SONIC WAVES…..Kiss/Animalize

This video is From the Animalize Tour it’s from Winnipeg of all places so I had to include it!

You know Animalize is one of those funny Kiss albums. Either you’re in or your out I suppose in regards to Animalize but I do know that back in 1984 me and Tbone were onboard…hell Tbone even purchased Kiss Lick It Up on cassette tape a year before so there Ya go….

About a year ago(early 2014) I got into the Kiss non make up albums as a listener and to be honest even though I dug  there 2012 release Monster I’m kinda burnt out on the whole Makeup deal…like Gene and Paul you made your tons of dough($$$$$) now tell Drum boy Eric Singer to put away the hair dye and makeup tell Tommy Thayer to chill and bring back Bruce Kulick and smash out a Revenge style album again. Yeah I know perhaps I’m in the minority here but hey my blog …..hahaha….

So yeah with Kiss doing bounce back business with a Lick It Up (1983)now in Sept of 1984 and tons of promo for adds of Animalize in print magazines (Circus/Hit Parader)and of course the vid for Heavens On Fire. The Kiss Army is back sort of..

Sans Makeup but as an added bonus Gene is wearing a new mop (wig Gene may  have sold it to Kevin  Dubrow two years later in 1986)  and some new tunes as if it ain’t broke don’t fix it so how about another round of wham bam thank you for the cash again!….

As well the Kiss lead guitar carousel continues Vinnie Vincent who brought back Kiss in a songwriting and lead guitar playing  capacity on the (fantastic) Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up albums goes off the rails personally and gets pink slipped by Gene/Paul!

So with it being 1984 and everyone wanting to be Eddie Van Halen. Kiss goes about finding a hot-shot guitar player as other acts like Ozzy have guitar dudes flinging leads like Jake E Lee,Dokken has George Lynch,Ratt has Warren DiMartini so you get the picture,Ya need a hot-shot guitar to survive in 1984 so Kiss gets some unknown dude named Mark St John and off to the studio they go and they produce an album which when the mood hits is pretty good for its time…

Shall we see what Stanley and Simmons (and his Wig )have cooking here…..

I’VE HAD ENOUGH(INTO THE FIRE)- Kiss nails out of the starters box fast and furious and what is evident is the production is well kinda sterile sounding for 1984. Anyways production quirks aside Paul it being he the frontman leads the charge with the lead vocal and some crazy ripping solo action from new boy St John has Kiss saying ‘Hey we will keep up with the Dokkens and The Ratts of this world and looking back I dunno if that was the right move! Eric Carr(rip) drives the song along nicely and Gene well Gene is trucking along trying to keep up while he’s reading his lines for his movie debut in Tom Sellecks ‘Runaway” anyone recall that movie? I do (ha) Selleck was the good guy Simmons was the bad guy and after I payed to see this slop of a flop movie I went around my high school doing my best Simmons impression saying ‘Ramsey,” Ramsey was Sellecks character! Did you really need to know that? Ha!

HEAVENS ON FIRE- the big single …remember the video with Stanley jumping thru the hoop of fire(ugh) but anyways the song got Kiss out there and it’s a song written for rock radio and MTV play! It worked sold Tickets yada yada and well there is no real guitar solo in this tune and well why would there be? I mean with lines like “feel my heat taking you higher,burn with me Heavens On Fire! Nuff said!

BURN BITCH BURN-Gene shows up to do the honours on track 3! You know this ain’t no ballad! Ha,Gene learned his lesson on World Without Heroes from the Elder(Wtf was he doing with that tear dripping out of his eye at the end of that video….your the Demon)Stand up/Spit Blood/Breathe Fire that’s the Demon not some Las Vegas crooner! So yeah Gene tells us that ‘it’s out of the frying pan and Into the fire,bend over baby let me be the driver!” Hahahaha …ok man whatever you say this is a so so track and well St. John reels off the solo,Carr drives the song and well  Burn Bitch Burn…….

