3/4’s Filler…Triumph/Sport Of Kings

Geez you know I really dug Triumph I have reviewed Allied Forces(1981) as its one of my favs of there’s. Tbone had Never Surrender (1983) so I never bought it as we spun it a ton of times at his place. Thunder 7 (1984)was another solid release which someday I will tackle and in 1985 Triumph released the live Stages and well hey man they tacked a couple of new studio tracks on it to keeps us fans amused to there next studio opus which was….

Sport Of Kings…….

Sport Of Kings was reviewed by Mike over at his site Ladano.com and man we ambushed it and well i went postal verbally on it on his site so now after a few months of sedation in regards to Sport Of Kings I will try and explain to yous hahaha…why the great Rock N Roll Machine of Triumph blew a flat tire and they never recovered!

1986 and it’s time for change and that change is Van Halen release 5150 with new boy Sam Hagar and ex boy Dave Roth nails Eat Em And Smile ( reviewed here also) and all is good in Rock n Roll until September of 1986 and bam here’s Triumph plugging there new single Somebody’s Out There on Muchmusic and there’s Deke and Tbone buying new Triumph and well this isn’t good……

Power Trio becomes balladeers!

TEARS IN THE RAIN- 86 and it’s the synth driving this tune and why not Van Halen hits pay gold with Why Can’t This be Love so I guess of your in the rock field and  EVH is doodling on a keyboard why not right? Umm well this song kinda works and I remember hearing this for the first time thinking ‘not bad” but it isn’t no Fool For Your Love (Allied Forces) or Spellbound(Thunder 7) tracks that grab your ear and make you wanna check out track 2 and beyond….Tears is ok and though one of the better tracks here and well ……thats not saying much….

SOMEBODYS OUT THERE- Muchmusic played the crap out of this video upon its release and well at the time it was a ok single real poppy and even Gil/Mike and Rik said it was there biggest ever selling single but worst selling album (Sport Of Kings) so there Ya have it folks its 1986 and Triumph has entered Casey Kasems(Rip) single domain and well i can’t speak for Tbone but we got some trouble brewing here!

WHAT RULES MY HEART- no recollection ……

IF ONLY- seriously folks! No recollection…..

HOOKED ON YOU- Nope nada……next….

TAKE A STAND- ahhh mine and Tbones homeboy Rick  Santers shows up and does a co write and this song isn’t too bad. It’s slow plodding Triumph its like this is the first track on side 2 and ummm its the highlight of side 2 and too be honest here,that ain’t saying much!

JUST ONE NIGHT- this tune should have been called HOUSTON,WE HAVE  A PROBLEM….the video for this tune had Gil coming down from his massive Tama drum set to take control of the mic ! I think the term I used in a post over at Mikes site was along the lines of “for Christs sake Gil get back behind the frigging drums” this song basically pummelled this record Into to the ground for me I mean we were already headed there but this seals the deal …..Triumph has crumbled into a big pile of AOR poo! I think some guys from Journey had a hand in this tune (Co writers) and man don’t get me started there!

EMBRUJO- I guess it’s a minute and a half solo I’m sure its Rik doing his thing on guitar or maybe just maybe it’s a Mike Levine bass solo(enter howls of laughter here)

PLAY WITH FIRE- man I don’t Remember …Tbone! Do you ?

DONT LOVE ANYBODY BUT ME- gosh that title makes me feel nauseated not by the title but by the fact if Gil ditches his drums to do another ballad ….bad man bad…..but it sounds like a Emmett title! So Riky sings this…

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT- Nope Nuthin ..Flatlined! Hey little known rock fact is that Mike Clink produced Sport Of Kings and than a year later he  hits the ultimate payday with Guns N Roses Apetite For Destruction! Hmmm I wonder if he left Sport Of Kings off of his resume when he applied for the Gunners production duties!

IN CONCLUSION-Triumph in my opinion succumbed was it for the hit single? or for the fact that just 5 years earlier they put out Allied Forces and now they wanted to expand there horizons  and in 1986 there done and they never recovered from this musical catastrophe!

I mean Quiet Riot puts out 2 Filler albums (Condition Critical and QR3) and I bought em both whereas Triumph fumbles in the end zone with Sport Of Kings yet on there next release Survilliance I totally skipped…weird huh? I give QR a second chance but Triumph I could not be bothered perhaps it was timing? Who knows….oh I know it’s cause Gil crooning Just One Night?! Yeah that’s it….hahaha….


32 thoughts on “3/4’s Filler…Triumph/Sport Of Kings”

  1. AOR poo!! OMG Deke I’m laughing so hard. Yeah you nailed it.

    And just one correction, it’s mikeladano.com 🙂

    As you know I took a bit of heat for trashing this record. And you’re right, they really started to flatline here. I’ll be curious if your review will be called “idiotic” like mine 🙂

    (Apparently I didn’t do my research before I wrote it.)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, don’t let that take the wind out your sails! Those kind of things are bound to happen on a busy site like yours.

        Still never happened to me though. I’m going to start slagging off loads of musicians and see if any turn up! Sounds like fun!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well I thought everybody left classy comments in response today so I’m glad that happened!

        My buddy Craig told me yesterday to try and slag off musicians that deserve it. Like Vince Neil.


      3. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Bam!

        I remember in the video for “Don’t Go Away Mad”, Vince strummed a guitar. I don’t know if it was plugged into anything, but he did have one in the video!


      4. Thirded! I’ll never turn down a chance to get into me cups. But I’ve gone back and looked at my comments made whilst pished and I find I’m actually fairly coherent! Maybe moreso. We all know I ain’t gotta be drunk to leave goofy comments. It could be noon on a Tuesday, sober as a teetotaller and I can still spew some mighty fine gibberish!


    1. Hahaha….mikeladano.com Geez I will get it right someday?!
      Glad Ya enjoyed it Mikey! Yeah that was funny when that guy went off on you over Sport Of Kings..hahaha….
      Kudos to you for approving his comment ..u could have just sent him to trash cyberspace!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s all good, Jon made a really nice apology today…I appreciated that.

        My friend Craig gave me some advice yesterday. He asked, “Why would somebody slag off a guy who played on 10 Eric Clapton albums? Slag off rock stars that deserve it.” I said, “Vince Neil”. He responded. “Great example”. LOL

        I have probably be harshest to Geoff Tate. But I’m not too worried about Tate responding to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Stick To Your Guns Kimosabe! Don’t change a thing man because that’s how I stumbled across your site cuz of the Vollmer Interview and I left my first message of about 20,000 at your site …..so if it wasn’t for the comments we would never have forged friendships and blog ships through the sites…God I’m getting deep here! Deep as in Purple!


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