SONIC WAVES….Weezer/Weezer

You know I have always loved quirky rock bands and two of those kind of acts were the Cars(Ric Ocasek that tall umm quirky lead singer of The Cars produced this album,so there Ya go!) and Cheap Trick. But back in 1994 when I seen on Muchmusic Weezer doing that Buddy Holly video that was a spoof on Happy Days a huge TV sitcom from the 70s that myself,Tbone and many others watched faithfully while growing up( remember when Fonzie jumped over the dozen of cars in the parking lot of Arnold’s Resteraunt and totally mugged out when he landed! Man,that was TV at it finest Ha!) so Weezer definitely got my attention. Now I know a lot of younger ones out there reading this are into these guys big time and I’m telling Ya I’m no Weezer expert but man oh man this snappy little debut is a classic is still a great rock record. I guess some call it the Blue Album….

Me? I call this a little 37 minute Ass Kicker…..

MY NAME IS JONAS-some cool guitar starts off the tune and Rivers Cuomo lead singer and guitarist kicks off the album with a real great hard rock little ditty! I just love straight ahead simple hard rock nuggets and this is one of them! No frills but fuckin catchy as hell!

NO ONE ELSE- oh yeah this could have been a Cars track it’s so damn catchy and the chorus just flat out takes the cake! I can totally hear the Ocasek Cars Influence on this tune! Great rocker and this song still makes me feel ahhh quirky! Hahaha….ok that’s just me being plain goofy! I do have to add that Cuomo has a real cool rock vibe voice,just laid back but It works!

THE WORLD HAS TURNED AND LEFT ME THERE- yeah we can all relate with this title! The drums,fuzz guitar and some acoustic lead the charge! Cool tempo and Weezer just keeps the momentum going….no Weezin here folks!

BUDDY HOLLY- huge video and man props to the creative genius to whose  idea it was to scoop the whole Happy Days vibe of the video ! The song itself Is well crafted love the middle part where it goes like “bang bang a knock on the door ‘ and ha ha I also dig the little quirky blasts of synth after every couple of verses! Good on Weezer being original with song and video …well done for being creative ..two cheers!

UNDONE(THE SWEATER SONG)-drums and acoustic kick off this mid tempo rocker! Followed by some dudes talking about a party after a show! One guy is jacked talking the other guy is bummed, Rivers Cuomo has a real knack for writing catchy hooks  and after the first chorus bummed out guy talks to a girl…if you want to destroy my sweater he sings….basically if you want to destroy my fuckin heart is how I hear it and great catchy chorus! Come Undone…..great solo on this track! Rick Nielsen(guitar)from Cheap Trick on steroids!

SURF WAX AMERICA-fast off time tempo. Weezer is telling us to take our car to works while they take there board. Surfs up! Cool somics on this tune esp the middle section when the drums go a little cuckoo. Bun E Carlos(drums) from Cheap Trick on steroids !

SAY IT AINT SO-super chill guitar and vocal until,the chorus and the boys ramp it up! Nice arrangement for this song with some real snazzy picking and strumming….

IN MY GARAGE-cool acoustic and harmonica start off In My Garage! This is my fav tune on the Weezer album…I mean do lyrics get any better than ” I got posters on my wall,my favourite rock group KISS, I got Ace Frehley ,I got Peter Criss waiting for me, yes I do!” I mean think back to 1994! Criss and Frehley were no where to be found in society but Rivers name drops em and good for him…Stanley/Simmons were probably sulking somewhere in there mansions in the Hollywood Hills at the vocal snub! The guitar solo on this song is wickedly good love the heavy fuzz sound of guitars on this record!

HOLIDAY-this song is Weezer taking a well deserved Holiday this song gets out of the gate with a ton of distorted kinda strumming! The middle part is cool with a little bass some snappin of the fingers and here comes some more cool guitar feedback!

ONLY IN DREAMS-bass is on tap for the start and here comes some acoustic guitar followed by some nice clean electric guitar! The song ramps up in the chorus and we’re off ! Great way to end this album…they the Weezer fellas just jam it out man..shifting gears in the style of the song…..

IN CONCLUSION-this is the only Weezer I own. I have heard over the years a ton of stuff of theirs on the radio etc. Good songs but I dunno I just never really got around to there other albums. Having said that man this so called Blue album just flat out rocks with its fuzzed out guitar and Rivers Cuomo/Brian Bell/Matt Sharp and Patrick Wilson take a bow and pat yourselves on the back as you made a classic here at Arena Rock plus you swiped the the Van Halen logo  and Weezed it out to make it your own and those quirky VH bros(Eddie & Alex) didn’t even sue your asses!


Quirk Count In This Story-5!



20 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Weezer/Weezer”

    1. Awesome….thanks for checking in Stephen! I’m by no means a Weezer fanatic but they hit all the bases on the Blue album…catchy hooky songs,great performances and great production…..


  1. Great review, Deke. If you ever have an inclination to get around to picking up any of their other albums I would recommend Pinkerton. Only other Weezer album I really care about. It’s a cracker.

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    1. I agree with J. Pinkerton is actually my preferred Weezer album over this one. 5/5 stars on my rating scale. I don’t know what happened after that. They did a lot of really solid tunes, and some less than perfect albums…their last one was pretty good.

      I thought the ambition of the Red album was pretty impressive, but Green left me underwhelmed.

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      1. That’s a cool reply Mikey….I dunno I guess I get stuck in a musical quicksand and latch onto one thing and for Weezer it’s 21 years ..hahaha


      2. I also think there’s something to be said for Rivers’ own self criticism. It has done them a lot of good — Pinkerton wouldn’t exist if he didn’t scrap an ENTIRE album before it — but at the same time I wonder if he loses perspective. It seems sometimes lately they are trying so damn hard to be the Great Weezer again. Do you know what I’m trying to say?


      3. Completely, aye. I often wonder whether or not that self criticism caused the decline. Pinkerton moved them forwards, but everything since has had some sort of attempt to be that fun, mellow vibe of blue …

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  2. I have bought this CD more than once, over the years, and it never really clicked with me. I liked it, but I couldn’t ever see me playing it again so I always sold it off again. One of these times, it’ll click for me maybe!

    Excellent write-up though Deke, your enthusiasm makes me think I oughta try it again for, like, the fourth time, or whatever I’m at now.

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  3. Weezer is a highly underrated band. They have been around forever and have a lot of good songs. For me I mostly play the blue, green, red and make believe albums. They reay need to put together a greatest hits album. These guys just have fun, I might even cal them quirky! Pork and beans, oh my.

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