge! The keys drive this song down the road and to be honest with Ya back in 94 I understood the game with The Stones doing this but in 2015 i’m ok with it! This song has aged well!

I GO WILD- they played this on the Lounge tour and it’s a good driving concert tune! Mick and the boys deliver this one well! The guitars on this tune you just wanna crank cuz it’s Ronnie/Keef! What more else is there to say! Charlie lays down some real cool groove and Daryl Jones drives the bass train ..full steam ahead!

BRAND NEW CAR- funky kinda song with Mick telling us about his new Funky New Car! Along with a new Star! With some Caviar! Seriously that’s Mick playing all kinds of sexual innuendo with this tune kinda creepy but hahahaha….it’s Dirty Mick for Christ sakes!

SWEETHEARTS TOGETHER- Stones go country with acoustics and it’s a real good song the vocals and the acoustics of it and Charlie still drives the drums with brushes! I  really can’t stand country music especially with these artists like the Crüe doing tribute albums with current artists like Fuck off already. The only one country act  I can handle is Eric Church cuz he reminds me of Steve Earle from Copperhead Road era! Sorry had too vent ! Accordion makes a appearance in this track as well so my own father would have dug this as well! Stones should just put all there countrified tracks on a disc that would be cool!

SUCK ON THE JUGULAR-the Stones go funky on this track! Ronnie and Keef challenge there inner 70s riffing on this and man the drums are real good as is Chuck Leavell on the keys!

BLINDED BY RAINBOWS- this is one of the best Stones tunes I have ever heard and it’s buried towards the back of the lounge! It’s another sounding country tune but it just flows and man what a great track! The chorus of this tune is Gold! Cool song well played!

BABY BREAK IT DOWN-the Stones hit the chorus right out of the gate and it’s cool as the guitars are mixed with the rhythm in the right ear and the the left ear must be Keef just flinging off notes now and than! Cool song with some neat slide as the solo!

THRU AND THRU- Keefs lead vocal and this is now 5 minutes of Keef just doing a slow wham jam thank Ya maam kinda tune! If anybody has been Thru and Thru it’s Keef! The  percussion just drops in now and than..bam and bam! Keef has blues man…

MEAN DISPOSITION-the end folks and the Stones crank it back up in the Voodoo Lounge! This is the Stones rocking out Til the end of the album! Real cool shuffle with the drums/bass and keys with the guitars. Real cool swing! Sounds 50ish but mixed with the 90s tossed into a blender!

IN CONCLUSION- The Stones were big news in 94 with a super duper stage show and album to boot! Sure for some, the hardcore may think this is not a great record but hey to me it is and it’s a shame cuz no one ever talks about this one and fair enuff. But If Ya come across it somewhere scoop it!


15 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Rolling Stones/Voodoo Lounge”

  1. I know that this was a critically acclaimed album at the time, and feedback from fans was that they were very happy with it. Aaron sent me a copy…I was mildly underwhelmed…that was a few years ago. I’ll have to reboot from the start, since Deke seems to think it’s a bit of an underrated gem!

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    1. Yeah Mike, get in there and give ‘er! The song that uses the car as woman metaphor is hilarious!

      The true key to Stones albums that don’t click with you at first is to listen to Charlie. Just isolate the drums. The hear how Keef’s guitars duck and weave along, slightly unhinged in contrast to Charlie’s metronomic playing. Even if you don’t care what Mick’s yapping on about, let the music pull you in. Works every time!


      1. Well put Aaron, just like the beginning of Love Is Strong when Charlie snaps the snare drum at the start of the song..he drives the Stones Bus ….


  2. I bought my sis this album for xmas when it first was released, and it got heavy airplay in our apartment when we were in uni together. It wasn’t a bad album at all. I mirror Mike, I was a bit underwhelmed by it when I first heard it, but it grew on me in subsequent listens.

    Kickin’ review, Deke! 🙂

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  3. Yeah the Voodoo Lounge… didn’t Keef find a cat backstage, name it Voodoo, and then name his rooms backstage Voodoo Lounge? That seems weirdly specific for me to have a wrong memory of that but it was 20 years ago so…

    I loved this album. I devoured it whole. I saw the tour (second night in Toronto, at the Ex). Two thumbs way up from me!


      1. It was indeed STP, remember the mid-set sit down on carpet and couches? Hilarious.

        We were 35th row on the floor, on the aisle, dead center. F-ing perfect spot. Clear view of everything. We got soaked in the rain. We also got pepper-sprayed, but that’s another story for the KMA.

        Did you know that night they played Satisfaction, right? Well, Mick had said they weren’t gonna play it that tour, tired of it. Fair enough. And they stuck to that up to our show, then pulled it out and it rocked. Don’t know how often they played it after that – we may have been the only ones!

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  4. Nice review, Deke. I like this album loads. One of my favourite Stones albums, actually. Takes me back to a specific time and place – that’s what really makes it for me. Plus, Love Is Strong is such an incredible track … that practically guarantees any album 4 stars on its own!


    1. Exactly about a certain time and place for me it’s the first time I caught the Stones live actually twice on the Lounge Tour! So perhaps that has something to do with it as well! I find you can also,drift more into a album by if you saw the tour…

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      1. That’s probably true. I thought Bridges to Babylon was useless when I bought that. Underwhelming is an understatement. Saw them on that tour … although I don’t love it or rate it too highly, it has a place. It reminds me of that experience …


      2. Actually that must have been a great show also! I bought Bridges To Babylon and thought it was a real good rock record! I liked the mix of Watts drums on it! I gotta do a review on that on !
        Thanks J!!


  5. Stones were what, pushin 55-60 around this time. Very relevant album considering they were the same age as my parents. I’m teaching Big Al to program a VCR and Keef is kickin my can up and down the street with his Telecaster.

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