Request Of Vinyl…Motley Crüe/Too Fast For Love

Robbo is a Cruehead from work so he’s been waiting for this one! This Crue’s for you!

So it’s sometime 1982 and I’m flipping through Music Express magazine and in its pages there’s a add for these 4 rocked up glam guys with a bunch of Canadian Tour Dates called Cruesing Through Canada and for all you Tbay readers yes the Crue was gonna play here in our fair hometown at the Landmark Inn(Hahahaha ) seriously I remember seeing a add also about Kim Mitchell playing the Landmark as well so I guess it was a rock bar at one time?  Anyways to make a long story short The Crue got kicked out of Canada(Alberta I think ) so they didn’t even make it here and if they did Ummm I was 15 so me,Muc and Tbone woulda been Shit Out Of Luck at getting into that show.

But the add in Music Express peaked my curiosity level as to these long hairs from California…Motley Crüe was the name warping DeKEs young mind was there game….and ummmm…

Crue won!

LIVE WIRE- Mick Mars opens the album with that riff which we all know and bam here comes Tommy Lee and I tell Ya next to the Motley Corabi record (from 94) and parts of Dr Feelgood(89) this is Lee’s best drumming the mix on the debut is mint man! Shit Tommy gets my vote for MVP on this album! He’s the captain of the ship here folks,yeah stop your giggling he’s on fire and he plows this record from the get go! Vince sounds good a little light weight in the vocals but thats cuz he’s still young. Mars can play guitar and well he should I think he was like 55 years old(ha)when this album was recorded in 1981. Nikki Sixx chips in and keeps the bass simple….what a opener and man listen to the break at the end when Tommy nails the cowbell. Recorded  gold with the sonics!

COME ON AND DANCE-guitars/bass and drums rocket this song into space and its evident that Nikki Sixx has the knack (on this album ) for writing the hook! The verses are straight ahead catchy sing alongs…..the chorus hell man more Tom Lee cowbell…bam bam bam C’mon On Dance…Mick nails down the hatch a quick little solo and its back to the sing along catchy verse…..with more cowbell!

PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1 – Sixx goes for the throat on this track and it has all the elements of a great early 80s nugget! Cool riff/ some heys thrown in/Mars doing diddling things on his guitar / Sixx playing some cool grooving bass/ more kick ass cowbell from Tommy Lee with Vince rolling it all up vocally into one big fatty of a memorable rock track!

MERRY GO ROUND- a rock ballad before the term power ballad reared its ugly head on the Theatre Of Pain album(Home Sleaze Home) but give Sixx credit man,he’s young figuring out shit musically and I mean if he doesn’t have the tunes who the hell is gonna supply the music? Vince?(hahaha)…..this song is ok,that’s it all I mean mellow,chill acoustic verse and than Mars Bars lays it on thick with his sludge sounding riff a rolla! Geez the more I talk about Merry Go Round I’m kinda digging it now… that a buried under the mix cowbell I hear at the start of the second verse ?

TAKE ME TO THE TOP-Tommy Lee starts off this song and man it’s another straight ahead rock track! Nikki and his bass aid the song and this is a flat out rocker! Mars lays down the solo and Vince lays down a great vocal(shit did I just say that?)

PIECE OF YOUR ACTION-hmmm what i remember about this tune from all those years ago is Mars lays down a solo by himself with Tommy keeping the count going! I mean I’m 15 and here’s a dude throwing down power chord solos on a studio album of all things! I mean that’s ballsy! The song itself is good the verses are cool the chorus is catchy….another great Crue track!

STARRY EYES- Nikki knows Tommys the man so Mr Lee starts Starry Eyes (oh oh….Starry Eyes) this is glam cranked up and no holds barred rock n roll!  This has a real good chorus ..ok how about a real damn good chorus! Geez and there’s Tommy nailing his cowbell yet again!

TOO FAST FOR LOVE- whoah no…….this is the title track and Sixx nails another gem. Cool verses Tommy leading the charge with everyone following him(Nikki with his bass,Mick with his walker..oops I mean his guitar and Vince nailing down the lead vocal) cool chops all around in this song! Dig the drumming man!

ON WITH SHOW- whenever I hear On With The Show I think of the times after a few beers with the Erickson bros(Tbone/Darr/Rugg)  when the beer buzz is wearing off and your dead tired and it’s late at night and your about to pass out Rugg would babble out ‘Frankie died just the other night”..,..and BOOM…..laughter would erupt man what a quote….but yeah I guess this song was about Nikki as he was really Frankie or so the story goes On With The Show!

IN CONCLUSION- For the Crue I tell Ya next to the Corabi album of 1994 this one that one no matter what one those two in my mind are there best recorded studio works! What a great mix and production on the debut. Tommy Lee before he discovered 360 drums cages and rollar coaster drum solos and before Tom Werman took over production duties on the next three Crue albums(Shout At The Devil/Theatre Of Pain/Girls,Girls,Girls) and basically ruined the drum sound(to me anyways) is a tour de force. Tommy like I said earlier drives the album into uncharted territories for a debut! As well for a debut album how many albums can you name out there that has that much cowbell action?

Toms Cowbell Action-6 Songs that’s how many!

But yeah Hombres I love this record! The Crue is starving here and they go for the throat with a nothing to lose approach and of course in the end it payed off in spades!


10 thoughts on “Request Of Vinyl…Motley Crüe/Too Fast For Love”

  1. This album has the distinction of being the first cassette tape I ever bought. After listening non-stop to Shout at the Devil and hungry for more Crue I picked this one up when I was in grade 5. Its always been one of my favourite. So many great songs (Live wire, public enemy, too fast for love…) and they would never sound this good again. Funny I was singing a line from live wire last night knowing this was going up when I stopped my wife finished the line. I guess I’ve played it enough to get even a die hard Cure fan to sing it. Great review Deke.

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  2. Glad Ya dug it Robbo! Great story man esp about your wife finishing the Live Wire lyric what line was it ?? Hahahaha ……also cool Clip about Too Fast….


  3. Haha I hadn’t realised how much cowbell there was on this but you’re totally right. It’s full of it! This and Shout are my choice Crue – but after you and Mike going on about it, I’ve looked out the Corabi album and stuck it on my mp3 player for another listen.

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      1. I’ll let you know how I get on with it. It was actually the first Crue album I ever bought. I never liked Vince back in the day so I was quite intrigued when they replaced him. I did like it at the time (especially Hooligan’s Holiday) but I’ve never went back to it much since.


  4. You know Deke, you’re really ripping this up. These reviews are awesome!

    As for the Crue, I now have this one here, so I guess I better get around to listening to it, eh? 2015 ain’t so bad to be getting to it, eh? Hahahaha watch my rawk cred go walking right out the door…

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