Santers I discovered when we took a family vacation to Winnipeg back in 1981. We were at the Polo Park mall I was checking out the record store on the rack was this dude holding a strat into the sky and and fuzzy grainy reddish backing cover Marshall stack included, the title Santers/ Shot Down In Flames.

Shot Down In Flames we all know of the AC/DC track by that title but a band calling there album that huh? Interesting? Must check out,and sure enough as I turned over the cover there it was track 6 – Shot Down In Flames(dedicated to Bon Scott)  than it was a quick dash over to the counter for the purchase. Once back home in Tbay I was able to check it out the album a little more and realized the dude on the front cover was Rick Santers/vocalist/guitarist/songwriter/ on the back cover was a pic of his brother Mark/drummer and there sidekick on bass another fella who goes by the name Rick Lazaroff!

Santers was a band I could read about a bit in Music Express but man that was about it for press, yeah thank god for Music Express at the time as they featured a lot of Canadian Rock that if it wasn’t for them I may have never heard about some acts…..

well a Little diagnosis of Shot Down In Flames is on tap……

THE RAPPER- kicks off the record with some good ol feedback guitar hero action and the three piece lay it down the law here. Love the Chorus…..Raaaaaaaap..they call me the Rapper….features some nifty cowbell….

CRAZY LADIES-opens with Mark Santers playing a sweet little groove,neat song about well…Crazy Ladies….

YOU TURN ME ON- I think  this was there single. The lyrics are kinda goofy but Ricky makes up for it the solo,but hey don’t knock the guy too’s the 80s for shit sakes!

TIME AFTER TIME- was the first slowly kinda not slowly tune features some neat lead  and backing vocals from the brothers ….good job boys!

LOST AND FOUND-a pretty cool rocker about Rick not be able to find his woman? Dude,after all these years did you check out the Lost and Found?

SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES- title track and if your looking for a rehash in sound like ACDCs you have come to the wrong place,it’s a slow building ,mid temp song I think Bon would have dug the tribute from a bunch of young fellas back than…..

CAUGHT IN THE WIND-picks up the pace and kicks especially the Chorus,neat song in all……

PATHS OF HEARTS- is a quick little high paced number  actually up until this point it’s all rocking…

POINTS OF RESISTANCE- is another good song drums/ bass/guitar just flat out rock this track…I had many points of resistance back than…one was school!

UNDER THE BRIDGE- kinda a slow moving burner of a tune….I considered it ok not a great Santers tune but ok…..but the first nine tracks..damn good!

IN CONCLUSION- Santers ended up being one of those little bands that shoulda made some noise for some reason they never caught on(they opened for Ozzy across Canada on Ozzys 82 tour) and later on Rick Santers was the fourth wheel added to’Triumphs lineup,which he played guitar/keys on the Sport Of Kings tour. But me and TBone dug em and well at some point I will do a review on Santers when they played here at our university back way back..gotta scratch the noggin on that one!

Also of note this album is long outta print but you can buy this at iTunes. For a good piece of unknown Canadiana rock history check it out. I hope Santers one day can add there second album Racing Time on iTunes as well….

It must also be mentioned that back in the day Tbone was a great pencil drawer and when I leant him this record he gave it back to me and on the inside white sleeve he drew the front cover an exact replica. It was awesome! Bastard has talent man!

8 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES ..SANTERS/Shot Down In Flames”

  1. I hadn’t commented on this yet because I have never really heard Santers, except for their cover of All Right Now by Free. Interesting they have a rock song called the Rapper!

    Favourite quote: “don’t knock the guy too’s the 80s for shit sakes!”


    1. Well like I said of it wasn’t for print publications like Music Express I would have never heard em myself. Myself and the local crew of Tbone,Muc and some otheres got into there stuff pretty good….that cover of the Free tune is from there third album Guitar Alley that was produced by Rik Emmett it Was pretty good but the first two Santers albums are good ..glad you took the time to check it out!


  2. I’ve never heard of this band or these people. Great find Deke! From the sounds of it, this is a neat little slice of rock history. It may be outta print, but there’s some CD remasters and vinyls over on Discogs if you are really jonesing for physical product!

    Shame they didn’t catch on. There were a lotta bands like that, the shoulda-beens. Who knows why, eh?

    Very cool on T-Bone, I hope the dude does something creative for a living now!

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    1. Hahaha….yeah Tbone runs his own mechanical engineering firm here in Tbay ….he’s done ok!
      Always had a real talent for drawing so no surprise there. I would lend him my albums and if they had a white paper sleeve he woud draw the cover on the inside….i should,see if he has any kicking around and I could post em….I remember he did Santers,ACDC and Maiden…..


  3. Now this takes me back. Love that you reviewed this one. Still remember drawing the cover while listening to it. Was nice sometimes to have that kinda free time to kill back then. Lol.

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