Hair Metal by Martin Popoff

The cover of this classic Book! Bravo Mr Popoff!
The cover of this classic Book! Bravo Mr Popoff!
Paul Stanley is pointing at you Sarca!


Good OL Skid Row for Aaron(haha) and a add for VH's F.U.C.K album for the Erickison bros!
Good OL Skid Row for Aaron(haha) and a add for VH’s F.U.C.K album for the Erickson bros!
A classic Y&T cover for Jon over in Sweden!
A classic Y&T cover for Jon over in Sweden!
The Coop for Mr Ladano!
The Coop for Mr Ladano!

Martin Popoff if you don’t know the story is a Canadian rock writer of various rock books and also is one of the top dog writers at brave words (music on line site).

Martin knows the deal with all genres of music and man does he  hit the nail on the head with Hair Metal!

All of you that have been reading my babbling on and on about things rock here know that I grew up in the 80s(I was born in 67) so hard rock was a very huge part in my life as I bought everything under the sun whether it was vinyl(cassettess sometimes) and a ton of printed media. (Creem,Circus,Hit Parader,Faces,Rip Magazine,Metallion,Rolling Stone,Kerrang) I loved to read and still do and wowzers when I seen that Martin was doing a book on Hair Metal….Ummmmmmm….SOLD!

So for Xmas on my wish list was “Hair Metal” and my super duper cool wife delivered the ultimate rock 80s rock book into my hands !

Martin starts the book from the 1950s with the first ever can of Aqua Net being produced(awesome) to Sept 24 1991 when Nirvana released Nevermind and sank many a 80s act in one fell swoooop!

Martin takes no shortcuts and lays out this beauty of a book decade by decade, year by year  like a scrap book with tons of pics/adds/ticket stubs you name it Martin has gone to great detail to satisfy all the sticklers (like ME!) that would find sumthin missing! I’m happy to report Nothing is missing at all!

The real cool thing is Martin jams the book with interview quotes  with everyone he has interviewed over the years! You want Dokken quotes? Check! You want Sammy Hagar quotes ? Double Check! You want more quotes from guys like Beau Hill( producer for Ratt/Warrant ) ? Triple Check! It’s all here ! In a one stop read!

Since I dumped all my magazines years ago into the landfill site here in Tbay  thanks to Martin for bringing back a ton of memories With this book!

Like I wrote in my review of Brent Jensens awesome Left Over People book review,do yourself a favour and support our homegrown guys like Brent,Martin and Sean Kelly who know how to put the rock into the book!

Tell EM Deke sent Ya!


21 thoughts on “Hair Metal by Martin Popoff”

  1. Oh man this looks awesome. The only Popoff I’ve read was his one on Rush. Clearly, from the way you guys talk about him, and from posts like this, I need to be picking up some of his other work!

    Great write-up and heads-up from the Dekester! Thanks, man!

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  2. This looks great Deke. The Paul Stanley caption gave me a giggle too. Well played. I really want a copy of this, just wish he hadn’t called it “Hair Metal”. That puts me off and I’m sure Jon will have something to say about that too when he reads this!


      1. Awesome…that your gonna pick it up! I think the term is kinda amusing more than anything I mean the Hair Look Was huge for a lot of bands back than….but man Martin nails done a ton of interviews with everyone and the great thing is it’s his interviews….your money will be well spent my friend!


      2. I do like Popoff. Got a few of his E-Books. He’s a great writer with mostly great taste! I used to listen to podcast he was on a lot as well. Cool guy! I wouldn’t want one like this on E-Book though. It’s too visual.


      3. Also when I first got my iPad it was iBooks and now I’ve gone back to,getting actually copies! Old school in this case is the way to,go…..


      4. Yeah. The Popoff E-Book editions are actually the only ones I have. They were a cheap way to get a batch of his stuff. I don’t even have an E-Book reader! I read them on my phone! I’d definitely want this on my coffee table to impress visitors.


      5. Hey HMO… is that the coffee table with the glass top and all the skulls of your enemies under the glass, their arms and leg bones as the legs of the table? I always thought that one was classy.

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    1. Hahaha….glad you noticed! I waiting for Aaron’s response to his caption…I think he’s sleeping at the wheel!!!
      Hahahaha…he read the review and commented but made no mention of the pic Hahaha….

      Liked by 1 person

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