Cool LiL Numbers….Eric Church/Before She Does

I’m still a sucker for cool album covers! 

So here’s a live clip of Church and he knows the deal of a live rock show,Chrome looking stage/ramps/double bass drums/strobe lights/smoke/guitar guy doing metal 101 moves….Yee Haaaaaw!

I’m no expert in country music,let’s get that sorted out real quick! About  a year ago I was reading Ross Halfins blog at his site. If you have never heard of Ross Halfin he’s a British rock photographer who if you read Kerrang magazine in the 80s chances are you seen his photos and he’s photographed everyone and still does.

Ross mentioned at the time that he was in the U.S at some music festival and bumped in to Jeff Cease( whose now playing guitar in Eric Church’s band). Jeff Cease as you may remember was the guitarist in the Black Crowes on there Shake Your Money Maker album and tour and than Cease was canned and kinda fell off my rock radar. So I googled him and there he was playing on the just released Live Eric Church album from 2013(Caught In The Act Live) So I bought the live Church  album and crap man Church has got some Rock in his Blood!

For me bad ass country rock starts and ends with Steve Earle from 1988-1991. Copperhead Road,The Hard Way and Shut Up And Die Like A Aviator! That right there is all I need thank you very F’in much. But this Eric guy shit man the public is falling over themselves with this guys music so be it! I mean he’s to me I guess trying a little too hard to be the bad ass in country music by writing songs like Stoned, Smoke A Little,Creepin,but good on him I would rather listen to this guys live album than the crap that Jon Bon Jovi and his salaried musicians brand of musical Kool Aid that Jon is trying to push on us! JBJ if your reading this(Hahahaha) fuckin retire already!

Before She Does opens the live album and its lyrically and musically one great dare I say it,rock track countrified via some great fantastic lyrics and almost like Zakk Wylde riffs …seriously watch the vid ! The music drives along straight ahead no bullshit …..

The lyrics are great….heres a sample of the  2nd verse ….

“I believe the Sabbath is a day of rest,the taxman and the devil share the same address,I believe don’t start if your gonna quit,I believe in keep your mouth shut an carry a big stick,I believe dogs are better than cats,and I believe that Jesus is coming back Before She Does!

Now onto the chorus …this is the spot on ….

“There’s absolutely,positively no doubt in my mind,that OJ did it and Lee Harvey didn’t,An she’s really gone this time ….”

Basically it’s barroom brawl rock. I mean if Church is carrying a big stick like he sez..I’m going the other friggin way! I mean Geezus look at the live video and the dude standing next to Church strumming the mandolin! He could kick our asses as well!

Church nails down a great chorus man it so flipping catchy I mean  Brett Micheals and his bandana collection would kill to write something this catchy actually Jon Jovi doesn’t even have anything this catchy left in his creative gas tank!  I really have no idea how  good Church’s studio albums are and at this point I haven’t been inclined to check Em out, I may someday but man ….Eric Church nails one out of the park on this one!



15 thoughts on “Cool LiL Numbers….Eric Church/Before She Does”

  1. Wow Deke, good on ya for putting this one up! Haha JBJ. Oh man.

    I’ve ranted many times about the countrification of rock, all the country guys wanting to be Van Halen, saying they should either shit or get off the pot. Plenty of room for more rockers, ain’t gotta pretend to be in cowboy boots while wishing you were trying on your big brother’s biker boots, ya know?

    Sounds like Church is more rock than country, and he’s saying what he wants so right on. Good on him. There’s enough middle of the road artists out there, let this man give ‘er!

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    1. Well for me to get out of my rock element Ya gotta be good like Earle and Church fits the bill as well …like I said he try’s to hard to be bad ass with some of his song titles but so be it! He’s shooting for a target audience a lot younger than me! I get it!


      1. And don’t forget there’s a long history of country artists writing songs that could be taken as controversial. Willie, Johnny, Hank, Merle… right up to guys like Toby Keith. May not agree with them all the time, but at least they’re saying what’s on their mind.

        I played that Before She Does video and I get it too. Beer coaster philosopy. If he can sell it, good on him!


  2. Also, I meant it’s good he’s saying something he feels, not “oooh baby”-ing us to death. I may not agree with everything he says, but damn it it’s his right to do so.

    Jeez, I get away from blogging for a week and I totally atrophy. Took me three comments to get ‘er done. Must need more wine. Barkeep! Refill it and keep ’em comin’!

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  3. Yep for sure J,Church by the live vid is a renegade somewhat…cool song though and the live album has at some points some cool riffage! Before She Does is a great rock track….


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