SONIC WAVES…..Motley Crue/Motley Corabi)

So fresh off of signing for Multi millions…the Crue boot Vinny too the curb and things have changed in the musical climate from the time of Dr Feelgood(1989) to the release of the self titled release of Motley Crue(1994). We all know the fallout of many a successful act from the 80s into the 90s especially the hard rock genre kind so I won’t go into great detail bout the whole Seattle deal that’s been written a million times over. Instead I will yak on about my observations of what happens when a very successful band from just a few years earlier tries to change with the times and instead the wheels completely come off in the eyes of the public!(well most of the public!)

Now that it’s been 21 yrs since the release of Motley Crue/ Motley Crue I can see the total parallel between this album and Creatures Of The Night by Kiss from 12 yrs earlier (1982) and for me personally I would say this Crue album with new singer John Corabi at the time is next to,Motleys debut Too Fast For Love there best as I feel that next to Kiss Alive that Creatures Of The Night is one of Kiss’ best work. Kiss was dead in the water from The Elder whereas the Crue was in a different headspace where they had finished a huge tour in 1991 and put out a greatest hits set that sold well. But than Crue for whatever reason divorced Vince and got themselves a new singer in Corabi and figured were huge….we will sell….wrong-o! Kiss was the same(1982) I think we will go heavy and people will come back….we will sell….wrong -o!  Too bad even all these years later outside of the diehards people forget about those two gems so let’s focus on Motley shall we!?

Let’s see what the Hooligans have on tap!

POWER TO THE MUSIC- the first thing that comes to my mind upon first listen is no cheese! Holy Crap Mick Mars starts the pace and here comes the Tommy and the Nikki show and finally the new throat in John Corabi who sounds like he swallowed a 6 pack of razor blades and man what a set of cool pipes! It took me all of about 30 seconds that there was gonna be no She Goes Down on this album! It’s 1994 people! Wake up Crue is serious here!

UNCLE JACK- man I think I read years ago that this song is a true story about some perv in one of the guys family’s whose name is Uncle Jack and you have Corabi bellowing that he’s gonna rip Uncle Jacks god damn heart out! This is serious shit. Two songs in and all bets are off! This Crüe is now into heavy Groovin…..

HOOLIGANS HOLIDAY-the lead single and this song rocks! I liked it than and I like it now. It’s well written/ performed and produced! All the making of a successful single right?  Too bad this song should have been as big as the Dr Feelgood single(1989) but 5 yrs later (1994)peoples tastes change and the Crue suffers from it! Poor bastards!

MISUNDERSTOOD- is Crue jamming it out like there  Zeppelin! I know ,I know but listen to how the song build a and builds and weaves around. Just like a Zep song or so to me. Not saying Crue is Zeppelin just saying Crue is wanting to mash it up with Bonzo and the boys! Deke just shut up!

LOVESHINE – is a Folky Crue, kinda like sitting around a campfire with Tommy,Nikki,Mick and John and they pull out some acoustics and mandolins. LOVESHINE could be another little Zeppy thingy as well!

POISON APPLES- is catchy as hell. This could have easily been another single. Here we are at the sixth song and there’s two singles calling! This has a real cool Chorus and in case your wondering Nikki still loves his Mott The Hoople! The Crue must have spent a lot of time on these songs. To me there well crafted rock ditties!(the album was produced by Bob Rock)

HAMMERED- tommy smacks the cowbell from hell on this song and the lyrics,man the lyrics are deep now if Vince was singing on this album this song would be about doing just that getting Hammered but Corabi and the boys are talking getting hammered on by all aspects of life when everything is crashing around around you feel like your getting Hammered by society! Holy shit I’m getting deep here and this is a Crue review for God sakes! Or maybe it’s a song about Vince?

TIL DEATH DO US PART- no one has ever said it but I will. This has the best guitar solo ever by Mars! It’s just sick,and rivets around the upper canister area of my brain Everytime I here it! It’s that good! The solo section is just plain out groove laden heavy! Great great song!

WELCOME TO THE NUMB- could be a sleazy Aerosmith leftover say from 1970 sumthin! Cool Aero like. Groove as well. This whole damn album is one big groove!

