Cool Lil Numbers….13 Engines/Smoke & Ashes…

How about a quick boot in the ass with this track! 13 Engines mixes all the ingredients of a sweet little ditty of a song including cool guitars,cool singing,cool production and well the video from 1993 is very slick!

Smoke And Ashes came from the 1993 album Perpetual Motion Machine and features John Critchley on vocals/guitars,Mike Robbins/guitar,bassist Jim Hughes and drummer Grant Either.

Amazing that these guys in my opinion nailed a gem in about 2 minutes and 32 seconds! Holy crap that opening guitar riff just sets the tone! Love this song still to this day! It’s a happening little number!

Crank it!

Bonus points awarded for writing the line….You woke up dreaming of Cocaines and Clowns……

26 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….13 Engines/Smoke & Ashes…”

    1. Thanks Mikey….love the riff in this tune(Til this day) 13 Engines like i say nailed it out of the park with this one …it still sounds current today even? Or maybe that’s just me that it still sounds current ! Hahahaha …Aaron should dig this one I would think?!

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      1. Oh yeah for sure….I wrote this one a few weeks back….and since I was writing some other stuff this am I thought what the hell 13 Engines is the day today!


      2. I THOUGHT my ears were burning! Hahaha. And good call – your guesses were correct…

        Oh man 13 Engines, I loved these guys! I went to University of Windsor for 1993, right when PMM came out and these guys were huge there, at the time. I had that album and two others… Blur To Me Now and Conquistador.

        I don’t know how “up” I am on obscure Canadian rock bands, but I did love these guys. Don’t have them here anymore but I think this is an oversiiiiiiight that needs to be remedied. Thanks for the reminder Deke, this is a great band!


      3. Great story in relation to everyday Livin back than Aaron! After 2 back 2 back 2,000 word blogs I thought I would scale it back by about 1950 words for today…hahahaha


    2. Man that’s awesome Aaron! I got a few more of these Lil Numbers dialed up but now I’m figuring out some others just to throw some curve balls since you guys were pumped about 13 Engines…..

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    1. Everclear! I saw them in 1996 at Edenfest (see KMA review 🙂 ), great live band. I remember the bass player walking down the row of amps on stage and cranking everything as loud as it would go. Holy F@CK they were LOUD!! Much fun.

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      1. Great story….man after 1537 mentioned EverClear I went out and dug out Afterglow and dumped onto the iPod……guess what’s coming eventually…..


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