GET ALL YOU CAN TAKE- Kiss amps up  this song right out of the gate and I think it’s one of the best tracks on here but man why is Stanley singing so high in this tune? Is he seriously trying to blow my Sears stereo speakers back in 1984 with his vocal? I dunno but the song has a cool chorus and whooooah Nelly does Paul drop the F Bomb here! Yep he does and I’m not telling you where! Ha! More impressive is the fact that this slid by the censor board(PMRC) in 1984 so Animalize wasn’t stickered with a lyrical shish kabob warning!  Too bad cause if Animalize had been stickered it would have sold another million units! Poor Paul couldn’t catch a break in 1984!

LONELY IS THE HUNTER- you know Gene kinda sluffs off on his songs sometimes(Burn Bitch Burn) but for some goofy reason I have always liked this one who knows why maybe it’s because of classic lines like “girls like money,like bees to honey!” Ha seriously though this song slips and slides at a greaseball pace,not to quick, kinda muddling along and I think if memory serves me  correct Bruce Kulick lays down the solo on this tune! (Oh oh !) so yeah not a bad song…..

UNDER THE GUN- 80s riffing begins and Eric Carr pounds the Ludwigs into overdrive and we’re off! 80s shredding! Stanley singing to the masses,Gene adjusting his wig and St John pretending he’s the heir to the Yngwie J Malmsteen throne! Typical 80s track here kinda like if Kiss did a mash-up with Dokken thats what Under The Gun reminds me of!

THRILLS IN THE NIGHT- now this is a song I have always dug! You know the Girl, Starchild sings about is a 9-5 woman who after 5 does tricks! Ahem, anyways love the drums during the chorus have a different kinda rhythm from Kiss and holy moly it just dawned on me that half the band that recorded this has passed on (RIP Eric Carr and Mark St John). So come solo time I think this one is St. John’s best rip of a solo..he nails it all over the frets and drives the whammy bar into the ground and speed for once pays off and well good job Mark!

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS- Gene and his demon boots are lurking around your city while you sleep! This is big dumb kinda rock Gene was feeding us and I was eating it (Lick It Up.ha) but yeah I mean Lonely The Hunter like I said earlier is a good tune and this one is good as well. Genes songs on Animalize are not as good as his tunes on Lick It Up and not even close to his tunes that were on Creatures! But I would still give the demon a Mulligan….I mean fuck at least at the end of the day you can say that Gene did not have a hand in Uh All Night and Let’s Put The S In Shit! Geez what was Starchild doing ?

MURDER IN HIGH HEELS-haha..ok so while I think While The City Sleeps is a good Kiss song this one is goofy but for some reason I like it! Especially the chorus Murder….(insert deep Simmons gruff vocal here) In High Heels….see sometimes big dumb goofy rock can be cool! Call me a sucka! Ha….

IN CONCLUSION- I do like this Animalize it reminds me of Grade 11 art class as some kid in my class did the cover to this! Was that you Muc? I dunno but yeah I kinda dig the whole Animalize vibe Kiss was shooting for! At the time Kiss kept pumping out albums in the 80s which was good depending on what kinda Kiss record you would call good! Stanley’s singing though is ok but man why sing so friggin high all the time so for me now Animalize I have to wrap my head around that concept when I listen to it! Eric Carr holds down the fort on drums while Mark St John I felt bad for this guy as he joins Kiss records most of the guitars on Animalize gets an infection in his arm or something and when he can’t continue Stanley and The Wig ditch him and say hello to Bruce Kulick!

For all intent and purposes this is pretty good the last two Gene tracks are real good when I feel like listening to Big Dumb Rock!

7 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…..Kiss/Animalize”

  1. Awesome review again Deke! I’m so glad you stick up for this, I really like Animalize. It’s not quite as good as the previous two but that’s mainly Gene’s fault. I like his songs on this but he was slipping a bit. Too busy adjusting his wig like you say ha. This is Paul’s album for sure. I think we should gang up on Mike and get him to rethink his 2/5!


  2. I’d like to discover whether Gene and Kevin DuBrow used the same wig maker. My goodness! Yeah this is a weird one Deke and if I had to choose between in and out, I’d choose out. This was Paul’s second solo album…

    I’ll let you get back to Murder in High Heels…LOL! Sounds like an episode of Blue Bloods!



    Oh man. The 80s were bad to almost everyone. I’m glad you dug this one, though. Again, I’ve never heard it (beyond any songs that were on a hits compilation) but I’ve always greatly enjoyed following along when the real KISS fans get to talking about all of this stuff! Right on Deke!!

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