SMOKE THE SKY- is just that you know about good ol Mary Jane and what she brings to the table ! The lyrics are awesome cool they even name drop said prez at the time B.C inhaled it Heaven..I inhaled it to..hahahaha ..ok your honor were all guilty! Cool cool song!

DROPPING LIKE FLIES-love this title and this is a another good song. It’s the Crue 1994 ! Album is once again into groove mode! Sloppy Aerosmith mixed with Serious Crue results In Dropping Like Flies!

DRIFTAWAY- is once again going in a direction I think the Crue were exploring along with actually a lot of this record I thought they were headed that way. It’s too bad it imploded but that’s what happens you sign million dollar deals and than you can your lead singer and the record company freaks out and well read the Dirt by the Crue and you will get the whole picture of record company red tape!

IN CONCLUSION- this is a leaner meaner Crue. Vince was gone and took all the Kraft cheesey single slices with him and moved on and the Crue got real heavy with everything! Lyrics/ sound even there look had changed! Whenever I refer to this album by than I just call it Motley Corabi cuz he had a huge role in this record and it’s too bad that Sixx doesn’t give credit where credit is due. Whatever,Motley 94 was a great rock record!

32 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…..Motley Crue/Motley Corabi)”

  1. GREAT review. Such an incredible album and a personal favourite. Underrated, undersold, under everything! I am glad that fans have discovered and cherish this album. Corabi’s out there right now touring, playing these songs that Motley can’t play.

    J.F.K. sold us freedom, or was it just a business toke?
    63 went up in smoke.
    He was the great seducer crawling from our T.V.s.
    Breathed hope into our future, before he died, he smoked the sky

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      1. Yeah man, I have no problem with it at all. It’s an important album, somebody has to play those songs! It was great when Union was together. They played one Motley tune and one Kiss tune, from Carnival of Souls. Jungle, I think?


      2. Yeah I got a live Union album along with debut! It was a good record the live one,plus they thru down a wicked rocker cover of Surrender by Cheap Trick!

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      3. I know for sure that Union did cover Oh Darling, but that might have been a bonus track on the first CD. (It’s awesome…Corabi rasp!)

        OH! I have a KILLER version of CRabby doing Maggie May! I should rip it and send it to you.

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  2. U said it! Awesome review. Not much to add here.
    This album blew me away when it came out and it still does.
    John Corabi is out touring this album with his solo album as we speak and there are a lot of us Swedes jumping all over Sweden Rock Festival to book the man for this year’s festival, hopefully at the same day the Crüe plays. That would be something to sink our teeth into.

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    1. Hey JON! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Keep us posted how the whole Sweden Rock thing goes…that’s awesome! I hope Corabi comes around my neck of the woods plugging that 94 record. I’d rather hear that than what the Crue is doing now!
      Good hearing from Ya!


  3. I forgot how great this album is. I probably haven’t listened to it in 20 years. I like how heavy they sound and Corobi is way better than I remember. I wish Vince never came back (if I ever hear Glitter again I may have to hurt someone). I also really like the grunge influences (being a huge grunge fan). I hear a lot of Alice in Chains/STP mixed with classic heavy Crue. Also great that they depart from singing mainly about sex and drugs. Thanks Deke for resuscitating this album!


    1. I’ll one-up your “Glitter”! Just today I had the 1999 Motley Crue Greatest Hits playing in the car, no lie. As I was leaving for work came on the HORRIBLE acoustic remix of “Glitter”. Just awful. As bad as the original if not worse.


      1. Yeah Generation Swine is border line 3/4s Filler depending on the mood I’m in!
        Hahaha…after your Glitter comment it should be dumped into 3/4s Filler for good….

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  4. Deke, this was awesome! I remember back when Mike reviewed this and said I should buy it, and now here you;re writing it up and reminding me that I bloody well should’ve! Bumping to the top of the list. Cheers, man!

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    1. That’s Right Double A!
      U need to get this….it’s so heavy and its like imsaid next to the debut this is the deal for me when I wanna listen to the Crue!


    1. Hey man thanks for dropping by! I’m gonna head over to your site shortly and read your Corabi stuff by all means feel free to link your stuff off the comments on this site! The more rock we share the better! Hahaha…
      By the way your article a few months back on Marc Ferrari and Oni Logan was awesome! Well done !
      Totally enjoyed the read ! Great angles on there careers!


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