Cooped Up In Wisconsin!

The Coop loses his head…..

Alice Cooper was opening for Iron Maiden in the summer of 2012 through out North America. My younger bro Todd scored us some kick ass Vip Seats for the Copper/Maiden show in Cadott Wisconsin on July 21 2012…so today it’s the opening act Coop and Wednesday,the headliner IRON MAIDEN…..enjoy….

So for my first time seeing Cooper live it’s outside in Cadott,it’s sunny,it’s 6pm and it’s 92 degrees in the shade! A perfect setting for a Coop show right? Hahaha….

So we get the Vincent Price spoken word intro and boom where into The Black Widow and followed quickly by Brutal planet! Coop even though he is opening he’s bringing the stage show with him and me and Todd are pumped I mean it’s Coop,he’s God knows how old,he’s dressed in black,it’s fuckin hot out and the dude is giving his all!

What a top notch band he has with him on drums Jonathon Mover (filling in for regular skins smasher Glen Sobel) Chuck Garric on bass,Tommy Henrikson on guitar,Ryan Roxie on guitar and the Copps secret weapon on third guitar Orianthi!

Coop has a talent for having backing superior musicians and man check out Orianthi on the vid I posted, man can she play and she took centre stage on many the the Coop songs….she can flat out rock!

Third song in and now it’s time for the classics beginning with Under My Wheels,Billion Dollar Babies and  No More Mr Nice Guy!

Alice and the band now plough forward to a newer  song of his I like (well 1991 if that’s new to you)and that’s the title track from Hey Stoopid(love the opening line of “hey bro take it slow your not living in a video”) Is it My Body and Halo Of Flies(10 minute tune )is swated at us and the whole band goes off into super jam mode and these gents and one lady can hold it down!

Classic Muscle Of Love is dropped next and boom were into Orianthi’s guitar solo and Yep my peeps she is the only one in the Coops posse to get a solo spotlight! Good for her and good for the Coop! She deserves it…

Feed My Frankenstein also from Hey Stoopid is cranked out and here comes the Coop Prop Frankenstein chases and Alice sprints off the stage and this proves the Ol bugger Alice can still run short distance pretty damn fast!

One of Alice’s MTV hits Poison is played and it’s a good rock track and the crowd loves it …..I mean this tune whether you like it or not put the Coop back in the Loop of the public eye back In 89. I mean he could have sapped out a song like Fallen Angel by Poison (no pun) to get people’s attention hahaha….

Wicked Young Man is played and followed by I love The Dead and the Coop literally loses his head in this one! This as a fan is what I’m waiting for it must have been sumthin else to have seen the Cooper live in the the 70s when he was hanging himself,chopping his head off,withering around in his strait jacket than again  if I had seen those shows back in the early 70s I would be about 60 years old now! Hahahaha….

Schools Out is jacked out to the masses and what a finale to his show!

Coop comes out for a encore and that’s Elected waving the American Flag and he introduces his whole band and gives them there due for a job well done!

Wowzers man,me and my bro Todd  were blown away by the Coop! I mean for my first time seeing him live and it’s at supper time haha, (6pm)its pretty cool cuz when you think of Coopers live show you think of a dark arena  but the Coop delivers it full throttle and man what a great cast of musicians with him,not a slouch among em!

17 songs played……now that’s a Theatric Rock Show Friends!

18 thoughts on “Cooped Up In Wisconsin!”

  1. Ha..good one….
    Well Ya better get some Scoop on The Coop!
    The recent Live At Wacken is a good start Robbo!
    Kinda funny when i was done writing this I looked at the word count and it was at 666!!!!


  2. Yeah man, I totally agree with you on Orianthi. She has a stage presence and absolutely wails. The album she’s doing with Sambora will be interesting in terms of what direction it will go in. Hopefully not all soft rock and ballads.

    You got to see quite a few songs that I never got to see Alice play live. Never seen him do Brutal Planet.

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    1. That’s cool Mike I guess the set list that Coop played was all new to me….Coop was friggin good!
      Sambora I hope shows some rock balls but man I duno I have been fooled by his solo,stuff before…I will wait for your review on thatI one!

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      1. I know quite a few people who have met him…every single one got their picture taken with Alice’s hand around their throat. I think it’s a “thing”. The Alice choking photo.


  3. Right on Deke! That sounds like it was a fantastic show. I’ve never seen Alice live, but my wife saw him walking up Queen W. on time, in Taranna. Dude walked past, she said “hey was that…” and yup it was.

    Now I need part 2 of this review Dude. BRING ON THE MAIDEN!


  4. Meant to add, other than the hits, I’m not much of an Alice afficianado. I know I’ve liked whatever I’ve heard. When Mike reviewed that Wacken Bluray, he put up a link to a video and the guy’s show looks fantastic. Hooray!


  5. Also I just got a kick out of that Staples commercial. I’d never seen that – not having a TV makes me miss stuff like that. But they really missed the boat on it – they should’ve had him putting those big wide (super-sharp) paper slicers in the cart hahaha

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