SONIC WAVES…RATT/Invasion Of Your Privacy

1985 is year two into Ratt’s run from there self titled major label debut Out Of The Cellar (1984)to Ratt’s final release 1990’s Detonator which basically after it’s release Ratt’s career Detonated! Too bad, they had a good run a lot better than some others and I always thought they were above a lot of LA bands at the time. I liked there albums but out of all of them I really dug Invasion Of Your Privacy. Take away there look at the time and just listen with your ears! Good band ….the 80s were great for me to listen to music as there was no youtube and if you wanted info and concert dates it was through magazines like Circus,Kerrang,Hit Parader,Metallion and Music Express. Nowadays a guy will get ripped apart by a youtube post a few minutes after his performance back than you would have no knowledge of anything. So perhaps a guy like Pearcy dodged a ton of verbal bullets back than because nowadays he is continuously ripped for his live vocals on youtube but no matter back in 1985 Pearcy was holding the fort down vocally or did Beau Hill help with studio gadgets? Who knows for sure but..

Let’s check it out….

YOUR IN LOVE- Ratt n Roll takes off on this opening number. Ratt crashes the party and Pearcy tells us ‘ You take the midnight subway train,ya Callin the shots….” Cool Pearcy is taking control of the situation and man if he found out that back in 1985 that I never had taken a subway but always rode around on a transit bus he would have  kicked my ass! Good opening track sets the tone and Warren Demartini flashes out some cool licks…

NEVER USE LOVE- two songs in, two songs with love so Pearcy shifts gears and than tells us to Never Use Love …geez pal first it’s Your In Love now this …where’s Dear Abbey? Cool song as well Bobby Blotzer Blotzes the drums on this track and the rest of the guys ummm lay it down so to spreak. Also of note of how importance of bassist Juan Crouciers backing vocals were on the Ratt records.

LAY IT DOWN- the first single and for me probably the weakest track out of this whole album. It’s a good Ratt song not a great Ratt song . The video was good …in a 1985 kinda way!

GIVE IT ALL- this is a great rocker of a track. Cool pre Chorus into Chorus. Snappy Ratt n Roll from these pesky rodents! Good Ratt track….

CLOSER TO THE HEART- wow the first ever Ratt somewhat ballad but you know what? It chugs along pretty good I mean Crouciers backing vocals carry the tune and of course Pearcy sounds good hear also.

BETWEEN THE EYES-kinda of a slow builder of a tune to kick off side two. Kinda of a melodic Chorus but a good song never the less. Kinda gets missed for some reason….

WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET-that’s the cool thing about Ratt’s music. They put out pretty solid albums and kinda had there own sound. They weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here people. Ratt just wanted to infest people with there Ratt n Roll. Gosh that was brutal critique….but I will run with it!

GOT YOU ON THE LINE – HOLY CRAP!! The rotary phone rings off the hook and Pearcy answers with a …..deep hello! And the band kicks in and this is a snappy two and half minute Ratt ball rocker and was one of my faves especially at the end when Pearcy lays down the law with a ‘ Nobody hangs up on me” that’s right man no one and I mean no one hangs up on Steve-o!!

YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW- Got You On The Line ends with a thud and Ratt crashes into this little ditty of a kicker track. Actually I wish Ratt would have done more of these kinda back to back tunes. Short to the point ! Cool guitaring (Warren Demartini and Robbin Crosby(RIP) ) on this song and album for that matter. Atlantic records must have dumped some change on this album cause the production sounded big !

DANGEROUS BUT WORTH THE RISK- the albums ends with another all out kicker. This was there opening tune on the Privacy Tour. Actually the last three tracks I always thought on Invasion were there three strongest tracks and the rest ain’t too bad either. In other words Ratt kept me amused as a listener to the end of the party,well there party!

IN CONCLUSION- RATT was good rock for a time and like I said had a tidy little run in the 80s for about 7-8 years and of course there like other bands nowadays  touring with or without original guys but hey man I dug em and Ratt deserves some respect in these pages of rock n roll babble !


14 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…RATT/Invasion Of Your Privacy”

      1. Get it! Too be honest there Reach For the Sky release from 88 is to me the weak link In there 80s heyday.Pearcy sez In his book that the bass was all programmed Juan did squat on it…having said that it’s got some good stuff on it but I like there other stuff better


      2. It did have at least one terrific song — I Want a Woman. Way Cool Jr ain’t bad.

        Too bad about Juan. The guys in Ratt always seem to act like douches.


    1. a few other tracks from Reach For The Sky were good also like City To City,Chain Reaction,Bottom Line,and the two U mentioned it was good I just like there other stuff better


    1. Fair enuff young fellow I gues we agree here to disagree! Hahaha….I thought it was a pretty solid effort compared to some other releases In the year of 1985! But I could see your point though as the first album was a huge record I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it philosophy! Except they got a huge recorded sound on Invasion! $$$$ were a flowing!

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  1. Let’s not forget the influence of Robin Crosby on Ratt. In Pearcy’s book, he mentioned that it was Crosby who brought the Ratt N Roll to the band. All of Ratt’s definitive cuts have Crosby all over them.

    Great review for a pretty solid album compared to 1985 standards. And Closer To The Heart is a very underrated power ballad.

    So cool to read about other fans who had the same opinions and tastes that I have.

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    1. Thanks man…Crosby u nailed it with that comment! He had a huge infleuence on there sound just like Clark did with Def Leppard and it went with him the day he passed! You should check out my buddy Mikes blog
      Mike has a ton of Lepp and other things rock at his site,along with another good pal Aaron at KeepsMeAlive there a couple of dudes who spurred me on to start my own blog! You can read a ton of my verbal diarrhea comments at there sites….
      Great stuff!


  2. How did I miss this post? Weird! Ah well, I’m on it now…

    …Aaaaand it’s a band I know next to nothing about, so on this one I’ll take your word for it. Actually, my strongest memory of this band is of Rollins telling a story in a talking show about going to see Ratt in concert…

    Your write-up seems fair and balanced, though. Good on ya!


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