Cool LiL Numbers…Rolling Stones/Doom and Gloom/Highwire

Something different here at Arena Rock HQ! Today I’m just gonna throw down a couple of reviews of not albums but a couple of real cool Stones songs! First up the Stones track Doom And Gloom is from 2012 and it was attached to there GRRR Greatest Hits set! Now how many more comps do I need to own with  Satisfaction?? Ummm none too be honest with Ya but holy crap the Stones pulled out a Gem here with some Doom and Gloom. The title intrigued me so I clicked on iTunes and after the one minute sample I was hooked and purchased it for whatever it was $1.29!

Geezus! Keef and Ronnie plug in and go old school with the guitars man the sound is just the basics with two guitars,Charlie Watts on drums,Daryl Jones slammimg down the bass and Mick Jagger being the ringleader(love how Mick emphasizes ‘Tightening of the Screeeeeeews!)and throwing down some real cool lyrics(watch the vid,crank it!)  This song to me is the Stones at there best, just simple rock,ditch the horns,ditch the chic backing singers,ditch the keys,just 5 guys rocking it out,well 5 old guys that are still rocking!

I was really hoping that this song would lead to a back to basics Stones record but nope! No go, just another tour playing the hits again and well that’s what the masses want but what Ol Dekes wants is just a Straight ahead rock record from these guys…..

Shit at there age,that isn’t gonna happen but I didn’t think they  had a great rock track like Doom And Gloom left in there tank as well!



The second tune I’m gonna ramble on for a bit is Highwire. It was a end of the album studio track recorded in 1991 and added to the end of the Stones live album Flashpoint. There was a second studio track called Sex Drive but naaaa Highwire is where it’s at! This song kicks off with a super duper catchy riff that’s used in the pre chorus and man Charlie does that quick snappy snare drum deal that he’s famous for Snap,Crackle and Charlie ….boom…locked/loaded and Keef and Ronnie lay down the guitars and this song does have some studio polish but it drives man. Big budget vid for the time wonder if this set was used In that fruity movie FreeJack that Jagger did with Emilio Estevez? In early 1992 Remember that one ? Ha….not to many people did! Actually this tune would have fit nice and snug on the next Stones release the classic Voodoo Lounge!

If you decide to spend  a few bucks on iTunes buy these two Gems! Just simple straight ahead rock! This shit can’t be beat!



23 thoughts on “Cool LiL Numbers…Rolling Stones/Doom and Gloom/Highwire”

      1. I have another memory – Emilio was from the past and somehow was put to sleep and woke up in the future — WHERE NONE OF HIS FRIENDS AGED AT ALL. I remember that.


  1. And now you go into singles! Nice one Deke. I have Doom & Gloom on vinyl, a cool etched disc. I’ll find a pic somewhere. Highwire was a great tune. I think Bill Wyman played on it, but quit before the video was made, right? Maybe Aaron knows.

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  2. STONES!!!

    Now you’re talking, my friend! Yeah I hear you on the compilations of these guys. Seriously, we have enough already! I got the basic Grrrr! (free from Airmiles!) not the 5CD set because I am not made of money. Doom And Gloom is a fun tune, and I liked One More Shot too!

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    1. Thanks J…it’s a great track and the studio version just flat out rocks! There live version on the Hyde Park release just does not have that snappy rock feel of the studio version. Never thought I would say that!
      Heading over to your place shortly to read your Talk Is Cheap review!


      1. The ‘snappy rock feel’ is spot on, though. It’s exactly that – the same vibe that was all over A Bigger Bang (which is an outstanding album). Hope you enjoy your visit and the notes on Talk Is Cheap!

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      2. I never really ever checked out Bigger Bang! So it’s good huh? I really liked Bridges To Babylon and of course Voodoo Lounge!


    1. Hey man,thanks,glad you heard and liked it …man I just love the like u said ACDC feel of it,Yep the guitars are little lighter than Angus/Malcolm but man it was good to,see Keef an Ronnie find the volume knobs on there Amps!

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