3/4’s Filler…..Quiet Riot/QR 3

1986 and all is not well in the QR camp! 1984s Condition Critical was kinda a flop(it still sold, but nowhere near Metal Healths numbers) Dubrow was starting press fights with Vince Neil. David Lee Roth on VH’s 1984 tour chirped Dubrow every night when he took a swig from his Jack Daniels bottle that “this ain’t no QR show Babeeeeeee!” As Dubrow told the press that he only had ice tea in his Jack Bottle. All us young rock heads were like….Daves cool,Dubrow what a poser….don’t admit that shit dude to a bunch of 19 year old males!!

Rudy Sarzo had enough and was gone and Sarzo went on to play in one of Tbones hidden classic cassette gems “Project Driver! “But QR brought back in there Ol pal Chuck Wright on Bass and QR goes and hires a keyboard player and decides to shift direction in other words not a smart move ….and oh yeah Dubrow went from looking like the lead singer from Trooper to looking like well…..check out his new looking rock mop!

MANE ATTRACTION-Yep new sound,lotsa keyboards and new hairdos! Geez this is not a bad song for a leadoff track. Yep QR is the Mane Attraction…hmmm let’s see where this new direction takes us!

THE WILD AND THE YOUNG- to quote the video”No More Rock n Roll!” Hmmm, and Banali kicks off the track with his big sounding drums….Dubrow kicks it with “times are changing but nothing really stays the same  for this jukebox generation” actually this is a good song     But it’s starting to drown in layers of keyboards..oh..oh! Sez I.  Tbone, I know as well is on board with me! But fuck man strip away the keys and this tune as I have heard many a time live when QR has dropped in Tbay is so much stronger….

PUT UP OR SHUT  UP NOW- hey man this is also a good track and it leads off side 2. I always liked the chorus on this but once again buried under a pound of keys! Uumm….. If your keeping score your probably wondering hey where’s the reviews for the rest of the songs on side 1?(Twilight Hotel,Down and Dirty and Rise Or Fall) simple they didn’t register on my rock n radar back than and still don’t today…..Next….

STILL OF THE NIGHT- (sing with me here folks in Scorpions mode)Blackout I really had a Blackout?Blackout ,Blackout  out on this song! Seriously, no recollection on this one your Honor! …..I, the listener is Blacking out to this album!

BASS CASE- cool name for a 59 second Bass noodle fest but seriously 1986 and for me when I think  of a Bass solo I think of Billy Sheehan ripping out that sick fuckin bass line with Steve Vai on Elephant Gun from Dave Roths Eat Em And Smile album from 1986! Sorry Chuck Wright….cool title though….

THE PUMP- this is just bad 80s cheese! Hey QR you should have handed back your Kraft cheese single slices back this song reeks of it! Bad lyrics just a bad fruity goofy song. The QR Songwriting well is dry man ..real dry!

SLAVE TO LOVE and HELPING HANDS- nothin to write home about! Have no idea anymore why revisit the  scene of a train wreck ?

IN CONCLUSION- Holy Hell! Me and Tbone were totally fooled by this one. We both bought this and well not too many others did! But heck I’m still talking about it 29 years later! Seriously QR 3 has three songs that back than were alright but 3 songs don’t make a great record so guess what Tbone? Dubrow and company were smart they told us dumbasses that “hey buy our QR 3 album! 3 Good songs and 7 fillers ..hence we will call it QR 3!”  QR warned us they even called there album 3!

14 thoughts on “3/4’s Filler…..Quiet Riot/QR 3”

    1. Hahaha,….really me and Tbone both bought it back in 1988 at Zellers of all places for like $12 or $13 on cassette tape…no vinyl available ….I found from what I remember of it tons of guitar and sounding pretty sterile ……

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      1. That’s what I figured. I was interested for the Sarzo/Aldridge factor (Whitesnake rhythm section) and I was also interested in checking out some Tony MacAlpine. But it’s a side project and those can ALWAYS be iffy…

        Amazing you found it at Zellers. I tried to order it when I was in highschool to no avail.

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      2. That’s funny we bought it as well like you since it was with the two dudes that played with Ozzy and the Snake….Zellers was the only place that had it ironically enough ……Hahahaha….


  1. Aahhh I was thinking you were going to be controversial and get behind this one! Sounds like they could have used a few Slade covers for this album. Never mind. Have they done any better albums since, or did you give up on them after this?


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