Cool Lil Numbers….Bruce Dickinson/Trumpets Of Jericho

Wow man when I checked my email this morning and seen that Mikey ladano sent a email saying that THE best metal vocalist ever is battling Cancer (full recovery is expected says Maidens website)I was like stunned! I mean just last week I posted on the site about how Maiden destroyed Cadott Wisconsin on the 2012 Tour and there’s Mr Dickinson running/working the crowd/vocals soaring and the dude DOES NOT USE A TELEPROMPTER(like so many do use!) for 10 minute tunes like Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and Phantom Of The Opera!

Heres a tune from Dickinsons Chemical Wedding solo album(a classic) called Trumpets Of Jericho from Brazil with his sidekick from Maiden Adrian Smith riffing on guitar…..

Crank It For The Air Raid Siren!


19 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….Bruce Dickinson/Trumpets Of Jericho”

  1. I heard about Bruce’s cancer this morning. Wishing him a quick & full recovery. Excellent choice of solo material. Chemical Wedding was my first Dickinson album, and what a great entry point into his solo career. I followed it with Accident Of Birth and realized he had a pretty impressive career outside of Maiden.

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  2. Chemical Wedding was my intro to Bruce Bruce’s solo stuff (thank you, Santa Lebrain!) and it’s a friggin’ monster. I don’t have any other solo stuff of his but if I ever came across it I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Air Raid Siren is bloody well right!

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